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Need4Sheed InterviewTo discuss all things Knicks and Pistons before the two teams tip Tuesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills, I was asked to be a guest on The Knicks Blog radio showThe show will be taped live Monday night at 9:00 pm EST and you can call in at 646-478-5554. Following the show, you can listen to it over at  The Knicks Blog.

I’m sure I can cause a little trouble…Tune in.

I had a great time doing the interview with Anthon, you can listen to the show in its entirety HERE.

14 Responses to "The Knicks Blog Talk Radio and Me"
  1. Ben says:

    Go get em Nat!

  2. The Fluidics says:

    Get ready armchair GM’s, the Reockets released Tracy McGrady today…

    • Amer ican Prince says:

      luckily i dont think joe d will pursue mcgrady and im glad, unless the deal is mcgrady for gordon and maybe one of the reserve bigs, but i don’t really want to see the bigs go without seeing a better big come in

  3. Tycoon says:

    We haven’t seen the team play a few games with healthy starters… I would say ‘hold on’ before we think about it.

  4. Amer ican Prince says:

    sorry natalie i missed it, i was going to call in and show some need4sheed love.

  5. 313Balla says:

    I think the pistons should trade for t-mac because they need to get rid of rips contract and maxiells contract

    and Houston is welling to talk on long term contract but rejected wizards offer of Gilbert .a

  6. 313Balla says:


  7. Amer ican Prince says:

    313Balla we’ve already gave up too much this past season and a half. Chauncey, Dyess, Sheed, etc etc. Now you want to get rid of two more contracts for another defensive liability guy who has to have the ball in his hand or wont be effective? McGrady is a nice name but not a great all around player

  8. steve says:

    its not about t mac its about the money that we will have in the off season, if dumars makes this trade i wont bash him until his next mistake in the draft.. i promise.

  9. junior says:

    i hate to say it but steve might be right, if we get tmac for say rip and a big (maxy wilcox,kwame) then when tmacs 23 million is off the books next year we will have tons of cap space to sign maybe a big name (bosh,amare,wade,lebrick,etc.) i hate to give up rip but hes not getting any younger and the longer we wait the more his trade value goes down. but whatever we do or dont do i will be behind it all the way. GO PISTONS

  10. 313Balla says:

    da onli reason said dis is becuase his 23 million contract comes off the books next year and den we can sign him again if he plays gud
    and he doesnt care about money to

    trade tay or rip plus maxiell for t-mac

    cuz t-mac will play gud for us in sf if they trade prince
    and he can just be a starting sg for a year if dey trade rip for him

  11. steve says:

    lol 313 baller time to take english class again.

  12. 313Balla says:

    lol your funny umm i talk like that because i dont feel like typing that shit all the way and i use slang words allot .

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