The Pistons vs. The Magic

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The 1-2 Pistons look to put an end to their two game slide with a win of the 2-0 Magic tonight in Auburn Hills.  They have three important things going against them tonight.

  • No Rip
  • Dwight Howard
  • and Sheed (Dwight Stopper) is balling for Bean Town.

“The Pistons probably will be without Hamilton the next two games — definitely tonight’s home contest against the Magic and likely Wednesday’s game at Toronto.

Hamilton hurt his ankle with 5 minutes left in the season opener at Memphis on Wednesday. An initial X-ray proved negative. The Pistons took another X-ray as a precaution when he returned to Detroit, and it also was negative. Still, there was significant swelling and bruising, and Hamilton was placed in a walking boot because he could hardly put any pressure on the ankle. ”

“Howard is going to get his, so you just got to keep throwing bodies at him,” Pistons center Kwame Brown said. “You just keep having enough big buys to throw at him and foul him in certain situations and send him to the free-throw line.”

Via The Detroit Free Press

The Magic be without Vince Carter (ankle) and Mickael Pietrus (flu-like illness) as well as Rashard Lewis (suspension)

Tip off is at 7:30 at the palace and will locally broadcast on Fox Sports and while your watch use the NBA’s TV Companion. If you can’t watch the game on television, tune into my buddy Matt Dery on the radio at 950 AM WWJ. Can’t do either follow live over at

35 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Magic"
  1. Martin says:

    I say if we had Rip tonight, we would’ve had a chance to win as they dont have VC Pietrus or Rashard Lewis. But you never know, we might have a chance since we have our new Big Shot Gordon!

  2. Martin says:

    Ben Gordon should be called the new Mr. Big Shot

  3. Derek says:

    tayshaun and rip wont be playing tonite..but vince will be playing for the magic…pistons bench gotta step up big time!!!

  4. Amer ican Prince says:

    Tayshaun not playing? oh shoot. His consecutive games played steak is over? that sucks.

  5. ben says:

    damn do i miss hearing ball dont lie after those two misses by superman

  6. Amer ican Prince says:

    I miss seeing ball movement from our guards.

    But on the positive Ben Wallace is playing great D on Dwight Howard

  7. Amer ican Prince says:

    Jonas Jerebko is actually doing a good job defending vince carter i must say im pleasantly surprised with him so far

  8. DEL says:

    i really don’t like watching Jonas…he is maybe anxious or something, but he hesitates sooooo long

  9. Damien W. says:

    Poor Iron Man Prince; his streak was snapped, but by the way things are going so far, I’m happy. (60-60. Howard with an offensive foul as I type this)

  10. adam says:

    6:51 4th quarter. this is when we need rip. hopefully ben can pull out the shots for the end of this period. we have played pretty well. defense is actually pretty good. If we pull out the w, it will make my week.
    p.s. charlie pull it out mate

  11. The Fan says:


  12. The Fan says:

    We Own Orlando!!!

  13. Kyle C. says:

    Where was Tayshaun this game??
    glad to see a win with a shorthanded team. BG, Stuck and Will really carried this team tonight with over 64 points combined.

  14. Tycoon says:

    The win tonight only shows that we’re still the same team as last year SO FAR that we tend to win big games to contenders but lose to less caliber teams like Thunder and Bucks. But still, things will get better this time.

    • Richie says:

      Not at all. The win against this team and loss against the otehr teams has many other factors. You have to consider who missed this game for Orlando and the kind of heroics that went into this game for Detroit. Consider the uncanny emergence of Jennings for the Bucks and timely shooting of OKC. This is a different Pistons team that is still progressing. The Thunder just took L.A. into overtime and had a shot at forcing a double overtime. They are becoming a legit team with a lot of young talent.

  15. The Fan says:

    NAT why does our record say 1-3 on the schedule?

  16. ski dp3 says:


  17. Amer ican Prince says:

    I have to nitpick this one thing. NO jason maxiell? *head spins* With that being said props to the bigs for limiting Dwight Howard. I guess that pic of Superman vs Bynumite was rather prophetic

    I still want more teamwork and ball movement but there is no way i can not mention Will Bynum. Give him a lot of love to him from coming back. And we had a Chucky atkins sighting early yay.

    Big Ben is a beast and i love his fire and passion. Its really refreshing to see players get excited aftera big play.

  18. KleenGee says:

    Awesome team play tonight. Stuckey and Bynum got some pretty good chemistry. Bargain Ben Wallace is awesome.

  19. tau says:

    only 8 ast, is that right???

  20. Doran says:

    My Analysis (Again):

    Well a much better game played then the last game. Their was plenty of reasons why we won this game, but the biggest one is Defense, especially by our big men. A much different game played by our big men. They played much better all around getting offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds. I really tip my hat off to ben.w and kwame.

    Next, third quarter, FINALLY!, we didn’t get beat. We played consistent throughout the whole game and that is key. The reason why we lost the other games is because of the inconsistency to play in all quarters.

    Now the obvious, Will Bynum, is the man. He hit shots to keep us in the game. He really stepped it up along with Gordon. Stuckey also played really good and was moving the ball around, something he didn’t do last game. Charlie also stepped it up, playing much better then last game also. Jonas Jerebko is a work horse…. He brings energy to the game and gets everyone going.

    Overall, I think the pistons motto from now on should be “Consistence”. (Something we lacked greatly last year). If we stay consistent with our games, and play night in night out hard and well, like Detroit is known to play, we will win well over 40 games this year. If everyone does their job, we will have a successful season. What ya guys think?

  21. mark says:

    I agree competely with doran

  22. ben says:

    im feeling we trade maxiell this year.. maybe even him and rip in a package deal

    • Richie says:

      I’m feeling we STOP THE TRADE TALKS. They are obnoxious at best and usually spoken with a great deal of ignorance. Let Joe do his job, and let’s talk about what he does, not what we think he should do.

  23. MOTOWN313 says:

    i think dumars is planning to package maxiell and tay together neither of them played today and tay has played thru pain b4 so idk mite b jumping to conclusions

  24. MOTOWN313 says:

    trading rip is a horrible idea by the way

  25. doran says:

    well how about we chill a little on the trade talks. if we play the way we did night in night out, with consistency,

    why fix something that isnt broke????

    everyone!! have some patience, lets see if the team right now can get it done. and before the trade deadline, if this squad isnt getting it done, then we talk about trades. but right now, its not broken….. yet

  26. doran says:

    wwho thinks natalie should give me rights to make posts on need4sheed on pre/post game analysis???!! haha vote4doran!!!

  27. DetroitBasketballllllll says:

    well this team isnt a championship team with our current roster thats not saying we’re not good but the elite teams in the nba are very good this year so u gotta talk about trades if you want to win the championship

  28. doran says:

    no, in general were not a championship team no matter who you bring.

    when we traded for rasheed, we were ready to be a championship team. we just needed that extra push, and rasheed was that push. You cant just trade for people and think your automatically put into a championship

    Now…. we are not ready for a championship no matter who you trade for. so stick with what we got and develop.

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