Is it really that Bad?

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Yes Sir!

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Is it appropriate to be upset that the Pistons just lost to a Nets team that don’t have double digits in the win column?  Yes and no.  At this point in the season, with the injuries the Pistons had, the drama of the team up for sale, the departure of the infrastructure that was Tom Wilson, the free agent signings disappointing year and the Rodney Stuckey scare,  shouldn’t we be able to let this season go as what it is?

Hell, we got through Michael Curry and Allen Iverson didn’t we.

I’m not happy with the loss, and I hate for Detroit to be labeled as an easy W on anyone’s schedule, but right now it is what it is.

Can’t we just enjoy the last few games as games not a reason to point fingers?

This franchise (hopefully) will always stand for hard work and underdogs, and it’s our job as Pistons fans to ride whatever comes our way.  If you can’t do that….you might as well be a Lakers fan.

I’m not asking you to put on your teal and maroon Jerry Stackhouse jersey, but I am asking you to embrace what will likely be a few seasons of  hard games to watch.  We don’t know what will become of the team this off-season, we don’t know who will be here and who won’t, but we should know which ones of us will be standing by and waiting for the turn around.

I’m not taking some kind of moral high-ground here, I’m just stating the obvious and remember that I have been through this before.  It’s had, but if you love the game it doesn’t matter.  Hell, the Lions still have fans.

It was a loss, a loss to the Nets, it doesn’t feel good but just look at it as more hope for the future.  They will be just fine, but it will take some time.

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26 Responses to "Is it really that Bad?"
  1. We cannot overstate the terrible loss to the Nets. I have been following the Nets a lot this season because of Detroit native @cdouglasroberts and it was too bad that the NCAA scheduled my beloved Spartans during the same time as the Pistons/Nets game. It was also too bad that the game was not in HD so I really wasn’t drawn to it. Furthermore, I thought it would be an easy win. Not!

    This was horrible. Let me give you an analogy. I love the Bucks, too, and @Flintstone14 so I was surprised last night that the Bucks only scored 74 points vs. the Heat. How many points did Yi and Lopez have vs. the Pistons? 68 combined. Against Dee-troit? C’mon, that’s sick.

    You know what our problem was? Lopez and Yi are huge. Let me think, who do the Pistons have to combat the bigs? Kwame? Nooooooo! This is awful just thinking about it! Here’s the deal. We need some bigs. Let’s build the core around Stuck and the Swede, Mad Max, and @CV31 and call it good. Let’s scoop DeMarcus Cousins after he wins an NCAA Championship. We’ll be okay.

    One last thought: injuries. I just gotta say that Pistons fans cannot use excuses, especially injuries! Look at my beloved MSU hoopsters. We lost our key PG. Our PF has one leg. We lost a tooth. But, we’re playing in the Elite 8 baby! So, that is no excuse for the Pistons. Play bigger and believe in the mantra: “Time to go to work!” – because this sissy play is driving me crazy!

  2. Chad says:

    if we lose the rest we might be able to improve our changes of getting john wall by up to 6.8%, depending what washington and goldenstate does

  3. Chad says:

    i’m 6’4.. anything over 50k and im yours – joe, call me.

  4. The Fan says:

    At this point I agree this season is a wash and we just have to look forward to off season pickups and the draft.

    I would say at this point if we have a really good chance at losing every game for the rest of the season. Which may move us into the 4th lotto spot. We could actually get the 3rd spot if golden state and washington win a few games even though washington is doing their best Nets impression right now.

    I’m looking forward to the draft and think we have an opportunity to get a solid center. Hopefully Cousins. That would make this year worth it to me.

  5. #1 pistons fan says:

    its ok will improve next year fo sho and we can get a good draft pick this year, and hey can spatens go to finals again anyone??????????

  6. #1 pistons fan says:


  7. BigBen says:

    lol this was just sad.

    I hope we can get a good draft pick this year.

    my future drafts picks.
    1. Demarcus Cousins
    2. John Wall (if NJ doesn’t pick him)
    3. Derrick Favors

  8. Davi Alexander says:

    It was very ugly to watch, this whole season.
    Doesn´t matter, we will be here, we will be fans, we will be watching. Even if we are worse than the nets.
    By today, Dumars might be thinking that he screwed up a lot of things during the past years. This is not strategical season, rebuilding, nothing like this. It´s just a bad season, with bad players and a horrible coach. Our Arnie Kander is the only one working well right now.
    Look for a total rebuilding this off-season and a keyplayer. It´s been proved and re-proved that we need that.
    It´s a shame not to give LebronLiers a payback.
    We are still waiting, since that creepy game 5. It seems that we went pretty lost after that, with no chance to recover.
    It is time for a real coach, and a team that has options for every position, enough of 6 guards for 2 positions. That is highly dumb. No team can make the playoffs with Kwame, Wilcox, Maxiell and Villanueva.
    Thanks for Ben for trying to save his image after his money-looking move.
    Thanks for stuckey for being that brave after his fall.
    For Prince and Hamilton, who putted a lot of effort.
    No thanks to Villanueva and Gordon, who didn´t prove nothing.
    And a big surprise for this franchise, Jerebko, great season young man.
    For the rest, you´re all replaceable, and that is what I expect, as a loyal piston, for next season.

