Pistons beat The Bucks

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The Pistons 113-104 victory last night over the Bucks last night at the Palace was a little interesting.  Not only does the box score show you Gordon, Stuckey and Bynum had great games but the recap at NBA.com show that the players need to help out the replacement refs.

“The replacement referees caused confusion in the first quarter. Ersan Ilyasova was fouled while shooting a jumper and awarded two free throws. During the next timeout, more than 90 seconds later, the officials decided he had been taking a 3-pointer, and gave him another shot.

He made it, but Prince pointed out that the error was only correctable within 24 seconds, so the point was taken away from Milwaukee.”   Via Dave Hogg at NBA.com

More from the Free Press on the issues with Replacement refs.

“The refs called a whopping 19 fouls in the first quarter — including 12 on the Pistons. The two teams combined for 68 fouls in the game. Add those to the 59 that were called in Monday’s exhibition opener and it’s apparent these guys have quick whistles.

For the second game in a row, a Pistons rookie was ejected during the waning minutes of the game. Austin Daye got tangled with former Piston Carlos Delfino when Delfino appeared to hit Daye in the chest. Daye swung his arms and the officials tossed both. Fellow rookie Jonas Jerebko was ejected Monday night against the Heat.”

Let’s hope the lockout gets settled soon, you know how we like to get on the officials. Imagine if we have to go into the regular season with the replacements. Heck, I look good in stripes, it may as well be me out there.

Nice Dunk by Gordon who led the way with 24 points.


Thanks to Need4Sheed reader Jay for the video.

Feel free to comment on the game, especially if you happened to be there since it wasn’t televised.

Remember, Jason Maxiell will be at Meijer in Waterford (4200 Highland Road) on Thursday, October 8 from 4:30-5:30 p.m., along with the Year-Round Hoops Truck, where you can get a voucher for a free ticket to a preseason game at The Palace.

And… Open Practice is this Saturday.

47 Responses to "Pistons beat The Bucks"
  1. Mike from the ATL says:

    I said it already, but Gordon’s going to make the All Star team this year. He looks smooth and I see him being our go to guy…sorry Rip, I love ya. Also, love the way they look early but what’s up with Stuckey’s ONE assist in 25+ minutes? That scares me a little. Go Pistons!!

  2. I was highly upset that this game was not televised. I’m glad to see that BG got some points and that Thrill was doing his thing as well. Yea Mike that is a little scary but he also got to show his scoring ability. LOL at the rooks showing that they are not scared of this league. I think that’s the right attitude. I think DaJuan Summers will get tossed out of a game soon but he is going to really cut it up lol.

  3. dave says:

    first: what doesnt tay do?
    second: daye getting that block the other night on wade and tangled up with delfino (who i never liked) – i think im gonna like this kid

  4. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    Nothin’ scary. Look at Will passing to Daye, then a bullet pass inside to Rip, then lil’ backdoor with Gordon going up strong, then alley-oop to Daye again for a dunk! HE IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME for 2 games in a row.23+6! And the last game he was 15+2, very active. No matter if he’s no starter for today, but he will earn it, Kuester will have no choice if Stuck will stuck with 2 assists a game and with Will Pistons run the floor, make good plays like it was last game. And that doesn’t matter if Gordon is not a starter now if he plays like that. I love THE PISTONS now!

  5. Matt says:

    I thought Gordons form on the dunk kind of looked like Maxiell’s form.

  6. Rai says:

    I guess Stuck did not get much assists, because the recap said he played small forward with Bynum and BG playing the back court. Small ball anyone?
    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Nat please post the video of the Daye and Jerebko fights

  7. AL says:

    If the Refs are that stupid, sheed is gonna have them for breakfast, lunch N dinner. david stern is in some trouble right about now. Why would you wanna have 2nd best refs in the best league in the world? This league needs the old refs like dick bavetta, danny crawford, joey crawford(well not really, that balled clown should retire), bob delaney, tony brother etc. now we have clowns who don’t know the rules N players have to be telling them the rules. those refs are just lucky it was Tay and not sheed teaching them the rule, Sheed would have tattooed the rule book to their head (smack) lol

  8. Amer ican Prince says:

    I think I heard Sheed got his first tech as a boston celtic last game.

