6 Responses to "The Pistons Tickets go to….."
  1. Joshua says:

    Why are these tickets so cheap?

  2. junior says:

    people probably bought them thinking pistons tickets would be a hot commodity then once we started losing so much and often they didnt want the tickets and sold them to the site. thats my guess.

  3. Ross says:

    Some people are just not true fans. I’ll watch the Pistons any time and enjoy myself every time no matter what.

  4. 3point stunna says:

    breaking news tom wilson will now be working for…mike illitch

  5. Diogenes says:

    So let’s kick this thing off right here – on Need4Sheed – let’s buy the Pistons folks! Who knows how to set up what the Packers have in Green Bay? Can you afford a dollar? You own a dollar of the Pistons. Can you afford a million? Well you own so many more shares. Let’s buy this team and then we, the owners, can hold the board and the management accountable. Who’s with me? It’s not that crazy really? Someone tell me I’m wrong!

  6. Pistonsbaby01 says:

    Ahh, I just opened my email and saw I won the tickets! Thanks so much Natalie and Viagogo!!

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