Detroit Pistons November 2009 Schedule Wallpaper

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We all know the season starts Wed the 28th, but here is your schedule wallpaper for the month of November with the Charlie Villanueva and Ben Gordon representing the D for the very first time.

Download the Wallpapers here and throughout the month of November on the sidebar of the site.

1024×768 | 1280×800 | 1680×1050

Technically the Pistons have three games in the month of October, but  making a special wall for three games just didn’t seem right, so here is the info for you:

  1. Wed 28th @ Memphis 8:00pm FS Detroit
  2. Fri 30th vs Oklahoma City 8:00pm FS Detroit
  3. Sat 31 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm FS Detroit
29 Responses to "Detroit Pistons November 2009 Schedule Wallpaper"
  1. ski dp3 says:

    Awesome! Should add 1280×1024 to the mix 😉

  2. KleenGee says:

    great layout and background to site. Awesome Natalie!!!!!!

  3. husker32 says:

    WOW!! I really love the new makeover!! Great Job! 🙂

  4. Wade says:

    Sweet makeover of the website. I really love how you put Sheed’s face on the top but its kind of faded! Makes the whole thing P E R F E C T!

  5. The Fluidics says:

    I love the new layout 1000 times better than before, the white on blue was really straining my eyes.

  6. KG says:

    NAT awesome job on the new layout! I love it!!!!

  7. Cant take all the credit…my design but a member of Team Need4Sheed is doing all the cool background stuff as im typing this.

  8. obiwan says:

    hey nat boston won and rasheed had 12pts 3rebounds i know you was rockin that green and white..great layout

  9. Serbiaz Piston says:

    I like the new layout Natalie! Great job!

  10. Diogenes says:

    Man this layout looks very nice indeed. I watched Boston and Cleveland tonight and I think Boston is going back to the finals – they are deep and have solid mix of experience and youth. They are very strong in the front court. With Sheed they have a very potent mix. I retract my earlier prediction that the Pistons would beat them in the semi-finals. Lakers and Celtics are hated rivals but Sheed makes it easy for me to choose Boston when it all goes down.

  11. Raph says:

    impressive layout nat! I know were all happy to finally see the toons together… & the faded sheed is a good touch… its like saying thx for the ship but g’bye in a nice way… =D starting the season off right!

  12. Josh K 419 says:

    nice keep up the good work

  13. jj says:

    Is it just me or is something different?

  14. jj says:

    how come ben wallace isnt on the banner?

  15. He will be as well as Wilcox still tweaking the layout.

  16. steve says:

    Cant wait to watch this circus joe d created.. we have no bigs.. kwame brown sucks, wilcox play no d, villanueva is soft and ben is old… trade rip for a big then you will be able to compete.

  17. obiwan says:

    hey steve your an idiot what big do you want for rip…duncan nope…howard nope..zaza…perkins…cant get chandeler he just got traded..u want slow brad bout big z…you want yao…how bout shaq u aint gettin him…in my opinion i think charlie v will be gone b4 rip…i think nat can agree with me on this but i dont think this guy has it to be a detroit player..(1)he dont bang and he dont hustle….(2)He’s to much of a diva he wants to be in the live light all the twitter and stuff is not detroit ball… and we hate that in the d….so dont be suprised if charliev becomes this years bobby sura…hey nat true story my old man went to the milwakkee game last week after the game he sad he talked to blaha and he told my dad that the team might make the playoffs…i was kinda shocked that blaha doesnt think this team is any good,what you think

    • steve says:

      wow whats with the name calling? internet tuff guy?… obviously you are blind and are wearing pistons goggles.. this team sucks.. took 14 yrs to win a title.. will take another 14 to rebuild..detroit isnt a sexy city and espn and abc and the league wants sexy so they will do everything in their power to keep detroit on the decline.. they dont like visiting detroit let along covering this team.. pistons only hope.. #1 draft pick superstar. rip hamilton took iversons side saying the pistons lied about role.. hes already creating waves to be traded. good riddence.

  18. J Dre says:

    I like the new layout. Looks good.

