Mocking things Green – Celtics Late Night Show and Me

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Need4Sheed InterviewWith Rasheed Wallace returning to Detroit in just a few days, Boston fans are a bit curious to see how this Pistons fan feels about Sheed and the current state of The Pistons.  So (unfortunately for them) Celtics Late Night Show was kind enough to ask me to be their guest tonight.

Now I don’t know why Celtics fans feel the need to take a few jabs from this extremely NON Celtics fan, but they do.

I will be on live with Nick from North Station Sports, along with Brandon and Travis, from Hardwood Houdini at 11:00 PM Sunday the 10th.

Cant we all just get along? Sometimes we can …. but most of the time I get in the way of that.Celtics Live Late Night

If you can’t listen live, no worries the show is available at North Station Sports or at Hardwood Houdini to listen to at your leisure.

12 Responses to "Mocking things Green – Celtics Late Night Show and Me"
  1. Nolan says:

    Can’t hate Sheed for getting with a team that has the talent that they do and having a chance to win a Championship towards the end of his career. Should be fun for you though.

  2. Amer ican Prince says:

    is this a call in show like the last one you did? i tried to call on that one but they never got to me

  3. Yasir Saleem says:

    cant listen to it live tonight (stupid school) but looking forward to listening to it tomorrow!

  4. Annie says:

    *wishes she lived in America now*

  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    great job stayed up late for that one haha and it was well worth it. Amazing how two sides can be so in sync in terms of Sheed.

    Way to rep the D, and dont think i missed that detroit attitude. You were sweet while at the same time keeping that rawrness about you. Good job loved it They seemed like nice guys but we are going to beat them when we play them Sheed and them better be ready

  6. Diogenes says:

    We have those dirty Leprechauns beat in the last two decades but they have what? 17 ‘ships? Joe was executive of the last decade. What will he do in the next couple of years? Draft a home grown sure thing with the number 2 pick I hope 😉

  7. obiwan says:

    nat just cant stay away from sheed…i doubt any true wolverine fan would ever do a sow with a buckeye..this is a rivalry nat do you get it i guess not!!!!

  8. Wade says:

    Sheed was ballin in the celtics game the other night.

  9. edt says:

    sheed is hilarious, camping out at the 3 point line and letting perkins do all the work down low.

    It’s sad to think that a lazy fat ‘Sheed that only wants to toss in 3’s is still a better player than any player on our entire team right now.

    Think about this, lazy ‘Sheed is better than anyone on our entire team, hustling McDyess is better than anyone on our entire team, and floor general, Chauncey Billups is not only better but absolutely invaluable to his new team.

    My question is, not how long this losing streak will go on, but seriously, how on earth did we hypnotize ourselves into thinking we would have a winning season with a team made up entirely of 6th men.

    Go pistons! I’ll tell you one thing. When we start winning again, I’ll be the first to hypnotize myself into thinking we’ll make the playoffs.

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