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Need4Sheed PodcastOur good friends Bennie and Jeff are back with a Top 5 list.

Top 5 things noticed in the Pistons win streak and what they could mean for the future of the team. This is a good one!

Jeff also addresses his C+ grade on Rodney Stuckey the week after he gets EC player of the week.

Remember that I  added a poll in the left sidebar of the site for your Pistons Player of the week, Stuckey was your choice last week. Who will it be this week?

Don’t forget leave Bennie and Jeff your thoughts in the comments. They are waiting to hear what Team Need4Sheed has to say.


Team Need4Sheed Podcast #30 – Top 5 things noticed in the Pistons win Streak

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10 Responses to "Team Need4Sheed Podcast –"
  1. zkranc says:

    Natelie I urge you to make a Chucky toon, he deserves it, BIG TIME!
    nice podcast, though

  2. rban says:

    You guys are caught up to much in positions, Rodney is a combo guard he can play the 1 or 2 and guard the 1,2,3, all great teams dont have the pass first PG, and we dont need one, Chauncey wasnt really one.

  3. Bennie says:

    rban- I don’t know about you, but I think Chauncey was the first complete shooting guard turned point guard. I look at Chauncey and to me he is top 5 point guard in the league. I have not seen a shooting guard turned point as successful as Chauncey. he completely controls tempo and makes people better by helping them find their shots. That is something that other shooting guard who turned point never learned to do i.e Starbury, Steve Francis, A.I. I think when you look at Chauncey you see point guard now and if you look back 6 years ago you saw shooting guard who really was not a point. What do you guys think?

  4. DEL says:

    Bennie you are right, but I am affraid that Stuckey won’t change like Billups…

  5. HIME1 says:

    Go! Pistons!I think Stuckey is a good point gaurd, but I think for hime to reach his potential he needs to stop eliminating his options. he doing pretty good right now ,but He still needs to see who he has open when he takes it to the hoop. He pull some help defense nearly everytime so some one is open. He should look at who hes gonna free up incase the shot isnt there. Go! Pistons!

  6. Normal2 says:

    Just because you bring the ball up the court doesn’t make you a point guard. Stucky is just a baller. He plays offence at the 1,2, and 3 and he plays defense at the 1,2, and 3. You guys have to understand that coach Q’s offence doesn’t require a real point guard. It requires ball movement, no matter who is on the floor. Now in Flip Saunders offence, the point guard dominates the ball and make the majority of the plays. That is what Gilbert is having a hard time doing. All I hear is we need a good point guard but I never hear about the point guard we should get. Maybe we will be better off with a ‘real’ point guard, but who knows. Let everyone get healthy first, play 20 games in a row healthy, then play GM. Right now I personally think there is two many guys out. But that’s just me.

  7. oracle says:

    your joke about pissing off stuckey into playing well was stupid. he was playing well before the podcast, and you just didn’t notice. then when he kept it up, you jokingly take credit because you can’t admit you were wrong about him.

    not funny, and not insightful.

  8. Sleepy Crayfish says:

    Stuckey has been playing well, but I think his limited PG skills are going to make him disposable in the end. He looked far better playing the 2 alongside Chucky than he ever did running the point. He could make a great trade chip in a season or two, especially if we do wind up being a lottery team this year.

    How do you guys think these Pistons are going to react when Ben Wallace actually does retire? Are they going to keep playing strong defense? Or do we need to start focusing on finding a young replacement for Big Ben?

    • Normal2 says:

      Stuckey is Joe Dumars makeup piece for Darko. You can forget about him being traded anytime in the near future. I’m just throwing that out there:)

  9. Sleepy Crayfish says:

    Yeah. I guess you’re right…

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