The Pistons vs. The Wizards

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The 7-12 Pistons take on the 7-11 Flip Saunders’ Wizards at the Palace Sunday evening. Washington is coming in off Friday’s 109-107 overtime loss to Toronto, just their second defeat in six games after opening 3-9.

Nothing official yet to when either Tayshaun or Rip will be back, but the way things are sounding it looks like Tay will wind up taking the court first. For those of you who are worried about your NEED4SWEDE…you’ll be just fine, JJ will play some power forward with Tay back in the fold.

When and if Prince and Hamilton get healthy, rookie Jonas Jerebko will see time at power forward, a position he is athletic enough to handle.
“He’s too valuable to our team right now, and he brings so much to the plate,” Kuester said. “He’s going to find some time at the four position also.” Via The Detroit Free Press

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Tip is at 6:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Plus. For the radio broadcast tune into WWJ AM 950 or follow the action on

If you’re headed out to the Palace for the game please try to give a hand (literally) by donating gloves or mittens for The Pistons Good Hands, Warm Hands Mitten Drive.


11 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Wizards"
  1. DEL says:

    I hope CV will start today, but it is unlikely to happen.
    Wow, even when I read something about returning Tay or Rip I really got excited 🙂 we need their experience, and we will be playing like in the 1st game and winning games with tough opponents and beating worse teams over 20 🙂 and Today is a reeaaaally important game!

  2. junior says:

    my question is this should we start jerebko at pf bring cv31 off bench as backup pf, when tay comes back? that will still give us energy with the starters and jerebko and wallace play well together, cause i think cv31 will play better off the bench with maxy or kwame alongside to balance his offense. and we leave chucky starting at pg until rip is back. what oyu guys think. o ya we gonna win tonight. GO PISTONS

  3. junior says:

    nat can you rmove the SHEED RECOMMENDS at the top of this page? i dont like it, reminds me of the old pistons, we are the new pistons now. ty

  4. junior says:


  5. I appreciate that people want me to change the name of the site and the design, but I just revamped the whole thing. I like it and I hope most people do, please respect that and quit requesting little things like change this or remove that.

    Think of is this way…if it weren’t for Sheed, this site probably wouldn’t have been as successful as it is. I pay homage to all Pistons old and new, a name or face doesn’t change my passion for a team I have been rooting for for over 30 years.

  6. Dhrumil says:

    lol natalie ur right, sheed the reason we won a championship here, people just hate him cuz he had a bad anger and they think hes the reason we lost the last 4 years in ECF. When in reality, they dont appreciate that without him we wouldnt have went to the ECF for 6 straight years. Forget what they think. but honestly jonas jerebko is a decent role player but you guys are making him sound like hes LeBron or something. Lol he’s good but he’s not THAT good.

  7. J.G says:

    JEREBKO needs to start.. i want tay on the bench… i love his energy and willingness to put for the effort.. inspires the other guys too….

  8. James says:

    Do as you deem best Nat, I think you’ve earned the respect to know how to run this site!
    We are getting a little ahead of ourselves by saying Jerebko should start. He is a good player and prospect, but benching Prince for him? I don’t think so.
    Great win tonight.
    Austin Daye came up big in the 3rd quarter when we needed it.
    Stuckey keeps getting better.
    Villanueva played better.
    JJ was awesome.
    Big Ben was Big Ben (great defense at the end)
    Assist totals and opp. turnovers were what won us the game!
    Could you get a video of CV31’s four point-play and put it in your excellent Recap?

  9. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    Well done, Pistons! I like the way we played against Atlanta, now we play the same way against Washington!
    Good job!

    JEREBKO for the rookie of the year! Kuester said he will give Jonas the time to play as 3 or 4 spot when Tay comes back. He wants to see more of Jerebko too)))

  10. Adam B says:

    We are looking better. I didn’t like how we let Washington in the game towards the end of the 4th but a win is a win. Rodney is starting to show some consistency. I can see, as a whole, that Kuester is urging us to pass the ball. Our assist totals have been dramatically higher the last two games from our average (16). Good stuff, Detroit!

  11. Diogenes says:

    Never look a gift horse in the mouth! Need4Sheed is a gift for all of the die hard Pistons fans. I’m embarrassed on your behalf if you request to have this site changed – it is perfect the way it is.

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