Rip Hamilton and Charlie Villanueva Media Day Interviews

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From the desk of Matt Dery over at 97.1 The Ticket who covered The Pistons Media day on Monday.

Matt asks the questions we want to hear from Rip…are you happy to be back? Iverson…. How unhappy were you last year….Great interview from Matt, Listen UP!

Richard Hamilton Interview

Matt with Charlie Villanueva on Twitter, defense, Detroit, Joe Dumars and more.

8 Responses to "Rip Hamilton and Charlie Villanueva Media Day Interviews"
  1. mannie32 says:

    awesome… thanks for the uploads!

  2. Ronnie D. says:

    I’m sorry but it is very annoying to hear RIP say “you know” so many times.

  3. Ronnie D. says:

    OMG, Charlie V says “you know” just as many times. Annoying!!!!!

  4. tim* says:

    Looks like you gotta update Rip with that wierd mohawk hairstyle.

  5. pistons 4 life says:

    Check out this article about AI trashing Curry and unnamed former teammates.

    I’d expect this kind of stuff from AI anyway, but dang, this makes me hate Curry and the joke that he was even more.

  6. kristyles says:

    how u guys feel on the article by scoop jackson, that ai interview….how detroit lied to him

  7. Sleepy Crayfish says:

    Love CV already.

  8. Aaron says:


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