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  • Chris Bosh is a hero off court for a number of NBA players including Tayshaun Prince and Charlie Villanueva.
  • “Here’s what I don’t like so far: the guard play. I still just don’t see how John Kuester is going to balance this thing out and find the right combinations.” Jamie Samuelsen at the Free Press in his article: Backcourt gives reasons for hope and worry.
  • Jerebko learned to be a “Bad Boy” in Sweden.
  • Kwame Brown is looking good and Stuckey was impressive in Dallas.
  • Another non televised game tonight (Saturday)  in Memphis.  Good news, Charlie Villanueva is slotted to take the court  possibly with the (toe) slightly still  injured Tayshaun Prince .  Bad news, we won’t see it.
  • You will see this from CV-TV.. A great piece on who Charlie is and what he had to overcome to be what he is today.


3 Responses to "Around The Way"
  1. Sebastian says:

    Wow. Great piece on Charlie V. Good thing he’s like 6’10”. Probably makes up for the whole “no hair” thing. But that’s really cool what he does for kids.

  2. Isaiah Parsons says:

    Absolutely incredible piece. I was able to meet Charlie in Dallas this past week and I couldn’t be any more impressed. He has a great heart and an outstanding personality. I just hope pieces like this will be showcased as the Pistons play in Finals in the years ahead.

  3. junior says:

    was gonna say all that but you huys already said it. glad we got someone who doesnt think that they are above anyone cause they are famous. thats what the pistons are about, the community.

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