2009-2010 Detroit Pistons Introductions

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As always, The Detroit Pistons 2009-2010 Detroit Pistons Introductions followed by a very heartfelt dedication to Pistons owner and Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame Bill Davidson.

Ben Wallace with a HUGE ovation and being there I can tell you that he had to have felt the love in the building.  Ben Gordon, who started in place of the injured Richard Hamilton got a nice ovation, but overall I was impressed by the love for Will Bynum….BYNUMITE.

No Sheed, no post intro dance, that I missed.

24 Responses to "2009-2010 Detroit Pistons Introductions"
  1. Avatar brendan says:

    thank you for posting that. a new dawn and a new day for detroit b-ball.

  2. Avatar brendan says:

    happy halloween btw. its a joke seein sheed in green….

  3. Avatar amanda says:

    i miss the post interduction dance! i kept waiting for it … but nothing. miss sheed already!

  4. Avatar Noa Daniely says:

    wow its awesome to see big ben back to the D. I missed his introductions.

  5. Avatar JoannePistonFan says:

    I was surprised Mason didn’t save Big Ben for last so that he could get a longer Palace welcome. I’ll always miss Dyess alerting Rip & Sheed after the anthem finishes so that they could footrace to the bench. 🙁

  6. Avatar pistonsfan101 says:

    I didn’t really LIKE the entrance that much..


  7. Avatar Yasir Saleem says:

    i like this year’s intros.
    great tribute to mr. d and william davidson court!

  8. Avatar Andrei says:

    hopper looks so boss in the pink costume 😉

  9. Avatar Martin says:

    I love Mason’s Introductions but they weren’t as good as prior years! he should have made the bench players introductions exciting as well! GO PISTONS!

  10. Avatar Patrick says:

    Mason is the BEST!

  11. Avatar A says:

    I keep asking myself yyyyyyyyyyyyyy was Rip still in the game. Man o Man but all in all I’m excited about this up coming year.. Oh and this is a WONDERFUL SITE GREAT JOB

  12. Avatar Aljon32 says:

    For new look….. pistons new destination

  13. Avatar Aljon32 says:

    i am A die Hard Fans of detroit pistons from the philippines thanks for this site . this is Great a some…………..

  14. Avatar Onynz says:

    Loved the new look of the site and also the new look detroit crew… its just unfortunate that rip wast able to share the first home introduction with fellow veteran ben wallace… anyways hope for a good year ahead.. go deeetroiit!

    Onynz – also form the philippines

  15. Avatar g 2 da ner says:

    Im a dia hard piston fan too from the plilippines. hope the pistons do well this year.. detroit, lets play some basketball!!!

  16. Avatar Damien W. says:

    Yeah, it seems like the introductions was lackluster and the video doesn’t make my hairs rise like how it did in the 2004 season and in 2005. But I still love Piston introductions, one of a kind. Mason is something else!

  17. Avatar sTig says:

    I miss the piston 1 chachachachauncey b’b’billups!!!! what a terrible decision about trading him last year… That terrible decision ruined this years pistons lineup…

  18. Avatar Paul says:

    Any chance you can get the intros from another game? It seems like this one was all about dedicating the court to Mr. D, which is why the whole tone of everything was down a notch.

  19. Avatar g 2 da ner says:

    nat, i cant play the videos after you put a new look in this site.too bad, i didnt saw the piston introduction. i want to hear big ben’s gong agin in the palace.

  20. Avatar Robbie says:

    intros r sweet – sheed and dyess r gone darnit but its time for a new era.

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