Charlie Villanueva misses Team Flight

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Matt Dery of 97.1 The Ticket is reporting

A source at the airport has confirmed to 97.1 The Ticket’s Matt Dery that Charlie Villenueva also missed the team plane yesterday to Philadelphia and had to fly commercial. Villenueva would not elaborate on his tweets from yesterday at today’s shootaround before the Pistons game with the 76ers.
“It was just me being frustrated,” Villanueva said. “Venting a little. It’s been a frustrating year. It’s just one of those things that I wanted to vent a little bit. It is what it is. Leave it at that and get ready for tonight.”
When asked specifically what happened Monday, Villanueva laughed and said: “You ain’t going to get that out of me. Things happen, and sometimes you get frustrated and your emotions get the best of you. But it’s in the past now, and let’s move forward.”

Great…the drama continues.

Funny thing, Charlie has too much respect for Joe D to say what he meant by the tweets, but he’s showing just how childish and selfish he is from is actions.

To think….Charlie Villanueva is making 6.5 million dollars this season.  Jonas Jerebko is making 450 thousand.

Should you really be complaining Charlie?  Jonas has put you to shame and hasn’t complained one bit that all you have to do is sneeze and you make more money than he does.

5 Responses to "Charlie Villanueva misses Team Flight"
  1. Darth_Icarus says:

    Sadly he was able to find a flight back to Detroit.

  2. Astrid says:

    @Darth_Icarus – Sadly he can’t find some maturity, or the bottom of the net. ;P

  3. Hlmk says:

    I’m sure charlie wants out of detroit as much as detroit wants charlie out, especially since his old team is going into the playoffs. I think Ben Gordon prolly feels the same way as well

  4. sam i am says:

    @astrid, he actually does find the bottom of the net…..when he air balls everyshot

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