Detroit Pistons December 2009 Schedule Wallpaper

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Download the Detroit Pistons December 2009 Schedule Wallpaper featuring Ben Wallace.

Download the Wallpapers here and throughout the month of December by clicking on the rotating image display at the top of the page below the menu bar.

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18 Responses to "Detroit Pistons December 2009 Schedule Wallpaper"
  1. Damien W. says:

    OMG I love this wallpaper! *Instantly sets*

  2. Tom says:

    Nicely done Nat! The man deserves every month at this point.

  3. Ronnie D. says:

    Anyway we can get an 1920*1080 size?

  4. ski dp3 says:

    Very nice! He deserves it. Thanks for the 1280

  5. James says:

    Awesome work Nat, you’re a legend!

  6. The Fan says:

    Anybody know why Rip Hamilton doesn’t show up to the Pistons games or am I just not seeing him?

  7. pistonsfan32 says:

    THE FAN… i was wondering the same thing so i asked one of the ppl who work at the palace and they said that he is in the locker room receiving treatments during the game.

    i still think as team captain, he should be on the bench cheering on his team though

  8. The Duke says:

    Treatments on his ankle? Why? He’s not even playing.

  9. Rai says:

    We might be playing Iverson after all. Philly gave him a 1 year deal

  10. Wade says:


  11. Diogenes says:

    That’s what I’m talking about! My favorite Basketball player ever! I named my son in 2005 Ben – partially after Ben Wallace. He rose from the ashes like a Phoenix, undrafted, and became a four time all star – why? DEFENSE Baby! Who else has done that? He has at least two to three years left to play strong minutes.

  12. kau says:

    i am a pistons fan too
    i like your website
    it’s awesome

    The Wallpaper is very pretty
    but can u have 1440X900

  13. Katie says:

    Love it but the schedule is wrong – thanks!

  14. leo tolliver says:

    i love myself im from jackson michigan//

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