The Pistons vs. The Nuggets

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The 9-12 Pistons are back home to play Chauncey Billups and his 16-6 Denver Nuggets. Chauncey is doing wonders with the Nuggets, but one thing we hope he doesn’t change is their record in Detroit. The Nuggets haven’t won at The Palace of Auburn Hills since March 10, 1995.

That’s a record The Pistons would love to keep.

“Detroit won both meetings with Denver last season, perhaps in part because Anthony didn’t play in either. Anthony, leading the league with 29.8 points per game this season, has been held to an average of 15.4 points and 35.4 percent shooting in five career games at The Palace.” Via

Nothing official yet on Tayshaun Prince returning to the floor. or how healthy Ben Gordon or Will Bynum are to play tonight but Rip anticipates his return on January 1st.

The Scouting Report via
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Tip is at 7:30 pm EST and will be televised on Fox Sports Detroit. For the radio broadcast tune into 97.1 The Ticket or follow the action on

Plenty of Love for Chauncey in the house tonight, that I know you can bet on.


17 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Nuggets"
  1. pistons fan says:

    on they said that rip would be out just two games but now its january first you got to be kidding me rip must be traded. t mac baby

  2. DEL says:

    do not trade Rip. never!

    BYNUM out tonight. AAAAAAAA that’s reaaly baaaad

  3. sam i am says:

    what is up with all these damn ankle injuries

  4. Jaz says:

    lovin’ Big Ben tonight!!

  5. The Fan says:


  6. Tycoon says:

    This win is more than impressive.

  7. oracle says:

    hell. yes.

  8. oracle says:

    oh, lets see those two podcasters blast Stuckey on this one!

  9. janov says:

    i want pistons to go to playoffs because it is my team since 2004 NBA champion gooldluck

  10. janov says:

    do not trade RIP because he is my ido!1

  11. janov says:

    do not trde hamilton like what you did to billups you made a mistake on trading billups so never do it again!!

  12. JayR says:

    yea, Rip shoudn’t be traded. we need rip. gud game 2nite. imagine us at full strenght

  13. James says:

    How good are we looking for when we are full strength!!
    CV31, Stuckey, Big Ben, JJ, Summers, and Coach Q were huge for us tonight!!!

  14. sam i am says:

    if this team was healthy all season all long, then we could easilyyyy be with miami for the 5th seed ( miami’s record right now is like 11-9? , correct me if im wrong)

  15. Dhrumil says:

    pistons fan, your a joke, rip should be traded because he’s hurt??? TMACS BEEN HURT FOR 1205720402040284 YEARS! He hasn’t played a game in soooooo long. but man, imagine this piston team at full strength, we can pull out the number 4-5 seed. I agree with you sAM I AM.

  16. The Fluidics says:

    That was the best game I’ve been to since the 08 playoffs. Crowd was a blast, Pistons were killin em, can’t ask for much more.

  17. janov says:

    yeah right that game was amazing we can’t ask for more!!

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