The Pistons vs. The Bulls

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The Pistons vs. The Bulls

The 11-20 as you probably already know are on an eight game losing streak. An afternoon New Years Eve game at home against the Bulls may be just the thing to break them out of their current slump.

The 12-17  Bulls have their own internal issues to deal with, but that doesn’t mean the team isn’t winning.

Injury Report:

No current news on the availability of Will Bynum, who sat out Tuesday night’s game to rest his ankles.
Charlie Villanueva is a game time decision.

The Scouting Report via

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Early afternoon tip is at 3:00 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune in to 9.71 The Ticket, or follow the action over at for those of you working on New Years Eve.

Happy New Year !


42 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Bulls"
  1. KleenGee says:

    Happy New Year?

  2. edt says:

    this is from yester

    Detroit Pistons Breakdown: Pistons Roster Is a Broken Engine

    Whenever Charlie Villanueva touched the ball, he shot it. Fortunately for Detroit, his teammates didn’t pass him the ball very often. Defense, passing, rebounding? Nope, Villanueva only plays with the ball in his hands. How did a team give this loser a $30 million contract?

  3. 313Balla says:

    another loss
    we should trade for mcgrady and hit da fa 2010
    and try to get amare or bosh
    and we should trade villanueva he nvr passes

  4. Haley says:

    I just wanted to say that i dont know if anyone caught it but rip was smiling as i think tyrus thomas went to the line at the end of the game. Rip needs to go. He obviously doesn’t care about the team and he just wants out. And from his personal friends I hear that he wants to be traded.

  5. shawn says:

    joe dddddddddd tradeeeeeeeeeeeee rippppp tayyyyyyyyy maxxxxxxx kameeeeeeee and wilcoxxxxxxxxx for a big and or tmaccccccccccc and go into the loterry with lots of prayer and hope we get the #1 pick then we draft john walllll play him next to stuckey john wallll are real pg of the future detriotttttttt basketballlllllllll 20100000000000000000

  6. sam i am says:

    i was at the game, and the pistons got booed midway through 4th quarter.

  7. KleenGee says:

    I was hesitating on posting about my secret wish for Mr. Dumars to trade Rip, so thank you to those of you coming out to say it first.

    However, what team would want a SG that demands to be a starter while his numbers are on the decline? Besides his contract is really un-trade-able.

    Maybe he’ll come around and admit that Gordon should start.

  8. KleenGee says:

    Booing at the Palace. really? morale must be low in the locker room

  9. Bobby says:

    trade rip & tay

    we were doing fine without them

  10. edt says:

    we cant get bosh because we have all our money tied up in charlie v & ben gordon, charlie v has a 5 year $35 million contract. He is untradable. Ben gordon is also untradable with a 5 year contract. Everyone here likes to talk about trading rip but he is in a long term contract until 2013. Jason Maxiell also has a terrible contract, also through 2013.

    I read that nobody in the NBA wants rip because of his contract and his age. So that only leaves Tayshaun, Bynum and the rookies. Tayshaun’s contract expires next year so he is the guy other teams want the most.

    Joe Dumars screwed up by signing Rip, Maxiell, Charlie V & Ben Gordon to these expensive long term contracts.

    Detroit should have been in the hunt for the 2010 free agency but instead we got all these overpaid perimeter players.

  11. Jzack says:

    Pistons turning out to be the worst team this season next to New Jersey… :(

  12. shawn says:

    If Joe Dumars is smart

    He would trade Rip, Tayshuan, Maxiell & Kwame and our 2011 2nd Round Draft pick for Tracy McGrady another Rocket expiring contract and 2 Future 1st Round Picks

    That way we can dump Tay, Rip, Kwame and Maxiell Contracts and get an expiring 23 Million Dollar contract.

    Guys if we suck this year we suck. We going to have a losing record this year anyways so why not go for the lottery…

    Go after Free Agency and get studs like Amare & Rudy Gay

    We can be in the lottery for the #1 pick and if we get the #1 pick we can draft John Wall. If we get John Wall we should get rid of Stuckey for 2 future 1st round draft picks from someone

    Imagine this starting rotation
    PG – John Wall
    SG – Ben Gordon
    SF – Rudy Gay
    PF – Charlie Villanuava
    C – A’mare Stoudemire

    • junior says:

      i would keep stuckey start him next to john wall and have bg come off the bench, also would have cv31 come off the bench with jerebko as a starter


      big ben?

      now that is a good team even without rip tay and maxiell, joe d u better get tmac free up the cap space and get gay and amare, draft wall (god i hope so stuckey would be unstoppable at sg with wall at pg stuckey would avg 30 ppg) . GO PISTONS

  13. edt says:

    ben gordon is a great 6th man, not such a good starter the bulls found that out, he has trouble in the starting rotation double teamed. charlie v is also better off the bench for an offensive boost because his defense is all it was supposed to be, that is non-existant.

    rip hamilton is not being sought by anyone in the nba, nobody wants his big long contract and age. Maxiell also has a long expensive contract that nobody wants. “Dump” is the operative word here. Nobody wants these contracts, so it is impossible to trade them. Everyone is looking for expiring contracts, and we have one player that the other teams want, Prince.

    So let’s start again, and look at what we are able to trade. We can’t trade maxiell, rip or kwame, who has hands like bricks.

    We can trade Prince, dajuan summers, will bynum. That’s it.

    I have no idea what Joe D is gonna do but your scenario is impossible.

  14. KleenGee says:

    Here is a ray of hope (from Langlois’ True Blue):

    “…The expected disappointment of their current plight aside, there’s not the hint of fissure in the locker room, the primary reason players like Stuckey and Hamilton remain optimistic.

