Jerebko doesn’t back down

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Besides his gritty no holds barred play, I have come to love the fact that the Pistons Jonas Jerebko doesn’t back down…ever.  Remember when he was suspended for the first game of the year for that little altercation?  It was a sign to come that this Bad Boy will put up a fight if he has to.

When this came across my screen all I could do was smile.  Amare (who tends to get frustrated when he doesn’t get his way) decides to throw the ball Jerebkos’ way and “play it” like he was trying to throw the ball off Jonas to keep control of the ball.  The refs weren’t having it, and neither was Jonas.

During the slow-mo clip look at  JJ’s face and what he says to Amare.  I can’t read his lips, but I can tell that if he had to he would have stepped in the ring with Stoudemire.

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Video Courtesy of  The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

10 Responses to "Jerebko doesn’t back down"
  1. Benix says:

    JJ is the man!!! Only if everyone on the team played with as much passion this man deserves rookie of the year.

  2. rban says:

    lol i dont really see anything in that clip, Amare was trying to save the ball off Jonas and Jonas didnt even seem to pissed, just out of breathe.

    Still i love Jerebko lol

  3. Davi Alexander says:

    We wish that was something, it would relief our frustration to see somebody getting clipped.

  4. Marcell says:

    Now for the really hard trick. Making a little of that rub off onto Charlie V.

  5. hank piston says:

    amare was pulling something with throwing the ball at Jonas ; and I am glad the refs saw it that way too. For all of the nba players that do not play hard and passionate Jerebko is a pain in the ass. Thank god he is a detroit piston I love him and his desire .I am such a big piston fan Iam watching the pistons instead of the spartans who I also love. Love u too big BEN.

  6. hank piston says:


  7. The Fan says:


  8. fartyboy says:

    Hey Natalie, did you see the story on FSN about how JJ and Ben Wallace are unlikely friends? I seen them talking about it, but I was at a bar and the volume wasn’t on. I want to see it.

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