Allen Iverson to Memphis

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The Pistons can finally (per NBA regulations) remove Allen Iverson from their roster.

From Adrian Wojnarowski at Yahoo! Sports

“Allen Iverson has agreed to terms with the Memphis Grizzlies and will sign a one-year deal by week’s end, a league source told Yahoo! Sports on Wednesday.

He’s expected to sign a $3.5 million contract, with incentives to make more based on performance.

“God chose Memphis as the place that I will continue my career,” Iverson wrote on his Twitter page on Wednesday morning. “I met with [owner Mike Heisley], [GM] Chris Wallace and my next head coach, Lionel Hollins.”

Iverson, 34, met with team officials on Monday in Atlanta, where they discussed his potential role with the team.

“I feel that they are committed to developing a winner and I know that I can help them to accomplish that,” Iverson wrote on Twitter. “I feel that I can trust them.”

After a turbulent season with the Detroit Pistons, Iverson attracted marginal interest around the NBA this summer. Several teams, including the Los Angeles Clippers and Charlotte Bobcats, made inquiries, but only Memphis presented a serious bid.

No contending teams bothered to court the 10-time All-Star after he seemed unable to accept a complementary role.”

I was asked today on Twitter by a follower “does this give you closure”…my answer: If he comes off the bench for the Grizz.

That would be the definition of closure “Bad Boy” style.

49 Responses to "Allen Iverson to Memphis"
  1. Tim* says:

    I predict another miserable season for Iverson, perhaps retiring mid-season.

  2. Drew says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Pawel says:

    If god was fair he would choose 2nd league polish club for him to play in haha

  4. Colton Keck says:

    Or and 1 , he’d get schooled by the professor , hahaha

  5. DD3 says:

    ok so Memphis has OJ Mayo. WHY get AI & stunt OJ’s growth, makes NO sense. AI can not coexist with other scorers. It didn’t work in Phi when he teamed with CWebb, it didn’t work in Den with Melo, it didn’t work in Det with Rip & it won’t work in Memphis. AI is DONE

  6. Chungi says:

    I agree,bad move by Memphis,they’ve been messing up since Vancouver.They still have much talent in their team though.

  7. RIP CITY says:

    Ha. God chose that he would play in Memphis. Iverson had absoloutely no say in the matter. Maybe his god is punishing him for ruining the Pistons’ season.

  8. FreshPrince91 says:

    and this loser’s team is the first team we have to play this season!! i hope the pistons crush this CLOWN!!!

  9. shab says:

    Finaly, Memphis is goin to the playoffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Amber says:


  11. mannie32 says:

    Season opener… Wed 28 vs. Memphis… i.e. vs. Iverson
    Who woulda thought it would be much see TV?

  12. Chris says:

    If you sign a 1 yr deal how can you retire mid way through the season?

  13. Tycoon says:

    Best comment!

  14. rey says:

    just wait pistons fans wait for comeback of mr excitement mr ALLEN IVERSON, who has joe D, and m curry, made him down.

  15. Annie says:

    You bitch you, Nat. I LOVE it hahahaha

  16. Normal 2 says:

    First game at Memphis. Stuck will have 40 on A.I. so start his Scoring Average off on a good note.

  17. das says:

    lol whut? are super serious?

  18. Chad says:

    I’m a huge D fan but I really want to see AI stomp all over us this year.. it’s disgusting what Joe D and Curry did with him..

  19. RIP CITY says:

    What? Brought him into the best team that he will ever be on and tell him to be a team player? Those bastards…

  20. Sebastian says:

    You said it.

  21. Leo says:

    Oh my God, they killed AI
    You bastards!

    I’m all pumped up for the season, let em Rip!

  22. Marc
    Taaaaahhhhhhhh D ow…….
    How u like ich
    Dr. Dre is in OUR haus + PLO(w)
    PS: Get yo’sef sum “her”

  23. Tim says:

    “back injury” perhaps?

  24. HIME1 says:

    Go! Pistons!

  25. kevin garnett says:

    allen iverson will be great in memphis… he”ll prove that detriot really sucks…!!!!!!! detriot coach made him fall.. better be ready

  26. Ryan says:

    You’ll find that run on sentences aren’t the best way to communicate.

    Spelling and punctuation help, too.

    Oh and your post made no sense. Detroit is one of the best teams, and one of the best at playing TEAM basketball. Iverson plays ME basketball, which is why he didn’t fit. Anyone who blames the team over Iverson hasn’t faced reality.

    AI: “I’ll do whatever the team wants me to do.”

    Team: “Play team basketball and be the sixth man.”

    AI: “Oh God no, I’m a superstar, give me the ball, put me on the billboards, I want to shine!”

  27. dale debevitts says:

    Ryan is a MOeMOe

  28. J Dre says:

    I vote for now changing the toons on the side. AI is officially gone, and I want to see the new, young faces take over the site. Still waiting for Deron and Wilcox, though…

  29. nofan says:

    As spectators

  30. Ryan says:

    Stay classy Debevitts.

  31. pistons word up says:

    the grizzzz will have a better record than the pizzz just wait n see

  32. mannie32 says:

    Okay, must see tv.

  33. VenZ RomZ says:

    hey nat . . . is there a toon for wilcox ??

  34. Diogenes says:

    I just talked to God and apparently this is not at all what he had in mind. He said “Dentist” not “Memphis”.

  35. Diogenes says:

    “BIKE” floooooower+
    Sheed is whut u need 2=
    Say itz sum
    Bam! Flip gipitz

  36. Diogenes says:

    I like question marks but despise parentheses.

    I would prefer to spell phonetically and to occasionally reverse my syntax.

    Iverson’s eternal well being is in jeopardy because he totally disregarded (misheard)God’s advice to become a dentist.


  37. Diogenes says:

    How do you spell JTab?

  38. Beans says:

    what else can you do @DD3 than compare and hate successful people…..check urself! and ask yourself a a million dollar question…..AM I SO CLEAN WITHOUT A SINGLE STAIN? AI, is a successful player and may God see him through in his career! hater…shup up and find something good to do…

  39. Beans says:

    it baffles me a lot…to see how these folks bring sentiment to the game of basketball……..@RIP CITY…..u er nothing but a looser…..nobody even knows you and u er talking about future hall of famer….pls, find urself a nice job….hater!!!!

  40. Beans says:

    yes,,, they will make it to the playoff……Iverson has a heart of a lion…and u should never underestimate the heart of a Lion…
    go AI, go MEM……..

  41. Beans says:

    non of the haters!!!! they waant him on a rockin chair….Thank God he is back in the L

  42. Beans says:

    SYUCK doesnt know what it is yet in the L…PLS, save urself a valuable speech…….Father is quite different from FAT

  43. Chad says:

    brought him into the best team he’s been with the worst coach he’s ever been coached by, despite sheed throwing in the towel for the season – benching AI in favor of Stuckey who did absolutely nothing and was shown up by bynum in the playoffs, benching rip in favor of AI and turning the rest of the team against him..

    I agree AI should’ve taken the reserve role instead of playing injured but I put that on coaching.. had he been implimented as a reserve from the get-go none of this would have ever happened.. or if he had started and stayed there.. but that’s just my opinion. im just a fan.

  44. pistons 4 life says:

    Yeah, real successful. All those individual awards that he got in Philly and no championships to go with it.

  45. pistons 4 life says:

    I think Beans is an AI fan.

  46. pistons 4 life says:

    I had the heart of a lion once. Then I “hurt my back” and lost it.

  47. pistons 4 life says:

    Awesome!!! Love it.

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