    “One thing about this group,” said Stuckey, who said he expects to be in the lineup when the Pistons next play on Tuesday, “we always stick with each other. Even though we’re going through a hard time right now, we’re still with each other and behind each other 110 percent.”

    “We’ve got everybody back,” Hamilton said – and even if Will Bynum remains out with two sprained ankles, he’s expected back before too long, and that counts as positive news on the injury front where this year’s Pistons are concerned. “That’s the most positive thing about the whole situation. We’re going into the new year with everybody on the floor and that’s a great thing.”

  15. #1 pistons fan says:


  16. #1 pistons fan says:


  17. steve says:


  18. #1 pistons fan says:

    who are the free agents?????
    how can we know

  19. max says:

    I can’t describe how terrible this team plays.Rip is not hitting wide open shots (this guy is known as a ‘shooter’).They dont play with any effort,besides Jerebko and Ben…charlie Villanueva is just…omg….he took shots like…he is really,really the worst player right now,he is not passing,defending or rebounding.i mean we had a chance to grab David Lee!Hopefully we don’t get into a Knicks-like situation:They had also all these overpaid players in 06 and no success.

  20. max says:

    And the Bulls had 24 TOs to our 14.But the reason we lose is our shooting:I mean,that this team is not great defensivly is something i’ve known,but we are also a bad offensive team,despite our shooters and Coach Q.
    FG&:Bulls 47.8% Pistons 38.6%.

  21. max says:

    Charlie,if you read this: Don’t get me wrong,but right now your not as good as i remeberd u in a Bucks or Raptors jersey…hope the team understands the frustration of the fans…

  22. obiwan says:

    Pistons are about to make a run

  23. obiwan says:

    man i told you guys back when we had that five game winning steak people where going to be jumping off the band wagon look at em go oh there goes #1 Piston fan….ok max your turn there goes max…oh we got another there goes shawn along with his fantasy basketball trades

  24. Armand says:

    Hopefully 2010 brings some health and some gellin to our team cause we need that more than all these non sence trades that everyone is comin up with, yeah joe d may have spent some more money then he should have on some guys but im sure he will figure it out and make it work, but what we have to know is that its not an overnight thing like some of u may think.

  25. The Fan says:

    Bummer… But groing pains are expected with great change.

  26. shawn says:

    obiwan it could happen If Joe Dumars is smart

    He would trade Rip, Tayshuan, Maxiell & Kwame and our 2011 2nd Round Draft pick for Tracy McGrady another Rocket expiring contract and 2 Future 1st Round Picks

    That way we can dump Tay, Rip, Kwame and Maxiell Contracts and get an expiring 23 Million Dollar contract.

    Guys if we suck this year we suck. We going to have a losing record this year anyways so why not go for the lottery…

    Go after Free Agency and get studs like Amare & Rudy Gay

    We can be in the lottery for the #1 pick and if we get the #1 pick we can draft John Wall. If we get John Wall we should get rid of Stuckey for 2 future 1st round draft picks from someone

    Imagine this starting rotation
    PG – John Wall
    SG – Ben Gordon
    SF – Rudy Gay
    PF – Charlie Villanuava
    C – A’mare Stoudemire


  27. shawn says:

    hmmm well i think it could happen be postive cause we need a big change to happen and joe ddddddd sees it its coming before February i tell u that

  28. Brandt says:

    Hahaha… How many of you clueless idiots have actually played organized basketball for a long duration? Most of you armchair GMs and coaches need to stop talking out of your behinds…

  29. 313Balla says:

    i think joe is gonna do the celtic trade
    rip/tay/stukey for rondo/ray allen

    because ray got an expiring contract and rondo is a better point guard then stuckey which we need

  30. 313Balla says:


    ray or JJ

    with gordon and rondo at the 1 and 2 it will be nice to see them play together lol

  31. Brandt says:

    Three years in a Philippine university… I know, I know… Not anywhere close to American levels of competition, but still more than most idiots talking sh!t… Yet I don’t go around running my mouth demanding this and that be done because I know for sure that this move will solve that problem and that that player will never be back to his former self because of ?? and that this team, with the limited time they have had together, will never amount to anything and that the aforementioned move will have that effect thus making this team sssooooooo much better because the front office is sssooooooo inept that rebuilding this team on the fly is much, much better off in the hands of armchair GMs…

    Confusing isn’t it? Well, so are most of the BS ideas I see floating around here…

  32. Brandt says:

    Simply put… I’m tired of reading baseless, pessimistic stuff that dominate these boards… Have a nice life…

  33. gMac says:

    Maybe you should stop wasting your time reading and post on this shitty place.
    Should make that your new year resolution!

  34. Nolan says:

    I think it’s hilarous that people think stuckey is so great, seriously????? He can’t shoot, can’t make free throws when they count, can’t shoot threes, and isn’t even a real point guard, wow and you wanna trade Rip and Tay, man if they go I’m gonna go on strike being a pistons fan for a long time, but I do agree on Villa how ever you spell his name lol he’s garbage.

  35. N1ck from Croatia says:

    Welcome back to the mid 90’s y’all…

    In this process of rebuilding we’ve done everything wrong…
    Starting with Chauncey trade/Stuckey promotion to be the leader of the new generation…
    CV addition killed us.

    But I still love the Pistons, and always will.
    Even though we suck so much and will do for quite some time….

    And if y’all think a trade will save us, better think again cause Rip & Tay are no longer desirable additions over the league and their game and contracts are nothing short of abysmal…

    And stop counting of this streak.. It’s depressing.

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