Bring Back The D

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When you get surprises in your email box, you just smile.

Chiauka is a multimedia artist and die hard pistons fan. He wrote this song to inspire Detroit fans and produced this video Specifically for He is open to feedback

Here it is
“Bring the D Back!”

Bring the D Back! (Need4sheed edition) from Willis Wesley on Vimeo.

8 Responses to "Bring Back The D"
  1. pistons 4 life says:

    GM is bouncing back? I feel like Ford is but I’m not so sure about GM. Any company that the government owns half of can’t be in too good of shape.

  2. 3pac says:

    You cant just write a song and none of the lyrics are true, unless you are fergie lol. good job tho.

  3. Patrick says:

    Terrible but I like the message.

  4. jimi says:

    That was Awesome

  5. AC says:

    Not sure if this will make it beyond this website, but entertaining indeed. The basketball highlights were crucial.

  6. tito says:


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