Top 11 Pistons Buzzer Beaters

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As you know things are slow in Pistons land, so what do I do?  I search through old videos I have collected to try to get trough the day.

My find today, an old video of the top 10 Pistons buzzer beaters.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/buzzerbeaters.flv /]

Now if you noticed the tile of the post is Top 11, that’s because this video was put together before this. You tell me where you think it should be placed on list.

50 Responses to "Top 11 Pistons Buzzer Beaters"
  1. J Porter says:

    I miss Jon Barry, the buzzer beater in Washington is my top one.

  2. Ryan Collins says:

    No Sheed 60 ft, two-handed, flat-footed 3 pointer off the Tayshaun steal vs. Denver??? (sniffle.)

  3. Chris says:

    Yeah I agree with Ryan, the 60 ft shot should have been in there, actually it should be #1.
    But hey, it’s still a nice video.

  4. You guys missed what I said after the video…it’s an old video before the Sheed buzzer beater happened. I put up a link to it right after the video…

  5. Diehl says:

    The Sheed steal is honestly 1 or 2, I was watching that at home with some nuggets fans and it still feels good.

  6. toasterhands says:

    I remember watching both of the Hunter beaters very well. The one at Indiana was especially sweet.

  7. gMac says:

    Sheeds shot would be on my #2 it forced an overtime and was off a steal from Tay.
    But that Chuancy shot has to be #1. Although we lost that game in overtime, it was a turning point for this team. We We took game 6 at NJ and blew the Nets out in game 7. Officially become the best in the east for many years after that. I was at both game 5,7… Man that was some good memories.

  8. obiwan says:

    dang vinnie johnson gets no love the man hit the most memorable shot in piston history against the trailblazers

  9. LanceNLA says:

    How can the microwaves 00.7 shot back in 1990 not be in it??? It won a Championship!

  10. Sheed’s three is #2 like gMac said. Not quite a playoff series changer like Chauncey’s half court shot, but certainly the most unlikely shot, even more than Lindsay Hunter’s tip in. Check out this video (Natalie’s) if you don’t believe Sheed couldn’t do it again!

  11. BIGBILL says:

    I agree Vinni Johnson would be number one. I though Piston organization banned reproduction of videos with that ugly teal uniform. What a nightmare!!

  12. Diablo says:

    The ‘Sheed buzzer beater against Denver should definitely be a number one or two. But ‘Sheed also had a buzzer beater last season against Charlotte that should definitely make a more updated top 10 list.

    If anyone can find it, it was one of the later games of the season and hit a turn around jumpshot from nearly half-court. He nailed it with the shot clock expiring.

  13. pistons 4 life says:

    Well, this obviously wasn’t made after Sheed’s bomb against the Nug’s a couple years ago. That was the best buzzer beater I’ve ever seen.

  14. KleenGee says:

    thought the same thing about the teal

  15. DEL says:

    I think Sheed’s shot should be 3th. The first two are just better and more important

  16. J Dre says:

    I love the teal. Still wear the shorts when I ball to this day.

  17. Yasir says:

    I think sheed’s shot should be at number 1.
    I remember going to that game. I remember the Palace being thunderous with half of the seats already empty. and then as soon as the shot was good, fans starting filling up the seats again haha

  18. obiwan says:

    hey does anybody have the piston 88-89 video lets beat la……new pistons probably havent seen this video

  19. mannie fresh says:

    i like this pistons’ buzzer beater video… shows buzzer beaters each from our original core of big ben, tayshaun, rip, chauncey and sheed

  20. thedukecapone says:

    I love how bison dele comes out of nowhere and starts flailing like crazy @ 2:16. i wonder if hes really dead

  21. bball4224 says:

    it’s awesome but it’s not a buzzer “beater”. all it did was bring us to overtime.

  22. bball4224 says:

    3th?… wow

  23. Sleepy Crayfish says:

    Kelser’s reaction to the Sheed dagger is still priceless.

  24. Tycoon says:

    whenever you make a shot before the buzzer sounds its a buzzer beater, whether a game-winning or game-tying shot. Yes, Sheed’s shot is the no. 1.

  25. jes says:

    ummm the phrase buzzer beater refers to the fact that it beats the BUZZER sound. wow.

  26. jes says:


  27. jes says:

    aahhahahahahahahhahhaha omg.

  28. Darshan says:

    bball4224, a buzzer beater can happen anytime during a game… it could happen at the end of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th, just as long as u sink the basket as the buzzer sounds..

  29. Jasper Dy says:

    Billups getting 3 out of 10 in the buzzer beaters. He truly is MR. BIG SHOT!

  30. bball4224 says:

    ok ok ok… my bad… well it’s the only one thats not @ the end of the game tho… i think…

  31. bball4224 says:

    Jon Barry was halarious… have his jersey on my wall

  32. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Nope the chauncey #1 buzzer beater against NJ put us into triple OT i think

  33. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    I miss Stack… i have to agree with the whole VJ thing not being even on there… kinda dumb

  34. Chad says:

    Sheeds was the best… “Bank!”

  35. Though Vinnie’s 007 shot helped the Pistons earn the Larry O’Brien…there was 00.7 left on the clock therefore it’s not a BUZZER BEATER..didn’t we make that clear in earlier comments?

  36. Jake says:

    i would have to say chaunces against nj is the best cause that was in the playoffs sheeds wasnt so chaunces is the best what do u think natalie?

  37. Kory says:

    My top four are:

    Sheed vs. Denver
    Chauncey vs. New Jersey
    Jon Barry vs. Washington
    Rip vs. Boston

    I vividly remember watching all of these and going absolutely nuts.

  38. Richie says:

    Great post, Natalie. ‘Sheed’s definately belongs in the list. Damn, I miss Chauncey.

  39. trav says:

    Yeah the sheed shot was amazing. Not only it was a 1 in a million shot, but they also had to get the steal.

  40. Jesse says:

    sheed is number 2 on that list, if number one was a regular season game instead of it being in the playoffs then sheeds shot would be number one

    and ben gordon is going to crack that list as well in this upcoming season with his clutch shots lol

  41. Ryan says:

    Yeah Chauncey’s buzzer beater put the game into the first overtime of three total.

  42. Ryan says:

    He also had a sweet 3 over Pau Gasol this past season that he just lobbed up while the shot clock was expiring. He’s had some great buzzer beaters.

  43. Craig says:

    Sheed’s belongs somewhere in the top 3

  44. Dominic says:

    His name is C-H-A-U-N-C-E-Y dammit get it right.

  45. Dominic says:

    As far as the difficulty of the shot, Sheed’s is definitely #1. But, if you take into account difficulty of the shot, and how important it was, Chauncey takes the #1 spot.

  46. Holden says:

    I think the Sheed shot was deff number 1. I was at that game it was absolutely nuts to see that in person.

  47. Steve says:

    I have to say I had the under in the Denver game. But it was still an insane shot. Of course the game went over in OT. That shot is the reason I stopped gambling.

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