The Pistons vs. The Raptors

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The Pistons vs. The Raptors

The 11-17 Pistons are hosting the 13-17 Toronto Raptors for the second game of a back to back. One thing that is on the Pistons side is that they have won 11 straight home meetings against the Raptors. Things not on Detroit’s side…injuries.

Injury Repot

” Ben Gordon has been put on the active list for tonight’s game with Charlotte! If he’s really good to go, that’s huge.”  Via @DetPistons

Well that was last night…lets hope hes good to play tonight!

  • No official word on the status of Rip Hamilton or Tayshaun Prince at the moment.

The Scouting Report via

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Be on the lookout for our good friend Amir Johnson who’s been dubbed as Mr. Hustle in Toronto and has quickly become a fan favorite.

Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Plus (click here for you local channel numbers). For the radio broadcast tune in to 950 AM , or follow the action over at

I’m heading to the game with our West Coast Pistons fan and guest writer Rashid Umar, so if you follow me on Twitter you may get a few inside tweets from the Palace of Auburn Hills.


27 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Raptors"
  1. Tray says:

    Keep in mind that although Toronto hasn’t won in the Palace in the past 11 tries, this Pistons team is a far cry from the Piston’s team that faced them those 11 times.

    But this is even more concerning. Yes, the Raps haven’t been good on the road but they have been good overall lately, beating teams we couldn’t in New Orleans and Houston.

    Also, in the last 10 games, the Pistons only hit the 100 points plateau 3 times. The Pistons are only averaging 87.6 ppg on this 5 game losing streak and when they were on their 5 game winning streak, they averaged 99.6 ppg.

    The Raptors are an NBA best 10-0 when limiting opponents to under 100 ppg.

    The Raptors are also 7-0 when limiting their opponents to under 40% shooting.

    Shooting 38% like they did against the Bobcats won’t cut it. The Raptors are too offensively potent for us to keep up with them if we can’t make shots.

  2. Tray says:

    Also, Charlie V is NOT playing tonight. Ben Gordon will dress but it’s not known whether he’ll actually see court time.

  3. Tray says:

    My bad, they said CV wouldn’t play but he’s on the floor now (probably out of absolute necessity).

  4. Waterpolo says:

    Pistons=Clippers. Dumars =Idiot

  5. Waterpolo says:

    People. Open your eyes. You netd team? Call to Mr. .Dumars

  6. Waterpolo says:

    Дебилы. Вас поддерживаешь, а вам насрать на команду

  7. shawn says:

    should i even say something today lol well glade byum hi that buzzer beater but we still down alot and we have no shooters on the floor cv still has no points i say shut him down luckily he has a break tell sundays game and i say we should do a trade soon please dumars very soon

  8. Waterpolo says:


  9. shawn says:

    sigh 30 points loss sigh depressing meltdown trade joed lotterypick top10 no effort no life sigh

  10. edt says:

    Hedo Turkoglu looked great. his contract was signed the same week as Ben Gordon, and for the same amount. How come Joe D never signed Turkoglu, he’s seems really good and I love his 3 point shot?

  11. chris says:

    because when ben gordon is healthy, he can be a much better scorer than turkoglu…and atm its quite evident how badly we need that

  12. The Fluidics says:

    Because Turk and Prince play the same spot, the 3 just wasn’t a hole that needed to be filled.
    It was nice to see the same ol Amir at the Palace, two quick fouls, a thunder dunk, two more fouls, a handfull of missed free throws…

    Happy Christmas Pistons, rest up and come back with some fire.

  13. Tray says:

    Amir Johnson has been incredible for the Raptors this season. 18 points the other night. 12 rebounds last game. He’s been the one consistent player off the bench for Toronto this year and he’s a fan favorite there. Make no mistake, he’s getting much more minutes in Toronto and making the most of it. They call him Mr. Hustle.

  14. Adam B says:

    Its nice to see fans just going along with this one. I mean, what can they do? Get some rest Detroit. Even healthy we know this team needs to make a trade to get them over .500 this year. We’ll wait and see. Stonz could really go for some good luck and full strength right now. Its like the regular season hasn’t started yet for us.

  15. Bobby says:

    what’d we shoot like 28% or something?! Good lord

  16. KleenGee says:

    There is a bright side: things can only get better after a game like that.

  17. sam i am says:

    c’mon guys lets look at the bright side. oh wait, there is no bright sideee =/.

  18. Mike says:

    Amir still has his foul problems but he is getting a pretty consistent 17 – 22 minutes a game.

    The Toronto coaching staff is working with on his offense. He actually as you could see from tonight’s game actually gets the ball passed to him quite a bit when he is on the court. His scoring per game has gone up and the percentage of his points off of put backs has gone way down.

    Just recently I saw two new moves by him. One was a spin move on a post up and the other was an up fake on face up. He took two 15 foot jump shots tonight and swished one. The two jump shots in one game is the most that I have seen him take in one game this year.

    So it appears that slowly between the extra coaching and what Amir does on the court when he has the ball, Triano is starting to work him more and more into the offense with good results, which is a heck of a lot more than the Pistons ever did.

  19. N1ck from Croatia says:

    Steve, where you at?

  20. Adam B says:

    haha not even 28% … 27.9% (for the sake of emphasis on how poor of a game it was) – basically between 1 out of every 4 shots went in. Rough.

  21. Garlicky says:

    I’m happy for Amir Johnson 🙂

  22. asdfasdfas says:

    goddamn that was depressing

  23. DEL says:

    Report: Richard Hamilton and Ben Gordon will return Sunday, Tayshaun Prince a possibility

    Merry Chrismtas 🙂 I am pretty sure we will win a lot of games with out best players

  24. rai says:

    if we still lose the next game, reshuffle the starting line up. put stuckey on reserve duty,

    pg – atkins
    sg – daye
    c – wallace
    pf – cv
    sf – jj

  25. edt says:

    why is everyone hating on stuckey. good grief he’s our best player right now.

    let me say one thing has changed from stuckey that I’ve really noticed from last year to this year, and that is stuckey has become much more consistent in handling the ball, shooting, and having a better basketball iq.

    why am I the only one hating on charlie v and ben gordon? Charlie V, you are a scoring machine? In whose dream? Ben Gordon quit being injured. (rip & tayshaun I forgive you both, you have played so many minutes for the pistons already, get healthy).

  26. Raj says:


    Get out of the house.

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