5 Responses to "Southwest Division NBA Previews"
  1. Amer ican Prince says:

    it honestly blows my mind how little Dyess is being talked about. It seems like only time i hear anyone mention him is when they are listing what changes have been made to the team. I’m literally like “do you not realize the gem you just got on your team?” Everyone keeps talking about Sheed to Boston but I cannot belive how people are not noticing what Dyess is going to do for that team, or at least not talking about it

  2. Michael says:

    We’ll talk about McDyess a lot more in the season preview package we put out on Project Spurs prior to opening night. It’s just hard to gauge what McDyess will do for the Spurs, especially since we haven’t seen much of him in preseason yet. From what I have seen, he seems to already have a good grasp of the Spurs offense. I’m hoping he’ll make us talk about him a lot more,

  3. obiwan says:

    unlike ban wagon jumpers like nat i think this team will go to the ecf this team is deep and charlie v will have a career year averging 20ppg ben gordon will also have a career year as well…. i think boston is old and old news no reason to worry about those guys…doesnt sound like people r real fans when they say things like ….they will be fun 2 watch lol 50-32

  4. obiwan says:

    y r we talking about dyess he claims he’s loyal but when things got rough he jumped ship like rasheeda

  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    Yeah that’s understandable I guess you haven’t really seen much of him. But i’m looking at national media too, and no one really talks about McDyess like they do Sheed and it shocks me. Dyess is so versatile and I guess it’ll come with time. I mean Dyess is like 34/35 something like that and he actually put up a 21 point 22 rebound game last year and he averaged nearly a double double in points and rebounds. Trust me you are going to love that guy. As Natalie always says Ice 4 Dyess.

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