  19. obiwan says:

    you still havent given me a trade that you will get straight up for rip… i mean come on lets talk basketball my dude…. tell me who you would trade and why…i mean u gotta back your point up….i mean if detroits not a sexy pic city then who is….new orleans…portland….okc…san an..philly…utah….we have more championships then 5 out of 6 of these teams, and they have more national telivised games then us….. i dont think none of theses teams r quote un quote sexy i think it depends on who’s watching and apparently detroit fans that jump on and off the band wagon(steve) didnt tune in n e more because the team didnt do that good last year….as far as marketing the pistons were number 4 last year in merchandise sales in the entire league..i mean no were not the best city but when we were winning abc espn was always in town……however i think this team has a little swag with the pick ups of gordon not charlie v …however i agree with you on rip but dont think you can just get a young upcoming player for just rip you would probably have to throw two young players in that mix maybe a stuckey and a maxy like i did in this trade…..i mean if your gonna argue a point explain it and if it make sense i will agree…oh i apologize if i hurt your feeling i forgot people r sensitive

  20. obiwan says:

    aye steve no beef man but if you want a good trade then stoudamire for rip stuckey and maxy would work…i tried it on the trade machine not only did it go through but it raised both teams wins up to 24 just a thought… iwould love this trade because we get a big man who has proven himself in the league that could bang with howard and garnett…then we would have rip and maxy coming off the books giving us a chance in the 2010 free agents so we probably could sign stoudamire back

    • steve says:

      bandwagon? no sir.. i still have my teel grant hill jersey hanging on my wall along with my terry mills autographed basketball on my ledge along with the new paper atricle of back2back championships.. i may be 24 but i been watching the pistons with my dad since i was a toddler “with a picture to prove it” dont drop that word on me.. im just not a homer(obiwan).. and can see passed the bullshit team they try to put infront of you.

  21. Jimmy says:

    The new looks is awesome.Keep it up.This is by far my favorite website for the Detroit Pistons.

  22. obiwan says:

    then you should know basketball then my dude…in my opinion if ben gordon would haved signed in boston or orlando everybody would be goin nuts…so i dont see why people dont think this is a great pick up…to me the ball is in joe d’s hands, he has two legit nba shooting guards and if he wants, he can and probably will trade one of the two….i think this team is loaded with talent seen and unseen and thats what makes this team interesting…last year was a clean up year, i predicted them to get put out in the second round, but they got put out in the first…however i think when things do get a little rough, i think (some) detroit fans arent as loyal as they say they are…when were in first everybody’s happy,when were in last place nobody has faith…..and steve why not be a homer? you stated in your blog that nobody likes detroit (espn,abc) because we arent a sexy city, i mean when have we?…however that should motivate you more to support your city and your state, (since nobody likes us)…thats what make this state so great, were just blue collar…i mean r sports annoncers r legends like ernie and blaha…none of r athletes have never been pretty, they just loved to play the game..we have legendary coaches from bo…to bowman… izzo…and daily…..we have teams that changed the game of sports like the bad boys and the famous fab five who changed the stlye of basketball…yea of course they hate us because they envy that…and man im only 25 i remember goin in the locker room with detroit native terry tyler who played basketball with my dad…i still have my silver detroit away jersey my dad gave to me…with autographs from pistons greats like buda james edwards..and spider john salley and the great bench reserve scott hastings….i have pics of not so great pistons like mark west and olden polyince,big oliver miller,marc maco,john crotty,david wood,rapheal addison (who didnt sign my card because it wasn’t his), otis thorpe..and one timers like joe smith and sean elliot who hated this place..from pistons greats like hill stack and joe and players that got away like houston and bonzi…from draft bust like brian cardinal..obanon rodney white..matten cleaves…pepe sanchez…varda and the one and only darko..and one detroitter that should have got his chance ricky i know my team

  23. pistonsfan101 says:

    Nice layout.. I just think the comment font is a little big.. ..

  24. Stuckey says:

    Anyone have a link to watch tonight’s game online???

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