The Pistons vs. The Sixers

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Te 2-4 Detroit Pistons take on The 3-2 Sixers for an early afternoon game at the Palace of Auburn Hills.  As you know by the numbers, this is the Pistons worst start to a season in quite some time and the fact that they will now be without Tayshaun for what could be a long time,  makes things that much worse for Detroit.  The Pistons have dropped four of its first six for the first time since 2000-01. That start is due in large part to injuries to Hamilton, who’s status is still up in the air and Prince who’s back injury was much worse than expected.

I care not to remember the Pistons 4-12 record on Sunday’s from last season.  A win tomorrow without Rip and Tay on Sunday would do wonders for Detroit.

Tip off is at 1:00 PM and will televised on Fox Sports.  If you can’t catch the matinee on TV, listen live on 950 AM WWJ or follow the game over at

15 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Sixers"
  1. N1ck from Croatia says:

    Even though our record is 2-4 I strongly believe in this team.
    The guys are giving their heart on the court and that’s why I’m proud of them. If some of ya expected wonders this season get a life. It’s time to stay behind your team even in the hard times. We’ve been used to some great stuff during the last few years… But rebuilding takes time… And some hard decisions are to be made in the process… That’s how it works.
    But nevertheless i believe we’re capable to reach playoffs this year. And I love to see Ben, Charlie, JJ and Austin out there. A special support to CV31 who’s had a bit of a rocky start but i believe in him. Give those guys some time. We’re young & a good future is ahead of us.
    With more improvement offcourse… 😉
    Hopefully Tay & Rip will be able to play soon.

    Go Pistons! Beat 76ers!

  2. AL says:

    Get well soon tay. Hope rip plays today, i think stuckey is taking too many shots because of rip not being there, he is getting into to much 1 on 1 basketball. Hey Natalie, ur boy AI is causing problems in memphis. lol had to leave team due to personal issues (plzzzzz) the guy is turning into a real fraud.

  3. sam i am says:

    well some more bad news. according to they asked rip on when he will return and he told them after orlando’s game that he isnt even close to returning.

  4. Amer ican Prince says:

    hey guys is having a chat thing going with someone named Ryan Pretzer if anyone is interested

  5. mark says:

    Go pistons

  6. Adam B says:

    Pistons looked good although I wasn’t too pleased with them giving up the lead temporarily in the 4th. Jerebko and Daye looked solid. I loved Bynum’s triple 8 and Big Ben’s monsterous 16 boards, 3 steals and 3 blocks…Beastly!

  7. Zachatollah says:

    I read this as “Pistons vs. The Sharks” and thought that Brian Spaeth took over your blog for a second. Then I remembered that I’m tired and cannot read or write.

  8. Greg says:

    for anyone who thinks the Pistons lack D, look at the team stats, Detroit has the lowest opponent field goal percentage in the league

  9. mobius909 says:

    just watched the highlights… they failed to mention ben wallace had 16 boards. that’s amazing.

  10. Bee says:

    Hey does anyone know how I can get a copy of that new Pistons poster that says the two Bens as a wallpaper? That’s a great promotional idea.

  11. obiwan says:

    all i can say we would have been 4-2 with rip in the lineup…i told everybody that this team was gonna turn some heads…they been in all their games and their guards can shoot the lights they just need some inside scoring…man too bad we cant get stoudamire suns are killing this year….lions suck stafford blows man he blows 5ino’s!!!!!

  12. obiwan says:

    i know you guys dont like a.i but man that guy is stupid…he could easily man up come off the bench for the lakers,boston,or orlando and possibly get a ring but man the guy dont think

  13. NYPistonsfan says:

    Re: the latest AI news…The funny thing is the legions of fans on the message boards that are still defending him!

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