The Pistons vs. The Mavericks

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The 3-1 Pistons take on the 2-1 Mavericks tonight in Dallas.  Another non televised game for us, but those lucky enough to have HDNet or NBATV can catch a glimpse of the Pistons.  Tip is at 8:30 and you can catch it on 950 AM or stream it live through

It looks like Tayshaun will likely sit out with his toe injury and we probably shouldn’t expect to see Mr. Villanueva on court until Saturday’s game against Memphis.

22 Responses to "The Pistons vs. The Mavericks"
  1. junior says:

    man i am really sick of us not being on tv.

  2. sam i am says:

    i’m lucky to have NBATV hehe

  3. Drew says:

    Or radio 🙁

  4. junior says:

    its on 950 am but my work computer wont let me receive badwidth or video streaming

  5. S.J. says:


    Don’t complain!! At least all of you are form the States.. I’m from South America and a huge fan from the Pistons and is hard becouse there is no channel here who broadcast Pistons games.. al about the Spurs for the fucking ginobili or Scola’s Rockets..

  6. sam i am says:

    im sorry but our defense is looking ridicluos. (1st Quater)

  7. Amer ican Prince says:

    im watching the game right now and Oh My God Rip pulled a drew gooden. You guys are going to be shocked when you see it

  8. Amer ican Prince says:

    oh and just want to say I’m freaking loving Chris Wilcox, he had a putback jam of a Stuckey miss in the third that mad me smile

  9. sam i am says:

    well i know its a pre-season game but we played BAD.

    very sloppy, one-on-one offense.
    and a pathetic defensive performance.

  10. Amber says:

    Haven’t you heard? We don’t play defense anymore.

  11. TheAnswer says:

    Watched the game on Tv. Saw a few things that i liked, but it was a sad game. Luckily we wont be playing more than…one rookie at a time in regular season. And hopefully not very often.

  12. adam says:

    This game was epitome of crud. All this talk about defense, kuester was ‘focusing’ on this; really showed today didn’t it aha. Pretty much everyone played a bad game, with a couple of rare decent plays. We could not defend key players, low shooting percentages and was generally a sloppy game. It would be alright if we were offensively orientated, IF we were efficient and could hold our own. We definitely need to improve. Hopefully we can pull it out, and ben can whip everyone into shape. Disheartened piston fan 🙁

  13. Amer ican Prince says:

    well you can’t have a great defensive team with a run and gun style. You don’t get the other team worrying about defending and they get to put more effort on their offensive end, which makes it harder for our defense to set. This a rookie move by a rookie coach but hey let’s see if this is just cause the team is not in sync right now or what

  14. Dave 3PO says:

    Prince hasn’t missed a regular season game in years and he sat this one out with a cut on his toe, CV hasn’t been playing because his hamstring is sore.
    There’s no trends or patterns of playing to take from this game except how individuals (particularly the rookies) played. No reason to complain about crud, poor D, etc. No Ben Wallace, and without their two starting forwards. Let’s all take a chill pill and enjoy the way Kwame’s seems improved and could be earning regular double-doubles, the way Jerebko seems like an impressive energy 4 to keep with Bynum’s energy at the 1.

    There’s good news here. And bad news can be pawned off on lack of starters/pre-season antics…

  15. Shawn says:

    It was my first chance to watch them this season, and boy, oh, boy do they have a LOTTT of work to do!!! The main thing they need to do is develop chemistry on offense, because it looked like i was watching a recreational pickup game most of the the time

  16. pisto4 life says:

    Dallas just shot lights out in this game. I swear every shot they took in the 3rd they made. It’s just pre-season and Dallas starters logged a lot of minutes while Detroit played a lot of bench and rookies.

    Remember when the Lions won all their pre-season games and then continued on to 0-16. Pre-season means nothing!!

  17. The Fan says:

    Indeed. pisto4 is right. We were playing our rookies way more than Dallas was and we are trying new player combinations right now. It was miserable to watch I’ll agree but this game was by no means any inclination into how the Pistons team is going to play come regular season.

    Also, Dallas has been playing with the same core set for some time now so they had that going for them where our guys are just getting used to each other. Oh and by the way. Dallas is going to do the same thing they do every year. Fill their city with hope and then let them down in the Playoffs.


  18. Amer ican Prince says:

    wow South America. We got fans from all over, but now I’m jealous of you because you get to watch Dyess all the time. But there are sites you can watch the game online if you can find them

  19. RVN says:

    well since it was ur first chance to watch them… u didnt get to see their first 3 wins. their chemistry seemed fine.

  20. pistons 4 life says:

    Agreed. Dallas loosing to the Warriors in 6 games is close to the best playoff series I’ve ever watched. It all comes down to Dirk being soft when it really matters. What’s up with that guys hair? I thought he shaved in every summer and grew it out during the year. He must hang out with Mike Miller in the off season. 🙂

    The Pistons will be fine. They’re going to have nights when they look bad, every team does. And CV hasn’t even played a game yet. Him getting points in the paint will even things up a little more.

  21. Amer ican Prince says:

    you think our defense will improve when CV comes back?

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