Bynum is Back

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Will Bynum is ready to return and Charlie Villanueva should be good to go tonight. With the team a full strength for the first time in ages and the fact the Pistons are play the Nets, I GuaranSWEDE a victory.

10 Responses to "Bynum is Back"
  1. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    We need to win this even if tanking mode is on. I even can’t imagine we lose this game, not against Nets
    “No team is going to feel sorry for you,” Pistons coach John Kuester told the team’s official Web site Monday. “You’ve got to go out and win it. It’s obvious – everyone knows what they’re going through and we’re going through our situation with the idea, hey, we’ve got to do whatever it takes to win.”
    Whatever like tanking? Whatever…GO PISTONS!!!

  2. Wade says:

    On top of your GUARENSWEEDE I will say that I GUARANSHEED a Pistons victory tonight! Will the thrill is going to be ballin tonight boys.

  3. Damien W. says:

    Oh, Happy Day! *Chuckles* Hopefully, Will won’t overdo it and blow another gasket and be on the shelf like how Rip and Gordon did. But with some more energy off the bench, hopefully we can slip into that 8th playoff spot.

  4. Marcell says:

    This game……will be a nail biter

  5. Ross says:

    Detroits present loosing streak is longer than the Nets. Plus if I’m a Nets fan I would be pretty optimistic about this game because the Pistons only have 4 road wins and the Nets have 4 wins all together with 3 out of the 4 coming at home. Record wise, this game could go either way; it might not be the easy win that everyone is expecting despite the fact that Will the Thrill Bynum is good to go tonight. Never mind about charlie villanueva, I still think he’s a ball hogging douche.

  6. Josh says:

    My man Will!!!!!!!!!! WoooooHoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Martin says:

    Don’t get too confident Natalie!

  8. Wade says:

    Told you Natalie, you Guaransweede and my Guaransheed just made that victory along with BYNUMITE! How about Tay with the Alley oop and tay tay playing like a champ! Ben Wallace MVP.. Enough said!

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