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Just got back from the Pistons 92-99 win against the Nets and I just had to put up the Swedetastic highlights.

Yes, we had a perfect Swede Saturday night – Jonas Jerebko 9-for-9 with 7 boards for 20 points.
[flashvideo file=http://www.need4sheed.com/videos/flash_videos/feb_6_10_jerebko.flv /]

Video Courtesy of The Detroit Pistons and the NBA

And I witnessed Ben Wallace’s 2002nd, 2003rd, 2004th and his 2005th blocks.

13 Responses to "Swedetastic"
  1. KaptainXulu64 says:

    hey nat nice game but i heard that there was going to a trade involving toronto’s hedo and patrick o bryant for tayshaun.

  2. KleenGee says:

    JJ!!! He is definitely hard at work. Big Ben was also doing his job keeping Lopez’s boards to a minimum (I bet Lopez will be an All Star soon).

    What’s going on with Tay??? He’s not looking too good.

    Here’s a good trade: Not sure if GS is shopping, but Prince for Biedrins would give us the strength inside and give JJ more minutes. Besides the warriors could use Prince’s defense 🙂

  3. anchunger says:

    sweedtastic! nuff said

  4. edt says:

    hedo 4 prince trade not real, it was posted by some spammer on a rapter forum.

    ben wallace played 31 minutes tonight vs 17 minutes vs the pacers, that’s all I got to say about this game. Even when Jerebko shoots perfect and defends well, Ben Wallace is still the strongest pillar of this franchise.

  5. o'b'wan says:

    looks like the new site will be need4swede

  6. o'b'wan says:

    why do people still think tay is worth that much..? get over yourserlf he’s not…. toronto is not trading for know tayshaun prince….whens the last time joe’d made a trade that was big um? rasheed wallace…joe d’s is a free agent type of guy and has a act (sometimes) of stealing picks when he’s hot…if he does trade someone it wont be for big time player.. he’s looking to free up some contracts so he can make a little splash in the off season…look forward to joed if he does trade to trade rip or tay to a contender, who could use some savy vets and i think joe d wants young guys or guys in the middle of the prime….i think a trade for tay or rip for brandon bass would make alot of sence you free up some cap space and then you get a young guy who can come in here and start…

  7. brgulker says:

    Last night, I took my Little Brother (Big Brothers Big Sisters) to the game — thanks to Kwame for the free tickets! — and about halfway through the third quarter, he looks at me and says, “Jonas is my new favorite player.”


  8. Buzz Killington says:

    Wow! The Nets

  9. terry says:

    Tayshaun will never be traded.

  10. Buzz Killington says:

    If they can’t trade Tayshaun, send him to the NBDL instead.

    Wait, do we have a NBDL team? Might be cheering for them if they’re doing better than the Pistons.

  11. junior says:

    buzz u r just stupid yeah we have a NBADL and i f u gonaa b like that go root for them we dont want ya anyways. GO PISTONS

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