Why Does Brian Scalabrine think he’s good at Basketball?

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You know I always catch something when it has to do with Sheed, so when this popped up in the Detroit Free Press this morning it had me asking this question.

Why Does Brian Scalabrine think he’s good at Basketball?

“I’m loving Rasheed Wallace,” Celtics small forward Brian Scalabrine said last week

“I’m incredibly psyched,” Scalabrine said. “Winning championships is something I want to continue to do.” Via The Detroit Free Press

Really Brian? Really?

Not only did he contribute less than nothing to the Celtics Championship run but he looks awful in green and the dude has no sock on…come on.

Maybe it’s the same reason Robert Swift thinks he hardcore.

Put it this way Pistons fans…it’s like saying Darko Milicic saying the same thing.

53 Responses to "Why Does Brian Scalabrine think he’s good at Basketball?"
  1. Bonesy says:

    HA! Yes! Thank you.

  2. Patrick says:

    I did not even know who this chump was until he killed us with 3’s when he was with the Nets. But that is all this fool can do.. shoot 3’s and he is only average at that.

  3. KJ says:

    Always hated the fool, now he thinks he’s Kobe

  4. Ryan says:

    Yeah, he thinks he’s hot stuff…

    The only lasting image I have of him is getting blocked by Derrick Rose.

    A 6’9″, 235 pound forward getting blocked by a point guard.

    Keep talking the talk, Scalabrine.

  5. michael says:

    I heard he has sex with Perkins.

  6. Bballin says:

    He looks like michael rapaport…. hes a bum tho. But the pistons need to make more moves they should have dumped this upcoming year and used the cap space on next year so we can land someone big.

  7. Ryan says:

    I love the video of the reporter asking him how it feels to have played not even a second in the NBA Finals, right after he’s been talking smack about how much of a contribution he’s made and how much he means to the team.

  8. Dave says:

    Come on guys, Scal is hilarious. He reminds me of myself, when I’m on a pickup tam and I do absolutely nothing and then brag about the W. It’s obvious he’s joking, I mean look at this post-championship game interview he did.


  9. Colin says:

    Thats awesome! So funny! lol

  10. trav says:

    He killed us that one game in 04 playoffs, with the nets in the one where Mr. bigshot hit the halfcourter to send it into overtime. But thats about it.

  11. obiwan says:

    here we go again y r we wasting our time with mr “if i cant’ beat him join him” wallace. y are you wasting your time wit this bum sheed, the same man who mailed it in averging 7 ppg in the playoffs, the same guy who is kg’s flunky..come on people leave rasheed and his boyfriend’s alone….as for brian this guy can talk smack becuase his team still matters, if it was somebody like let’s say jason fatxiel yea i be pretty upset..i mean by the end of the season brian will probably be rockin more bling on his finger then all the bums on the pistons team

  12. Boian says:

    I love all things Pistons, and I cringed during that 3OT game with this dude knocking down long bucket after long bucket…

    But I have to say this is probably the worst post ever from you Natalie. Do you really have to ask your self “Why Does Brian Scalabrine think he’s good at Basketball?”

    The answer is very simple and obvious, he is on a NBA roster and you are a so called blogger. And same goes for the rest of us. Stick to that and quit hating just because the Pistons are where they are and its the off season.

  13. ryan ricafort says:


  14. andrew says:

    what the hell is wrong with u natalie? he never said hes really good at ball or anything., he said he likes to win championships, who doesnt?

    yeah he didnt contribute as much as other bigs to their ’08 run but good thing you mentioned how LITTLE sheed contributed to our 07 08 and 09 play off runs, i dont see u making news about that…

  15. Boian says:

    Yea what he said too…

    Your rep is droping Nat, step your game up!

  16. Malcom says:

    I think it’s hilarious…posers Keep it up nat

  17. Ross says:

    Dude at this time of the year some news is better than no news at all….Chill out people, this is meant to be funny.

  18. Hlmk says:

    Haha, I’m a big celtics fan, have been all my life, and we love Scals, hes great, he may not be the most gifted player ever (he did average around 3, 4 points a game last season :P) but he keeps our bench warm and whether he contributed or not, he still has a ring and hes still making around 3 million a year.

  19. aron says:

    yeaaah but sheed sucks too…lazyass

  20. trav says:

    The only reason u guys like him is because he’s white. Honestly if he wasn’t, he’d be out of the NBA.

  21. Dominic says:

    Dude, you’re an idiot, never comment on here again.

  22. Blam says:

    About Robert Swift. Seriously if you make it to the nba and I don’t give a shit if its 100 mlns or nba players minimum you have the right to tattoo your whole body and acting like ur a badass because you really are. You are in the nba.

  23. Ryan says:

    He’s not joking… he really thinks he does something.

    Check this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mPLxRzFno4c

  24. Ryan says:

    Why do you keep coming to this site?


    Why don’t you leave?

    You can’t put together a decent sentence and you say nothing but negative things.

    First: Natalie is not “wasting” her time with anything. You’re wasting your time by writing your idiotic comments.

    Second: Brian Scalabrine doesn’t matter. He didn’t play in the NBA Finals. He got a ring for sitting on the bench. This is the same as if Adam Morrison was talking about how great he is and how he wants to win more championships.

