The Pistons vs. The Mavericks

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The Pistons vs. The Mavericks

The now 11-21 Pistons are in Dallas to take on the 23-11 Mavericks tonight. If you were hiding under a rock lately then you don’t know that the Pistons are in the midst of a nine game losing streak.

The Pistons will be without Will Bynum, who last time they played the Mavs but up a very loud 27 points, almost leading them to a victory with 17 of them coming in the fourth quarter. Bynum who re-aggravated his ankles didn’t make the trip to Texas.

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Hate to say it, but the way Detroit has been playing and with their record on the road, this one is going to be tough.

Even with Rip, Tayshuan and Ben Gordon back,  the team continues to struggle.  Charlie Villanueva, who’s suffering from plantar fasciitisis, is hobbled, underachieving and was complaining about playing time. Tayshaun hasn’t gotten his groove yet, and Rip Hamilton is 13-for-54 in his three games since coming back from injury.

Another fun fact:

  • Detroit did not lead in the second half of any of its last six games.

Tip is at 8:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 950 AM or follow the action over at .


23 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Mavericks"
  1. The Fan says:

    Lets Go PISTONS!!!

  2. HIME1 says:

    go! pistons!

  3. sam i am says:

    i hope they somehow win one of these 2 games so the streak will b over when i go to the game on saturday against the sixers 🙂

  4. Hlmk says:

    I wish the pistons the best of luck (especially since i hate the mavs) but realistically i see their next win against philly in 4 days

  5. pistons 4 life says:

    It’s hard to take all this loosing but honestly a bad season could help more than it will hurt. I still enjoy watching this group play hard and lose rather than watch the old team treat every game like they were playing the worst team in the league and not try.

  6. shawn says:

    cv is on fireeeeeeeeeeeee but hope we still get diss win but also want to be a lottery team i want johnnnn wallllllllllll plus still trade atleast rip jmax and kwame for davidwest and or a good center joe ddddddddd lets get itttttttttttt

  7. mannie32 says:

    fingers are crossed we start this new year right and end this skid
    so far so good…

  8. TBranch says:

    4 points and 7 turnovers in 34 minutes for AI in a loss tonight.

    Just sayin’

  9. J-zack says:

    10-straight……… Woohoo let’s go lottery!!

  10. sam i am says:

    damnn man we’re on a roll……a loosing one!!

    so we’ve lost 10 in a row……lovelyy

  11. shinkazenokizzu says:

    like i said once before, paying 90 million on free agents to not make the playoffs is a bit depressing but this team has potential for the future

  12. Adam B says:

    Both teams played hard, my man.

  13. BA says:

    Does anyone know why Ben Gordon is not getting the ball more? $55-58 million and he oly scored 9 points. I think more plays should be called for him. He is the best offensive weapon on the team but he only gets up 6-11 shots in a game. That’s not good enough. The Coaching staff still have not noticed that in order to win we need 2 or 3 people to score 18 points or more. He needs more plays. He proved his worth in Chicago but he isnot working out here.

  14. edt says:

    ben gordon was getting doubled and had to pass the ball. maybe you missed it.

    we lost because of one simple fact: bad defense. rip had 3 turnovers, ben gordon had 4, but the box score doesn’t really show how uncoordinated our team was on D. We looked like a team that has only played 3 games together. Which is basically the truth. rip also has a lot of rust in his game.

    Charlie V had a much better game than usual. He seemed to play with more determination than usual, and I was glad to see that.

    i was also very happy with chris wilcox’s play, we are only paying him $3 million per year, so getting 20 good minutes out of him is great. Tayshaun Prince had 40 minutes, I’m sure his legs aren’t right yet, he’ll get in better shape as he continues to play.

    • The Fan says:

      Are you kidding me. Bad D? We held the Mavericks to 32 points in the first quarter. It wasn’t our D. If anything you can blame it on free throw shooting and some of the coaching decisions, WE PLAYED 3 GUARDS NEARLY THE ENTIRE GAME. What the hell is this small ball crap again. Why didn’t Jason Maxiell play any minutes.

      And for once Wilcox had a good game but don’t go praising the guy just yet. He’s been horrible all year.

      Ben Gordon couldn’t hit a barn until the last 3 minutes of the game and Charlie V wasn’t even in the game for a 3 shot at the end. Instead we give it to Stuckey for a 3. I think the announcers said hes 6-34 this year from 3 land.

      Tayshaun played way too many minutes. I’m surprised we took Dallas down to the wire. Watching Dallas’ chemistry clearly indicates what we lack.

  15. Buffalo Bill says:

    i saw we trade the whole team! lol can you do that?!? ahah its a ehhh year for detroit sports. why does dumars address issues of late, just to give us some hope that there is a plan and that this isn’t the new look pistons.

  16. edt says:

    sure we held dallas to 36 points in the 1st half. But then they scored 62 in the 2nd half. If that is not a complete breakdown in D I dont know what to call it.

    • The Fan says:

      I know what you are saying but the second have “break down” probably has more to do with playing three guards. Where was jonas in the second half. Maxiell dnp. I think that has more to do with coaching. Jonas was playing solid D on dirk in the first half.

  17. Richard says:

    EDT – We of pistons nation are going to tan you up and get you out of the house and reintroduce you to fresh air and women. More to life than basketball.

  18. Keepzitreal says:

    We Suck!!!!!

  19. Keepzitreal says:

    Natalie I see that we have been getting so many loses that you just didn’t even bother to update our record on the site…lol

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