    Wish this game was televised cause its hard to comment just on boxscores.

  9. zkranc says:

    haha, love what you said about Sheed, he’d eat em up alright

  10. Adrien says:

    Well I went to the game refs were rediculous and I let them know how crap they were a few times… as for the game over the whole I loved our offense still needs work though but wilcox pick and rolls looked good and kwame impressed me big time, boards defensivelly and offencively were 100% better then last season, but the highlight of the game for me was WASHINGTONN!!!!!!!!! This guys if I recall right, drove the lane, got a 3, a huge hustle block and rebound which all had great energy to them I am excited about this guy and can’t wait to see him grow he’s very underated a very cool customer for a rookie in my opinion, anyways great game great passion this season should be a firecracker WERE BACK!!!!

  11. oracle says:

    We all get that Will Bynum can score, but before anyone anoints him the inevitable starter, how about you look at his +/- numbers? He’s been deep in the negative in both games, even though he’s our leading scorer. And don’t say he wasn’t playing with our A-team, because the other team had their backups in too. He still wound up with terrible +/- numbers.

  12. Josh says:

    Like I said in a previous post..can’t we just enjoy the season without creating tension in the team? Will isn’t complaining about coming off the bench so why are we. We have a good looking team/coach this year so lets go with the flow.Everything will happen just as it should.

  13. KleenGee says:


  14. junior says:

    remember bavetta when him and barkley raced at halftime? that was hilarious

  15. junior says:


  16. junior says:

    besides will and gordon on the floor together is very dangerous(for the opposition) they play great together

  17. junior says:

    i think it would be great to have these replacement refs the whole season. beforer you guys say no way and tell me im dumb. think about this…..
    what other team is as deep as the pistons right now? just think whats gonna happen when 60 to 70 fouls are called a game to say the cavs or celtics… lakers. they are not very deep so u r going to have teams sitting there starters and playing nobodys OR keep[ there superstars in the game and have to play with foul trouble. we all know how that works… ui get fouled out or they play very passive. none has 4 guards as good as we got, we can give high pressure and not worry about fouling out!!!! even in our frontcourt you throw in our rooks, and we got ALL 15 players giving us good quality minutes. if my math is correct thats 75 fouls we can get before a single player is fouled out. ANYONE AGREE WITH ME?

  18. Sebastian says:

    thats pretty crazy logic, but…

  19. Colton Keck says:

    Isnt it just the pre season or is it just me

  20. Shawn says:

    WOOOWWWWW i just saw that Jerebko was suspended for a their first regular season game for the incident he got into. That is complete BS since he was on the floor while the whole thing happened and the only reason that they are suspending him for is cause they say he threw his arm at magloire, but that was only to stop magloire from punching him F**K the NBA!

  21. BigR says:

    well, this gordan play sure was spectacular… More of a lay-up though…

  22. Denis says:

    what channel was the game on???

  23. Pistonsfan3 says:

    Sorry for non-Pistons news but what a surprise, Iverson is hurt again.


    He should just retire already! I’m sick of hearing about him!!

  24. junior says:

    uhhhh it wasnt. the media doesnt like us anymore

  25. junior says:

    ya lets see if daye gets suspended too

  26. junior says:

    ya he said he tried to stop on a dime and heard a pop from his leg. guy thinks hes 20 still trying to stop on a dime, ha. those legs are worn out. RETIRE before you make a mockery of you and your career

  27. junior says:

    is the pistons next game vs the hawks going to be on fsn? i dont have to work so i was hoping to watch it. anyone?

  28. tdust says:

    yeah, let Joe D worry about that….Unless it becomes obvious. But its not, so leave stuck at pg.

  29. Jacob says:

    yeah i checked and it says not available so that probably means it’s not on t.v, i couldn’t even find the last two games and i have 900 channels

  30. Drew says:

    It was at an all-star game.

  31. junior says:

    man this sucks, but ty

  32. Tycoon says:

    Bynum might get the starting role somewhere at the middle of the season. BG dunk was great!

  33. Tycoon says:

    maybe afraid to face the Pistons on his first game… Pathetic.

