The Detroit Pistons 2009-2010 Schedule

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Wed, Oct 28 Detroit Memphis 8:00 PM ET

Fri, Oct 30 Oklahoma City Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sat, Oct 31 Detroit Milwaukee 8:30 PM ET

Tue, Nov 03 Orlando Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Wed, Nov 04 Detroit Toronto 7:00 PM ET

Fri, Nov 06 Detroit Orlando 7:00 PM ET

Sun, Nov 08 Philadelphia Detroit 1:00 PM ET

Wed, Nov 11 Charlotte Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Sat, Nov 14 Detroit Washington 7:00 PM ET

Sun, Nov 15 Dallas Detroit 6:00 PM ET

Tue, Nov 17 Detroit L.A. Lakers 10:30 PM ET

Wed, Nov 18 Detroit Portland 10:00 PM ET

Sat, Nov 21 Detroit Utah 9:00 PM ET

Sun, Nov 22 Detroit Phoenix 8:00 PM ET NBATV

Wed, Nov 25 Cleveland Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Fri, Nov 27 L.A. Clippers Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sun, Nov 29 Atlanta Detroit 1:00 PM ET

Wed, Dec 02 Detroit Chicago 8:00 PM ET

Fri, Dec 04 Milwaukee Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sun, Dec 06 Washington Detroit 6:00 PM ET NBATV

Wed, Dec 09 Detroit Philadelphia 7:00 PM ET ESPN

Thu, Dec 10 Denver Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Sat, Dec 12 Golden State Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Tue, Dec 15 Detroit Houston 8:30 PM ET

Wed, Dec 16 Detroit New Orleans 8:00 PM ET

Fri, Dec 18 Detroit Oklahoma City 8:00 PM ET

Sun, Dec 20 L.A. Lakers Detroit 6:00 PM ET

Tue, Dec 22 Detroit Charlotte 7:00 PM ET

Wed, Dec 23 Toronto Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Sun, Dec 27 Detroit Toronto 1:00 PM ET

Tue, Dec 29 New York Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Thu, Dec 31 Chicago Detroit 3:00 PM ET

Tue, Jan 05 Detroit Dallas 8:30 PM ET

Wed, Jan 06 Detroit San Antonio 8:30 PM ET

Sat, Jan 09 Philadelphia Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Mon, Jan 11 Detroit Chicago 8:00 PM ET

Tue, Jan 12 Detroit Washington 7:00 PM ET

Fri, Jan 15 New Orleans Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sat, Jan 16 New York Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Mon, Jan 18 Detroit New York 1:00 PM ET

Wed, Jan 20 Boston Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Jan 22 Indiana Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sat, Jan 23 Portland Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Wed, Jan 27 Memphis Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Jan 29 Miami Detroit 8:00 PM ET NBATV

Sun, Jan 31 Orlando Detroit 6:00 PM ET

Tue, Feb 02 Detroit New Jersey 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Feb 05 Detroit Indiana 7:00 PM ET

Sat, Feb 06 New Jersey Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Tue, Feb 09 Detroit Milwaukee 8:00 PM ET

Wed, Feb 10 Sacramento Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Tue, Feb 16 Minnesota Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Wed, Feb 17 Detroit Orlando 7:00 PM ET

Fri, Feb 19 Milwaukee Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sun, Feb 21 San Antonio Detroit 6:00 PM ET

Tue, Feb 23 Detroit Sacramento 10:00 PM ET

Wed, Feb 24 Detroit L.A. Clippers 10:30 PM ET

Fri, Feb 26 Detroit Denver 9:00 PM ET

Sat, Feb 27 Detroit Golden State 10:30 PM ET

Tue, Mar 02 Boston Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Wed, Mar 03 Detroit New York 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Mar 05 Detroit Cleveland 7:00 PM ET ESPN

Sun, Mar 07 Houston Detroit 6:00 PM ET

Wed, Mar 10 Utah Detroit 7:30 PM ET NBATV

Fri, Mar 12 Washington Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sat, Mar 13 Detroit Atlanta 7:00 PM ET

