Bynumite Ankle Breaker

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So what if the he Pistons lost their 9th game in a row to the Miami Heat 98-81 Wednesday night at the Palace.  And so what if Charlie Villanueva isn’t all that happy that John Kuester is giving his time to the Rookies to see what they can do.

I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t care, because of this ankle breaking move Will Bynum put on former Piston Carlos Arroyo. Well I might be being over dramatic about the whole thing, but you have to look for the silver lining somewhere don’t you?

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Video Courtesy of  The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

Not only do I love the move, but I absolutely love what George Blaha and Greg Kelser said about Arroyo after it.  If you didn’t notice, play it again.  They made sure they didn’t give too  much credit to Arroyo’s skills, considering they watched what he did in Detroit.

Personally I never liked Arroyo’s  game.  To me he is better suited for the And1 Mix Tape tour (is that still around) rather than the NBA.  Heck, I think The Professor could take him.  Him in a Piston uniform trying to run the point was like someone sitting next to me and eating a bag of Krunchers in front of a microphone…..brutal.

6 Responses to "Bynumite Ankle Breaker"
  1. Avatar OG Junior says:

    Funny Nat. I was reading an old Slam mag the other day and seen an And 1 ad. I wondered the same thing, if they were still around.

    That crossover move is being used across the whole NBA and is deadly. Taking a lead step then bringing it behind and between your legs. Quick first steppers own this move. Stucky uses it well.

  2. Avatar Drew says:

    That looks EXACTLY like what Stuckey did to Iverson this season.

  3. Avatar Tycoon says:

    Arroyo and Atkins signing last off-season, I’d rather have Arroyo. Sorry Nat, just my opinion.

  4. Avatar Kelvo says:

    Did pistons goes to playoff with this move or win that game

  5. Avatar josh says:

    LOL…THRILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed it tremendously. With the season down the tubes at least make it interesting. Thanks WB and you too Nat

  6. Avatar edt says:

    No significant injuries
    · Ben Wallace C – Apr 1: Day-to-Day
    · Jason Maxiell PF – Apr 1: Day-to-Day
    · Chris Wilcox PF – Mar 31: Day-to-Day
    · Richard Hamilton SG – Mar 31: Day-to-Day
    · Rodney Stuckey PG – Mar 31: Day-to-Day

    Aint that the season in a nutshell.

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