Ben Gordon – The Ankle was worse than we thought

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Ben Gordon Undergoes Successful Surgical Procedure via

The Detroit Pistons announced today that guard Ben Gordon underwent a successful surgical procedure performed by Dr. Art Manoli to remove bone spurs and loose bodies from his left ankle. The procedure was performed at St. Joseph’s Mercy Hospital in Pontiac, MI.

Gordon’s left ankle will be placed in a cast for three weeks and rehabilitation will begin immediately following removal of the cast. He is expected to make a full recovery prior to the start of training camp in October.

The 6-foot-3 guard appeared in 62 games (17 starts) for the Pistons last season averaging 13.8 points, 2.7 assists and 1.9 rebounds in 27.9 minutes per game.

22 Responses to "Ben Gordon – The Ankle was worse than we thought"
  1. daddy says:

    maybe thats the reason he couldnt get back on d. but still his shot should of been fine throughout the year.

  2. STEVE says:


  3. junior says:

    daddy u ever played on a bad ankle? apparently not. when u try to shoot you have to bend your ANKLE. that is where the whole motion of your shot originates from. you start with it off balance there in the start of your shooting motion and it will throw off your whole shot. try playing ball once if you are unfortunate enough to hurt your ankle or twist it. go back out there and try to make a few shots i bet you miss a third of the shots u usually make too. get well bg and come back strong. HATERS. GO PISTONS

  4. James (Australia) says:

    you are absolutely right, junior, I have twisted my ankles quite a few times – as you do in basketball – and you start thinking about the ankle, you try to compensate for it, you are worried how you are going to land, so many things going through your mind, plus the actual pain – missed shots are a pretty obvious result.

    Hopefully, this has been his problem all year and next year he will be fit and raring to go!

  5. Paul says:

    BG is going to come back next year and have one of the best seasons of his career, I know it, well thats if he gets starter’s type of minutes. I hope to god the get an inside presence this summer through the trade or draft. I wouldnt mind them drafting a big and trading away tay or rip for another established NBA big. Then we’d have a winning season and a good mentor for the guy we draft. I think we’d be back in the playoffs in no time if that were to happen.

  6. Tycoon says:

    Good timing for the surgical procedure and getting back in time is good news. Get well BG.

  7. Diogenes says:

    Man I would trade little Ben and Charlie for Eric Snow, a box of packing tape, a super saver pack of Juicy Fruit, a bottle of Malt Liquor, and Bison Dele – and I’d be making out like a bandit.

  8. Jakob says:

    I like both, Ben and Charlie, offensively… But I don’t see where they will have the defensive mindset that Coach Q wants to implement. I can see BG as a microwave scorer off the bench, and he can play OK Defense for stretches. Rip or Ray Allen weren’t known as capable defenders before they entered a defensive system, so I think he’s got potential. But Charlie V is just horrible on Defense and he’ll stay that way probably … I misses too many rotations, his head is just not into it. How can a guy his size average less rebounds than J-Kidd?

  9. Jesse says:

    If the ankle affects his shot that much then he shouldn’t have been playing, especially considering that the season was basically over by January.

  10. The Fan says:

    Sorry BG for calling you a bum.

  11. edt says:

    there’s nothing wrong with BG or Charlie V. They are nice guys, they play hard, aren’t good at D.

    BUT they are NOT starters. They are both good to come off the bench. It’s not their fault. It’s Joe D’s for drafting not one but two non-starters and expecting them to randomly become starters when they arrived in detroit.

    They’ll be really good coming off the bench for quick offense. Not 100 million good. But that’s not their fault.

    Joe D has to fix his mistakes. His mistake wasn’t getting these players but over-paying them.

  12. KG says:

    sry buddy but Ben Gordon is a starter NO DOUBTS but I agree CV31 is not a starter. Get rid of rip and start BG please he proved at the end of the season that he can play D when he wants to with all those steals and in my mind is less of a defensive liabilty than CV31. And before I get blasted i never said he was a good defender but he can get the job done when he needs to.

  13. need4alotofthings says:

    DIOGENES is hilarious i love that comment even tho its not true lol anyways, we got a lot of stuff in the offseason to do aside from talking about there injuries they will all be healthy 100% by next season what we need to focus on is who to draft and we need to trade rip and/or tayshaun

  14. PistonFanForever says:

    Dum question but whatever happened to Walter Hermann. I know he was traded but I never saw him on another team.

  15. Jesse says:

    I agree with EDT, on a championship caliber team both CV and BG are bench players. Both would be totally exploited on defense in the playoffs by a smart coach.

  16. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    I hate all these talks about injuries – look at Portland almost without centers!
    Look at Milwaukee playing without Redd and with Delfino, Ilyasova, Mbah…

  17. DVS says:

    Hermann wasn’t traded. He went back to Europe when his contract wasn’t extended.
    It’s funny I was thinking about that the other day. He was a nice player.
    Hope he’s doing well… where ever he is..

  18. Diogenes says:

    That thing about Curry was obviously from right after the sweep in Cleveland. Not sure why that station posted it. Probably someone who knows nothing about basketball mixed up a date on a press release. There’s no way Curry is coming back. If he does though – bring back Schrempf – Detlef! Detlef! Detlef!

  19. James (Australia) says:

    If CV is one of the best players on the team, you have a bad team. He needs the pressure off of him, and needs good players around him.

    I agree that if this is what has been Ben’s problem then he shouldn’t have been playing – we could have played Daye and Summers a bit more, but I’m not sure what advice he was given by the doctors.

    I think Gordon can become a non-defensive liability, not an asset, but at least someone who is not going to get dominated night in, night out. Villanueva needs to toughen up, but has shown patches of good work on defense.

    Finally, Portland, for examples sake, did have a great year in spite of injuries, but keep in mind they had some differences to the Pistons – They have an experienced head coach who has been talked about as a COY candidate. They also didn’t have the major roster overhaul like the Pistons, guys weren’t getting injured and learning how to play in this system at the same time, they were able to come back into the team knowing what they needed to get done. That said, Portland did have an amazing year.

  20. daddy says:

    yes junior i have played with bad ankles and it does affect your shot but if your able to run up and down the field it shouldnt kill your shot completely. bg is notorious for taking horrible shots thats the reason why his percentage dropped. yes his ankle probably was killing him but again if you can run up and down the field with no sign of pain you should be fine.

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