  9. RIP CITY says:

    It feels like I’m reading an obituary of someone that died who was in a coma for years and any day now, we were all expecting them to kick the bucket. Well, for an NBA franchise, receiving your 7th straight loss to an 8-win team at the end of March is as close as you’re gonna get to kicking that bucket.
    There is really no way a Pistons fan can convince themselves that this team has it in them anymore. At this point, you put aside all the injuries, deaths, departures and look at the stripped down group of men playing the game of basketball, naked in their element and accept the fact. This once-mighty symbol of good old blue-collar hard work is a terrible, fumbling mess of a basketball team and I never felt a stronger urge to shout out with fists to the sky “I am a Pistons fan!”
    The only optimism is that there is no where to go but up. This is a low that hasn’t been in the Detroit since the unspeakable ‘Teal & Maroon’ era. This core has too much talent to let another season like this slip out of their hands, especially with promising rookies and a top five draft pick.
    Natalie is right. This is the period that weeds out all the bandwagon fans and, in that respect, this is healthy for an organization. As long as they still reside in the Motor City I will forever bleed the Red, White & Royal Blue.

    Go Pistons.

  10. Rusty Shackleford says:

    TANK the remaining 10 games!!!

  11. Brandon says:

    I have been a Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, and Tigers fan for a long time since I am originally from Michigan. Go Pistons! We will turn this around. We have some great pieces in place. We just need a great draft.

  12. alex says:

    Nat…you’re absolutely right. One of the best posts I’ve read from u. go pistons!

  13. Pistonsbaby01 says:

    Hey guys,

    I won 2 Pistons tickets from the Need4Sheed giveaway a few weeks ago and unfortunately something came up and I will not be able to attend the game this Wednesday March 31. I hate to see the tickets go to waste so if there is anyone who would like the tickets please e-mail me at I received the tickets via e-mail so I will just forward you the message with tickets attached. The first person to e-mail me will get the tickets. Thanks so much!!

  14. terry says:

    We aren’t the only team tankin it right now. We just gotta tank the hardest yo. LETS GO TOP 3 PICK!

  15. Mannie says:

    I wasn’t disappointed at the loss. At this point in the season in no way would I be happy with a win. We’re mathematically out of the playoff picture. The more losses, the higher chance we end up with the 4th worse record, which means more ping pong balls.

  16. Wade says:

    Lets root for Delfino and Stackhouse on the bucks, I mean hell. Also go Spartans!

  17. Mr. Anderson says:

    I’m sorry, but whoever gives CV a 5-year deal, instead of giving a shot at David Lee, deserves to lose.
    Whoever drafts Darko ahead of Melo, Wade and Bosh deserves to lose.
    Whoever trades Billups AND McDyess for Iverson deserves to lose.
    Whoever makes a ‘can’t-shoot-can’t-pass’ shooting guard their franchise player, as a PG, deserves to lose.
    Whoever hires guys like Michael Curry and John Kuester as head coaches, in the middle of a rebuild, instead of Avery Johnson or even Bill Laimbeer, deserves to lose.

    It’s simple as that.
    I just feel terrible that… this is us.

  18. JJ says:

    Play Gordon 48 minutes make him earn his paycheck!

  19. Ronsti says:

    I am 6’8″, i will be yours for this year too, 100k, the shoes cost more than the 6’4″ guy. I am shocked this year. I saw Gorden coming out hot and that was a great start for him, then all hell broke loose. Lets just get something good in the draft and trade for Gortat and someone else. That way next year we can hit 35 games

  20. terry says:

    People should know by now that David Lee was restricted last year and the Knicks made it clear that they would match any offer to retain him. This off season he will be unrestricted and will most likely gorge himself on the fattest contract he can get.

  21. Diogenes says:

    Screw that – I’m pointing fingers – CV and BG showed little to no heart this year – let’s trade these bums in the off season and keep Rip and Tay.

  22. CH says:

    “This franchise (hopefully) will always stand for hard work and underdogs, and it’s our job as Pistons fans to ride whatever comes our way. If you can’t do that….you might as well be a Lakers fan”

    Well put. Support your team for life. No jumping ship! I still think this team was more enjoyable to watch than last year’s (almost) .500 team!

    In the meantime we can also root on Mr. Big Shot in Denver, Dyess in San Antonio, and Sheed in Boston, so long as there not playing the Pistons…

  23. #1 pistons fan says:


  24. The Fluidics says:

    I stll have a blast watching them play.

  25. The Fluidics says:

    You guys talk about the Darko draft like the Pistons didn’t win a Championship that year. Darko has as many championships as Wade, and more than Bosh or Mello.

  26. The Fan says:

    I think what everyone forgets about the Darko/Melo fiasco is that we more than likely would not have picked up Rasheed Wallace that year for our PF and went on to win the Championship.

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