  34. obiwan says:

    hey wheres my boy jamie when he was doggin b gezzy the first game… this guy is a stud 24pts… sorry ripper gotta go wit something new.. so im dumping u like a high school girl who dumps the geek to date the jock….hey nat we know you love rasheeda and i know you have a man crush on ya boi a i but can we get some new cartoons up for cryin out loud

  35. Richie says:

    Dude, don’t get carried away. They’re on the same team and they’re both weapons. They’ll be used based on their productivity agaisn the team they’re playig that night. The team competition will keep them sharp too.

  36. Richie says:

    Anymore? Where have you been?

  37. Brother Curlin says:

    It feels good to see the Pistons winning. When can we see the roster faces on the Home Page?

  38. HIME1 says:

    cant wait for the season to start it looks like these guys wana play and prove something .GO PISTONS!

  39. Casper411Det says:

    I remember watching a bunch of pre season games in the past . Now we only get one on T.V. ?! That’s horse shit. What’s up with that?

  40. Marcell says:

    I saw this clip of McDyess over on the spurs site. He seems to like it there


  41. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    Anyone who’s writin’ 4 espn will tell you that we’re suck and we won’t be in the playoffs, or we’ll reach PO and someone will throw us outta there. Media is no more wit us, ’cause our showman goes to Boston, we have no stars like Bron or Kobe, so it’s not ’bout us – the fans of Dee-troit Basketball – it’s about billions of other people who doesn’t care who’s who, they wanna see MVPs, Howard’s dunks, Wade etc. They wanna see personalities whos names are selling good, u kno what I mean?! Me, I’m Russian. I’m with Detroit since Isaiah, since Joe D played with Laimbeer, Rodman. I came home after work and tried to sleep, then woke up at 5am to watch the game vs Bucks and then go to work. I wasn’t felt good when I didn’t find the game at any source. Imagine that)))
    But I kno, I will wake up next time and will have hope that someone shows it on justin tv or somewhere else…

  42. Ted says:

    Natalie, get those clowns from last year off this site! They are history, and not who we Pistons fans are going to war with this year! It’s time for a change!!

  43. KleenGee says:

    that’s pretty cool to think that while we were watching the Badboys back in 80’s, there was a Piston fan watching them in Russia.

  44. Rashit Flawless (Russia) says:

    Where have u been, when I wrote good things ’bout the team?!)))
    I’m tellin’ you – this is more than a sport, unfortunately it’s a huge biz too. That’s why our games are not televised, like Portland’s or Bobcats’ or whatever. But we can see every game of Boston, for example, cause “they got that swagger” according to espn or nba.com. Ask non-pistons fan what does he think about our chances this year. I’m talkin just about that. If you ask me, I’ll tell you I expect the unexpected, we can go far this year! We will be much better than last year!

    And you, Ted, should have some respect to those who are with the team nomatter what.

  45. pistonsfan101 says:

    Daye, Delfino suspended 1 game

    Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye(notes) and Milwaukee Bucks guard Carlos Delfino(notes) have each been suspended one game without pay for their roles in an altercation during Wednesday night’s preseason game.

    Daye has been suspended for striking Delfino in the face, and Delfino has been suspended for retaliating by swinging at Daye. The incident occurred with 34.1 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter of Detroit’s 113-104 win over Milwaukee.

    Daye and Delfino will serve their suspensions with the first game of the regular season in which they eligible and able to play.

  46. pistons 4 life says:

    Not to play devils advocate here, but maybe so many fouls were called because that’s how many fouls were actually committed. I know that the officials make bad calls, but can we honestly sit here and say that they call all the fouls they see, and that there aren’t players that get calls just because of who they are. These guys may not be up to speed on the NBA game but I guarantee that they have no bias toward or against any player. They also don’t have an ego the size of Texas like guys like Joe Crawford. Officials should do exactly what’s in their job description, call the game the way they see it, and not pick fights with Tim Duncan.

    This is just my opinion so don’t blast me when you read this, but I for one am sick of watching games where you hear the announcers say things like, “I guess that’s just the way they’re calling the game tonight.” Shouldn’t the game be called the same way every night?

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