The Pistons vs. The Raptors

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The Pistons vs. The Raptors

The 11-18 Pistons are in Toronto to take on the  14-17  Raptors for the second game of a home and home.  The Pistons would like to erase the memory of the miserable game they played on Thursday night in which the Raptors held them to tie their lowest point total as a franchise.
This early afternoon game should bring hope for the Holiday season.  All signs point to Detroit being at full strength for just the second time since the opening game of the season.

Detroit’s injured, including Tayshaun Prince, are game day decisions.

FYI.. If  and when Tayshaun plays, he will start and our Swede will take the roll of backup.


Starting Linup:


Even Charlie V was excited about getting his teammates back:

Santa was good too me, i told him I wanted Tayshaun, RIP and BG back in a Piston uniform, my was has been granted. Via @CV31

They also got a new Roundballl to comfort themselves on their travels.
The Scouting Report via
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Tip is at 1:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 950 AM , or follow the action over at

It’s time for a W Pistons fans.


10 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Raptors"
  1. Steve says:

    FYI- all 3 guys will play today, gordon back to bench… but jerekbo will goto PF

  2. mannie32 says:

    so excited that we’re all back… first game since game 1 of the season

  3. The Fan says:


  4. DEL says:

    what’s up with CV? he is totally different player than at the start of the season. if he is hurt he should rest, because now he is only hurting his own team.

    but great to have our guys back, and after few games, when everything will click, we will win a lot of games 🙂

  5. Adam B says:

    Not mad at all about the loss. The second half proved we will start meshing sooner than I anticpated. We’ll be able to take the 6th spot in the East, easy.

  6. sam i am says:

    u guys r dumbasses if ur not mad bout the loss, how can u not be?

    idc if they have to “mesh” but c’mon u guys got embarrassed by them on ur home floor.

    bottom line is that they should’ve one this one.

  7. sam i am says:


  8. DEL says:

    we can honestly blame this loss on CV. I mean don’t be mad at him or punish him somehow, but after all those injuries he comes and play in such a pathetic way. 4 turnovers, very poor defense. someone has to shake him up, because he is one of the most important puzzles in our squad. I really think that we will be fine and when healthy we are surely a 5-6 spot team. i am sure we will make playoffs and we can compete with the best. just give us some time, in coach Q and Joe D we trust!!

  9. junior says:

    to DEL, cv31 is still hurt that is y he played bad its not his fault the coaches should have let him rest. GO PISTONS

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