Atlanta over Detroit

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Final Score Pistons 99 Hawks 112

Game Highlights via
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  • Since many of us didn’t get to see this one, the highlight will just have to do. Although if you’re a Pistons fan I doubt if you would consider them high-lights.
  • One thing that stood out for me in the box score, the Pistons allowed the Hawks a season high 63% shooting percentage. Another telling sign as to what Ben Wallace has been to the team all season long.
  • Every Piston, besides DaJuan Summers who played just 1 minute, were in the minus on there +/- stat.
  • Bynum and Kuester with techs.
  • 16 turnovers…ugh.
  • Detroit was down by as much as 28.
  • Go Jason, Maxiell scored 11 of his team high 19 in the second half.

Jason MaxiellPhoto/Getty Images

  • After building a 28 point lead at halftime, the Hawks watched the Pistons pull to within nine points early in the fourth quarter.
  • Maybe this was a good one to miss.
10 Responses to "Atlanta over Detroit"
  1. McKayla Bohanna says:

    Unfortunately, I did NOT miss the game…we drove there from SC. There was no spark or fire in any of any time. Bynum did a decent job…every step forward by him seemed to be erased by Gordon. It seemed as if the only positives by Gordon were his free throws. I can only see the team when they come to Atlanta or Charlotte, so I haven’t seen them since last year….what a difference a year makes! The loss of Sheed seemed huge! He always seemed to be the spark and emotion of the team. Without him, they just seemed so flat last night.

  2. 3pointstunna says:

    cant wait for this to over this season has been long..hopefully we can get some descent free agents and i think i changed my mind on couzens he look lazy

  3. NJ says:

    They weren’t going to beat the Hawks anyway especially at Atlanta. We don’t have enough good big men to match up with them.

  4. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    GREG MONROE!!! Or Favors…

  5. KaptainXulu64 says:

    who thinks that we gonna get John Wall

  6. Jose says:

    Evan Turner, Holmes?

  7. daddy says:

    we pay ben gordon to turn the ball over almost everytime. then we pay him to just watch ppl drive past him with no attempt of picking up the odd man on d. i hope someone will take his contract get him out of the ddddddd.

  8. edt says:

    new jersey, minnesota, golden state, indiana, sacramento are all below us. we are not getting john wall. cousins or favors is who we are getting.

  9. Quality post. Have you considered using more videos on your blog? Makes it more interactive for us readers.

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