Chucky Atkins is Back

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Well….sort of.

From our Pistons Insider Matt Dery at 97.1 The Ticket

“97.1 The Ticket has learned that the Pistons are bringing back guard Chucky Atkins. The veteran point man, recently released by Minnesota, will receive a non-guaranteed tryout with Detroit. Atkins has been invited to the team’s training camp, which opens Tuesday”


29 Responses to "Chucky Atkins is Back"
  1. Avatar dave says:

    Rip, Tay, Ben, Chucky and even J-Max need to re-establish what the pistons used to be all about. Those 5 guys can really set a tone for all the youth on the team. Even if Ben and Chucky dont see much time they can make a big impact by setting an example with their work ethic.

  2. Avatar Amer ican Prince says:

    That Chucky picture is hilarious haha. I agree with dave time to get back to that detroit D. Chucky should provide good veteran leadership for the guards, leaving Ben to deal with the young bigs. This is the worst part for me. Right before the season starts it always seems to take so long for the preseason to start.

  3. Avatar J Dre says:

    I hope it works out. Gotta love any player who was around to rock the teal, maroon, and yellow (yes, I truly liked them). He can be our new Lindsey Hunter, coming in and playing solid defensive minutes when foul trouble rears its ugly head. Also- I think he’d make for a good cartoon head. He’s got my vote of confidence.

  4. Avatar Diogenes says:

    Chuck-Chuck-Chucky -Atkinssssssss.

    Man all we need now is Stack and we can really go retro. I know Michael Curry is available as well. I think he was actually coaching somewhere last year. Uncle Cliffy – where you at?

  5. Avatar Yo mama says:

    Atkins sucks…

  6. Avatar Casper411Det says:

    The Chuckster off the high glass scoop and he scores! Blaha is such a dork.

  7. Avatar TeeTs says:

    why not just pick up me? i mean they are throwin money at bums ne way lol

  8. Avatar VenZ RomZ says:

    hey nat , when are you going to change the toons ? when are we going to see it ?

  9. Avatar stephanie says:

    Just a reminder that today is Chauncey’s birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHAUNCEY! WE MISS YOU!

  10. Avatar Richie says:

    Happy B-day, Mr. Big shot!

  11. Avatar Chauncey Billups says:

    you guys.. thank you for the birthday wishes… you know i miss the D! yours, chauncey

  12. Avatar The Fan says:

    Nice another guard. We need those.

  13. Avatar zkranc says:

    am I stupid to believe this is Chauncey…happy birthday Big Shot!

  14. Avatar CRA1G says:

    wow!! if you never believed in things comeing full circle, this is proof.. ben and chucky back the same year!!.. 9 seasons ago they came to us the first time together and set a tone of change with the PISTONS.. lets hope things take off again now like they did then… and as a stones fan im excited about our team we are movein in a good direction.. with the youth, speed and athleticism.. we should be fun to watch and with that we will be growing at the same time..

  15. Avatar Jake says:

    idk if chucky is worth it

  16. Avatar Diogenes says:

    Blaha is a dork and you are very cool – in bizarro world perhaps.

  17. Avatar Amber says:

    I’m very happy about this! Now just get Chaunc and Sheezy back…

  18. Avatar Jake says:

    like thats gona happen

  19. Avatar junior says:

    man thats the PAST, get over it. its like saying we need mahorn back, its the past. it was fun now its the present, and if you havent forgoten sheed betrayed us and went to the celtics.

  20. Avatar junior says:

    we gonna get 4th in the east

  21. Avatar Chad says:

    I agree.. I’m fairly confident i can ball up chucky atkins.

  22. Avatar boomboomondarug says:

    “sheezy” is a fat lard who mailed it in when we needed him, so good riddance.
    hope he rots in the green.

  23. Avatar {J'Quez Powell} Official says:

    Chucky Atkins has a grear 3 pt. shot, so anything helps

  24. Avatar CDef says:

    Why don’t we bring back Stackhouse and Cliff Robinson while we’re at it?

  25. Avatar Eddie says:

    What do we need more guards for? It’s time to work with what we have, we’re deep on guards and small forwards and Bynum is a great guard off the bench. I’m happy with the players we have and a new coach, we have some more hope for this coming season. Bringing in an old player like Atkins isn’t going to help.

  26. Avatar timbo says:

    its always good to fit another veteran in the roster, if the price is right, then why not. stuckey,rip,ben g and will b.chuckys addition wouldnt be too bad as ben g, stuckey and will b need a mentor.

  27. Avatar Detroitallaround says:

    Chucky is not the only one getting a tryout Maceo Baston is also getting a tryout.

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