The Pistons vs. The Hornets

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The Pistons vs. The Bulls

The 12-24 Pistons are hosting the 20-17 New Orleans Hornets Friday night at the Palace.  Detroit will try to get back on track after getting their first win in 14 games Tuesday night against the Wizards.  A win tonight will make it two in a row, which never sounded like much before, but after the 13 game skid it sounds just fabulous.

With Detroit’s less than stellar play on the road it’s great that they will play eight of this month’s remaining nine games at the Palace, including a season-high six-game homestand to finish January.

Injury Report:

  • No Will Bynum.
  • Ben Gordon and Tayshaun Prince are both game time decisions.

The Scouting Report via
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Tip is at 8:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action over at


18 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Hornets"
  1. Marshall says:

    55-44 at the half. Daye has been really impressive so far tonight. Rip and Wallace playing great, too.

  2. Drew says:

    New Orleans is really getting some home cookin’ as far as the calls are going tonight. The only problem is the Hornets aren’t at home. 🙁

  3. Buzz Killington says:

    Stuckey = Heart

  4. KG says:

    what a win 😀

  5. mannie32 says:

    Pistons beat New Orleans. Big games from Rip (32 points, 10 assists) and Big Ben (13 points, 21 rebounds). Stuckey was clutch in overtime. Pistons win second straight and have a back to back with NY!

  6. zeke khaseli says:

    Stuckey maturing in the OT

  7. edt says:

    what a nail biter. Stuckey, Ben and JJ were all great, but we are used to that, what we are not used to is Rip being his old self again finally.

  8. terry says:

    Wow, Stuckey is fast emerging into a great point guard. Gutsy win, secured down the stretch by a gutsy young point guard!

  9. shawn says:

    disss game looked good still want to trade rip and tay also give daye starter minutes watch him be a 20 and 10 guy lol o and i still want john wall to play with stuckeyyyyyyyyy

  10. Adam B says:

    I expected New Orleans to push towards the end, because that has been their style of play this season. So I’m not mad at Detroit going into OT. Amazing game — by far my favorite of the year. I propose that when Big Ben goes 50% from the line that it should count as 100% and when he hits 17 ft jumpers, those count as 3.

  11. KleenGee says:

    Rip had it tonight. He always surprises me when I’m down on him. Great start to the home stretch

    everything about Big Ben is amazin: the minutes he played, the boards, the passing, the defensive pressure and intimidation. I really want him to become a coach for the Pistons when he hangs it up.

  12. mannie32 says:

    oh and big ben did all that with… 0 fouls committed

    • Bugs says:

      0 fouls…that man is straight out amazing. He only had 2 blocks but he contested and challenged at least a dozen. I can only imagine how bad we would of been this season without him. All those people that bagged Joe for bringing him back must be eating there words. Phoenix, Chicago and Cleveland must be wondering why he plays so great when wearing a pistons uniform. Maybe Cleveland should of got him to wear a pistons uniform under a Cleveland one…they might of won the championship :O)

  13. Adam B says:

    KleenGee, I completely agree. You think ANYBODY is going to question Ben Wallace about discipline, about anything, if he is a coach? haha, Forget about it.

  14. Zack says:

    Just a little bit more of ‘hustle’ & this team will be back on track again.

  15. The Fan says:


  16. Bugs says:

    Natalie i found a typo in the schedule. It say on 01/12 @ Warriors W 99-90. It should be Wizards not Warriors. I am sure i am not the first to point this out :O)

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