    Third: Jason Fatxiel? Did you come up with that all by yourself? Did you have to have your gradeschool buddies help you on that one?

    Jason Maxiell isn’t “fat.” He’s one of the strongest players on the team. That statement is just asinine.

    And if you’re saying that it’s okay for Brian Scalabrine to talk smack and it’s not okay for Jason Maxiell… well, were your brains scattered a little?

    Aaand fourth: And now you’re calling the Pistons team bums.

    Please, go back to bandwagoning with the Celtics. No one knows why you’re here to begin with. You’re not a Pistons fan and you never will be.

    Oh, and buying a dictionary might help with the words “why”, “are”, “I”, “with”, etc.

  25. Ryan says:

    I sure would like to make 3 million a year to do nothing.

  26. The Duke Capone says:

    why are you hating on white players?

  27. Ryan says:

    You can’t be serious.

    If you are… you’re saying that, because of someone’s profession, that gives them the right to act like a cocky, self-centered person.


  28. Ryan says:

    Why are you bringing color into it?

    She’s talking about players that think they’re hot stuff and suck.

  29. junior says:

    all you guys except ryan are idiots. why would you put down nat? she is doing her best to get some kind of news or funny things on her site that we can all read and enjoy. until the real news starts and the season is going. all you guys do is put her down? whats the matter with you? grow up have some fun. natalie you arre doing a gret job , i love this site and everything that you put on it, its funny and fun to read with the real news. keep it up. o and obiwan, PLEASE go to your gay celtics site and stay out of here we dont go to your site and put you down. grow up.

  30. Bonesy says:

    he’s a chemistry guy. he’s the guy in the locker room everyone can rally around. think mark madsen. there is one reason these guys are in the NBA, and it’s because their team mates love to love them — giving them a common bond — creating team unity though it, etc…. they aren’t on the roster for their skills.

    (Though in the Celtics (non) defense, they HILARIOUSLY overpaid for this guy when he was a free agent. BWAHAHA! Celtics management SUCKS! Their team is no joke, but they got lucky and had it handed to them.)

  31. pistons fan 2010 says:

    I used to go to this website almost everyday but idk its getting annoying a little bit with the hating. I just dont think the website is the same anymore.

  32. The Duke Capone says:

    I think its pretty random to make fun of robert swift just because he has a lot of tattoos.

  33. eli dee says:

    dude. skalabrini rained threes on the best pistons of the last 16 years! dont mean he good. just saying sheed team mate?? my mate.

  34. diogenes says:

    Brian Scalabrine is truly a great player. He gets few minutes but functions as a “player coach”. When he turns his A game on the player he resemble most is the great Dr. J. He has the handles. He has the hops. He will slam it in your face. You dis Scalabrine you dis yo self fool! Oh yea – don’t even get me started on Miki Moore – best player this decade next to Brian – but you guys here don’t have the eye for talent that I have. There is something we playas call “hatin” and that’s what holds the ballas like Brian down – you hatas. Pity the fool, pity the fool. Get some of that! Ta Dow!

  35. Trav says:

    Its true. What are the chances in Boston that the most cheered for player on that loaded team is…..Scalabrine. Typical

  36. Bret says:

    Nobody is hating on white players. But dont cheer for them if their not good. It seems wierd that the only horrible player being cheered is white. I cant even name another player being cheered for entering a game (unless they are good or have potential, or have been with the team for a long time.)

  37. Richard says:

    hahahah here is talking some trash


  38. Richard says:

    hahah this one too

  39. Vivee says:

    I used to visit three times a day, but not anymore. It is not about the Pistons anymore.

  40. Colton Keck says:

    Why Does Brian Scalabrine think he’s good at Basketball? , maybe because he plays in the nba and we dont , just a thought

  41. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    This guy is a damn joke just like his look alike:


    Check it out

  42. KJ says:

    Every other post on the front page is Pistons related…so How is this site not about the Pistons anymore? Some people just need to get over it, find something else to bitch about.

    Me I am thankful for everything Natalie has been doing for us for years. Where would I be without her for more than 3 years when I was in the military based out of my hometown?

    Ungrateful fools.

  43. Thumbu says:

    C’mon, dude. Trav is right. The Boston crowd loses their minds every time he comes off the bench. And I think him being white, having red hair – to the point that dude looks like an Irish caricature – has something to do with it. I’m surprised they didn’t change his name to McScalabrine.

  44. Richie says:

    If the Celtics would have had any big man other than Scalibrine to compensate for the loss of KG and Powe, the Celtics might have made it to the finals again.

  45. Blam says:

    he looks like michael rapaport combined with louis ck

  46. Ryan says:

    Not about the Pistons?


    What site are you going to?

    This has been a Pistons site since it started.

    Look at every post on this front page.

    Are you kidding me right now?

  47. Ryan says:

    Not because of his tattoos. Because he thinks he’s hardcore and he sucks.

  48. Walter5 says:

    i hate scal as well as big baby.. good thing we got wilcox.. a sight of relief..

  49. dannz says:

    FUCK YOU!!


  50. Celtics Rock! says:

    go dannz i totally agree

  51. Thip says:

    Wondering why nat thinks she can comment on b-ball. Her comments are irrelevant and ignorant. Says about the same about her. In the end, he has a ring!

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