The Pistons vs The Warriors

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The Pistons vs. The Warriors width=

The 21-37 Detroit Pistons are in California to take on The 16-41 Golden State Warriors. This is the Pistons final destination of their road trip, but unfortunately most Pistons fans will be unable to see the broadcast.

As I mentioned earlier, this game was pulled from the FSN schedule, and if you have NBA league pass you may only be able to get it on the Warriors side of the broadcast due to local blackouts.   You do what you have to do to get your Pistons Fix.

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Tip is at 10:30 pm EST, for  the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at


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20 Responses to "The Pistons vs The Warriors"
  1. terry says:

    A must lose game for Detroit. The Warriors are in competition for a top lottery pick. Rooting for BG and CV to stay cold every one else can play good. That way Joe can blame it on the newly acquired free agents he pushed so hard to get.

  2. edt says:

    I love defense!!1111!!! How long has it been since detroit put the D in Defense. What a great game.

  3. edt says:

    I spoke too soon. we got BG & CV back in the game and now our defense is like tissue paper

  4. adam b says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…we lost in the final 2 minutes. My God, this team just doesn’t care anymore.

  5. Wade says:


  6. James (Australia) says:

    Terrible execution in that last few minutes. Two shots, one by Stuckey, and one by Gordon, were just flat out rubbish. They were heavily contested, high-degree of difficulty, shots that were shot as quick as possible.

    I know they played Hack-a-Ben and he went 1-9 at the free throw line but even if you minus Wallace’s contribution. The Pistons still shot 11-18. That is just not good enough. Guys like Rip, Prince, Gordon, Stuckey, HAVE to be able to make those free throws when we are struggling for points as it is.

    I think it is worth remembering that the Pistons were playing their 8th game in 12 days, and in these past 3 games it has been lost in the last quarter. It hasn’t been purely fatigue, but I think that played a part. Still should have been able to make some proper plays in those last few minutes

  7. terry says:

    Pheeew, that was close. We almost won that one, but it all went according to plan}; )

  8. Ben's FRO says:

    WTF was that nonsense!? I was truly embarrassed as a beloved Detroit Pistons Fan and as a basketball fan. Some of the worst offensive and defensive plays i have ever seen. For sure I thought this would be an easy win for Detroit. I was sadly mistaken…
    Hope The Draft Next year gonna bring us some big fish =)

  9. Ben's FRO says:

    In fact today’s games were full of surprises, I mean Nets winning against Celtics in Boston…
    I was like what the hell?!

  10. Amer ican Prnce says:

    oh god im watching the spurs suns Dyess just came down on his left leg and he’s holding his knee, he’s being helped off the court omg my heart literally just stopped I hope he’s ok

  11. Amer ican Prnce says:

    he has a hyperextended knee, but he’s back in the game, wow i got scared. He came back in the game and is playing pretty good actually

  12. Anderson says:

    well, we’re definitely contenders….

    … for the first pick.

  13. Pistons Fan32 says:

    @ Anderson > This may be a very good thing…

    The execution (or lack there of) in the final minutes of a game or more approximately the entire fourth quarter has been a point of much contention. Let’s be real here, the Pistons are, at the very most, an eighth seed this year and maybe (using that word very tentatively) will win a game or two in the playoffs. Ben Gordon is a HUGE disappointment. 10 million for this guy are you SERIOUS!!!! I mean let’s get real. Bynum is better than Gordon and he’s making 860,000. I mean wtf is up with that? Where are all these skills that Gordon supposedly has? His shot looks terrible and awkward and he has had 1 really good game this year. ONE!! I could go in there and shoot up a bunch of garbage (well gaurded) shots for 10 Million dollars… Put me in there. I may even hit a three!! As for Gordon’s defense…. we don’t even have to go there. Suspect is not the word for it. Non-existent is closer to the truth. What a terrible sign… I’m done ranting.

  14. Pistons Fan32 says:

    sry forgot something…

    @ Ben’s FRO > Maybe he needs to grow that thing back huh?

  15. we should have kept aaron afflalo

  16. Pistons Fan32 says:

    @ rai_from_the_phillipines > We did not believe that he would mature although he has always been a good 3 point shooter. At the time they let Afflalo go we still had Billups who could handle the big 3’s just fine.

  17. Pistons Fan32 says:

    please disregard post above. I thought they had traded him in 2008. The trade for Afflalo (and Walter Sharpe) happened in June of 2009 to create cap room.

  18. edt says:

    no your right pistons fan, we never gave afflalo minutes because he was behind billups and then when billups got traded we got ai and afflalo was behind stuckey ai and rip.

    So we traded away affalo when we KNEW we had an expiring contract with AI and would want affalo but at the time we never gave him the chance, I think you have to blame curry for this. curry had to deal with the personalities of rip, AI, give stuckey minutes and work affalo into the rotation. Fail. So we never knew how good affalo was.

    a lot of being an nba coach is finding how to keep your players happy even if they are coming off the bench, not drawing x’s and o’s.

  19. rai_from_the_philippines says:

    I was so disappointed when he was traded, coz I was really looking forward to stuck and afflalo to be the piston’s backcourt of the future. but too bad, joe d had one too many mistakes in the past two seasons. I, however am not complaining. GO PISTONS!!!

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