Breaking News-Tom Wilson Out at The Palace

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Via The Detroit News:

Tom Wilson has left his position as president and CEO of Palace Sports and Entertainment, according to a report., attributing the information to sources, says chief operating officer Alan Ostfield will take over Wilson’s position.

Wilson was not at his usual seat at The Palace Tuesday night during the Pistons’ game against Minnesota.

Wilson joined the Pistons organization in 1977. He handles all business functions of the Pistons, The Palace, DTE Energy Music Theatre and Meadow Brook Music Festival.

He is a native of Detroit who graduated from Cass Tech High School and Wayne State University.

Uh oh….a sign of things to come Pistons fans.

18 Responses to "Breaking News-Tom Wilson Out at The Palace"
  1. The Fan says:

    any one hear Jaws music.

  2. anchunger says:

    i am not liking this one bit

  3. Jesse says:

    Can someone tell me what exactly is going on in Auburn Hills? Nothing they have done in the last 2 years has made any sense…. Pistons are quickly becoming one the worst-run franchises in the league.

  4. Amer ican Prince says:

    ok that definately has me worried, though it could just be because not enough people are going to games, but i dont know this worries me about what’s gonna happen

  5. The Fan says:

    Yeah, you don’t leave your position unless you fundamentally disagree with the direction things are going.

  6. Steve says:

    This isn’t a step in the right direction….

  7. basketballnmike says:

    You guys should read the whole press release before freaking out:
    it sounds mostly like its because of Mr. Davidson’s passing, since Tom is no longer working with Mr. Davidson he sees it as time to move on. sure he might be abandoning ship cause of possible new ownership, but when you work the same job with someone for 31 years, and now that person is gone, I don’t blame him for wanting to try something else. and it sounds like his replacement, Alan Ostfield, is very capable.

    i also used to play basketball against Tom’s son (Tom Wilson was the coach) and they usually werent very good sports, so i’ve always been a little biased against them haha

    • Jesse says:

      Do you really expect the team’s offcial press release to completely honest? The whole point of a press release like that is to manipulate public opinion… like convincing you that someone you’ve never heard of (like Alan Ostfeild) can step in and replace Wilson.

  8. ben says:

    hello the soon to become pittsburgh pistons!!

  9. Damien W. says:

    Wow, I was wondering where he was on Tuesday. I agree with Steve, surly not a step in the right direction.

  10. Normal 2 says:

    i won’t worry about if something happens, i’ll worry about when something happens. it keeps the worry warts away and uses up to much brain juice. I’d rather them win some more games then worry about this.

  11. Keepzitreal says:

    The writing is on the wall Piston fans,up next Joe D….

  12. Ben's Fro says:

    wtf its not going to become the pittsburgh pistons, who the hell made that up?

  13. terry says:

    They left the part out about him and Joe D. getting into a fist fight over all star weekend.

  14. Ryan says:

    Anyone ready the story online yet? The pistons are moving to Pittsburgh and they are going to become the Pittsburgh Pistons. They are moving within the next 5 years.\-s-not-that-far-fetched

  15. James (Australia) says:

    The Pistons are not leaving Detroit, Ryan, the Pistons have no reason to leave. The Pistons have a strong fan base, a good history behind the club, and a great arena. David Stern would never allow the Pistons to leave Detroit.

    I’m not too worried about this, Tom has done a great job, but no one lasts forever. I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing how Alan Ostfield goes.

    Things like this always get blown out of proportion when the team is losing.

  16. DPIntern says:

    It is in every Pistons fans’ best interest to not believe anything “Mr. Anti-Detroit” Drew Sharp says or publishes.

  17. CH says:

    Stop with this Pittsburgh bull! The Pistons are a valuable franchise IN DETROIT. One bad year is not enough for them to ship the team to a new city and start over. Drew Sharp is… Well, not very Sharp. The Recession is not the end of Detroit metropolis and one bad season is not the end of the Detroit Pistons. Use your damn noggins!

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