Will Bynum with DUNKs of the Year!

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Five foot nothing Will “The Thrill” Bynum, put more thunder in the Palace than I can remember in quite some time. The first one brought the house down and the second one that started with a block, just added Will to legendary status.

You got DUNKED on Tyson Chandler!

If the dunk wasn’t good enough, the reaction from George Blaha makes it even better. You also have to appreciate the bench’s reaction and Will’s when he saw the replay on Palace Vision.

How many more times can you scream BYNUMITE? Will is making it almost mandatory at this point.

Thanks Will!

57 Responses to "Will Bynum with DUNKs of the Year!"
  1. Bobby says:

    I smell a sixth man nomination

    • I’m hoping I smell Starting Point Guard!

    • Richie says:

      I prefer him at 6th man of the year. I love Will off the bench. Rodeny is solid, and Will is such a spark plug. I think it’s fair to say that he’s teh best back up PG in the league. He’s reminding more each game of a more athletic Lindsey Hunter, and I love it!

  2. Dave says:

    What a beast!

    Great throw-downs by the REAL Bynum.

  3. KleenGee says:

    5 foot something over Tyson Chandler. Bynumite!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Sable says:

    Natalie, if you get a chance to speak to Joey D, verify that he’ll do all in his power to keep Bynum a Piston! 😉

  5. Eric B says:

    OMG BYNUM, Dunk of the YEAR!

  6. adam says:

    Purely orgasmic.. nothing else to it

  7. I think I watched it 30 times already.

  8. Christopher says:

    “Are you still watching that video??” My wife asks. Yep, and I’m not done

  9. Jan Scholl says:

    Local news in Flint said his dunk should be play of the day on ESPN. I am watching Nash, so won’t see Sportscenter until the late morning.

  10. JGeorge says:

    I wanna DUNK like WILL”The THRILL”BYNUM!!!!!!

  11. Eric says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the “Bynumite” thing, but the least we can do is try to spell it consistently. I saw it spelled “Bymumite” sometime last week, and in this post it’s spelled “Bynumute.”

  12. DLeagueDaily says:

    datta boy will. We’ll miss you in the D-League

  13. Wow-I really hope the NBA takes notice and gets this dude in the Dunk Contest…like the new comments format Nat.

  14. BYNUMITE!!!! He is super awesome!! I can’t believe he did both of those dunks tonight. He smashed Tyson Chandler’s grill in LOL!!

  15. Josh says:

    My man THRILL!!!!

  16. JZack says:

    Bring THRILL to the “LeBron James’ Dunk Contest” in Dallas!

    and Little Ben in the All-Star game. 🙂

  17. ben says:

    okay sorry but dunk contest?? he cuffed the ball he didnt palm it.. they were great dunks dont get me wrong amazing.. but he couldnt do that much in a dunk contest

    • Ryan says:

      Couldn’t do that much in a dunk contest? Are you kidding me?

      At open practice, Will was doing highlight dunks that would’ve blown anybody else out of the water. You have no idea what you’re talking about saying that Will couldn’t do much in a dunk contest. This was in the middle of a game. You obviously haven’t seen what he can do when it’s just him and the ball.

  18. Ozzy Ken says:

    Incredible!!! Simply amazing!!!

  19. James says:

    Those dunks should be illegal. That is nasty!!!!!!!!!!

    Nat, please…Stuckey is the starting point guard for good. ‘the thrill’ is simply the best backup point guard in the league and that’s the way it should be. We need his energy!

    Are you doing a write up for the game?

  20. Ouch! Can I hear a “Chandler got pwn3d!” and an AMEN while you’re at it?

    So, in sum:

    Maxxi is Master Yo-Dunk!!
    Bynumite is Obi Dunk Kenobi!!

    We need CV31 to become Mace WinDunk BABY!!!!!!

  21. Ryan says:

    Those plays were incredible! I’m glad Will’s on the OUR side. 😉

  22. Rai says:

    first the block from maxiell, then the dunk from bynum.

    THE PISTONS must be top on Tyson Chandler’s teams-I-don’t-want-to-play-against list… lol!

  23. JoannePistonFan says:

    I could watch that video all day!!!! LOVE IT.

    Eric–Nat coined “Bynumite,” so it’s safe to assume she made a simple typo, which is understandable cuz she was at the game all night, repping the D and losing her voice. 🙂

  24. Josh says:

    Ben, ben, ben…You obviously haven’t seen what our BYNUMITE is capable of …let me direct your attention to YOUTUBE …Quote of the day…”it is better to keep your mouth closed and let others assume you are a fool than to open your mouth and leave them without a doubt”

  25. Drew says:

    Will can keep striving for 6th man of the year or Most Improved Player, although I think Channing Frye might be the front-runner for MIP right now.

  26. rban says:

    Will is awesome off the bench, but he shold stay in that role… He’s pesky on D but not big enough to start along side BG right now.

    It seems like Stuckey is guarding the opposing 2guard while BG handles the PG…. with starting Bynum we sould have BG guarding the other teams 2man, which doesn;t bold well…

    I like Stuck as the starter and the thrill off the bench

    • Drew says:

      Agreed ^ totally. Why start him when he’s so effective off the bench? Plus, a starting lineup of Bynum and Gordon is way too small: they’d get killed on D.

  27. Josh says:

    I don’t care how they play him as long as he’s playing. Starting is overrated. So long as he’s not complaining it’s not an issue for me.

  28. amol says:

    Lets’s hope Will won’t be suspended for not obeying the law of gravity 🙂

  29. junior says:

    nat how can read the replies to other peoples comment? they are underneath the original comment and i cant get them to pop up so i can read them. am i just not doing something right? please help me with this ive asked a couple of time s now. ty. go pistons

  30. Jake says:

    LOL im with ya nat ive watched it bout 30 times myself GO PISTONS!

  31. Ozzy Ken says:

    I still can’t stop watching it!! Simply incredible!!

  32. 2005 Spurs in 7 says:

    Very nice dunk, but a complete afterthought following Wade’s destruction of sideshow bob in the heat/cavs game.

  33. AC Unit says:

    Have to be two of the best dunks of the year … Will Bynum on T. Chandler and D Wade on Sideshow Bob …. I mean Andersen Varejao. Go Pistons! Bluuuue, red and white!

  34. marquites says:

    my uncle a straight beast

  35. Kings fan says:

    WoW!!! i am from israel and will was playing for our best team in israel 2 years ago…
    we were stupid enough to let him go! big big mistake

  36. kendaman 93 says:

    man he aint even all dat i mean i love da pistons….. an dnt get me wrong he kan throw dat mug down but da best thing that ever happen to the pistons was the fave…five chauncey,prince,r.wallace,b.wallace, an hamilton….

  37. JohnMark says:

    I prefer him at 6th man of the year. I love Will off the bench. Rodeny is solid, and Will is such a spark plug. I think it’s fair to say that he’s teh best back up PG in the league. He’s reminding more each game of a more athletic Lindsey Hunter, and I love it!

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