Mon, Mar 15 Detroit Boston 8:00 PM ET ESPN

Tue, Mar 16 Cleveland Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Mar 19 Detroit Indiana 7:00 PM ET

Sun, Mar 21 Detroit Cleveland 8:00 PM ET ESPN

Tue, Mar 23 Indiana Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Mar 26 Detroit New Jersey 8:00 PM ET

Sun, Mar 28 Chicago Detroit 6:00 PM ET

Wed, Mar 31 Miami Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Apr 02 Phoenix Detroit 8:00 PM ET

Sat, Apr 03 Detroit Atlanta 7:00 PM ET NBATV

Tue, Apr 06 Detroit Philadelphia 7:00 PM ET

Wed, Apr 07 Atlanta Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Fri, Apr 09 Detroit Miami 7:30 PM ET

Sat, Apr 10 Detroit Charlotte 7:00 PM ET

Mon, Apr 12 Toronto Detroit 7:30 PM ET

Wed, Apr 14 Detroit Minnesota 8:00 PM ET

Thanks to HornetsHype who was quick on the Tweet.

UPDATE: Here are the team appearances on TNT











L.A. Clippers




New Orleans




Golden State


L.A. Lakers












San Antonio






22 Responses to "The Detroit Pistons 2009-2010 Schedule"
  1. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Hopefully we can take the Memphis cubs in the first game; oops i mean Grizzlies! GRRRRR…LMAO, they a re such a furocious team, besides Rudy Gay and an up and coming Mayo…nothing…if we don’t win that game I will be suprised

  2. Martin says:

    i can twait to see the standing ovations we give the players who left our team! sheed and mcdyess especially!

  3. Fartyboy says:

    Natalie, we play Boston on my birthday. You should get me a present. (I like funny hats!)

  4. Dre says:

    Good schedule. I’m looking forward to the Jan. 29th date when ya’ll play Miami. Should be fun to see A.I. versus his former team (revelation). & plus it’ll be good to see last years gang (p’s) again (with or without Rip Hamilton). Hang in there. But you’ll need alot of luck to be us when we get Iverson. Sequel: “The Cancer” V.S. ‘The Answer’ psst; (“Stuckey” V.S. “Iverson”). Peace and good luck.

  5. Amer ican Prince says:

    i know dyess is going to get a good greeting, not sure about what kind of ovation sheed will get. But I wish them both good luck

  6. Amer ican Prince says:

    Sun, Feb 21 San Antonio Detroit 6:00 looking forward to dyess coming back definatley hope to get to that game.

  7. J Dre says:

    Me too.

  8. Sebastian says:

    You’ve got to be kidding.

  9. Shawn says:

    wowwww no TNT games this year, that’s quite surprising

  10. Marcell says:

    Anyone notice how many games will be on national television this year? None on ABC or TNT. I think a couple on the home shopping network. Oh…unless Marie Osmond is having a sale on her dolls than no pistons game. Oh…..I think 1 game on Wyandotte cable on their public access channel. They might change that one too. I certainly hope they do better than these bozo’s are predicting. Remember where they put us in 2004?

  11. pistonsfan101 says:


  12. Amer ican Prince says:

    guys remember national tv games do sometimes change during the year. Remember last year after the trade we got a national game because both denver and the pistons were playing the same night. So I think if the Pistons prove they can play we might see a couple games taken to national tv and maybe bump a couple other games off national tv. But still I mean at least we have some national games.

  13. rasheed says:

    november 3 orlando at detroit.. exciting to watch at the palace of auburn hills with the pistons new line up.

  14. ryan ricafort says:

    huwaaat? did you just associate Stuckey with Cancer? do you EVEN know what a cancer is? You’re stupid.

  15. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Please man I can agree cuz I like Iverson, BUT TOTALLY DISAGREE with the Stuckey part man. Seriously that was just a stupid statement…

  16. Ross says:

    Why wouldn’t there be any games on TNT? I’d have to say that I’m more excited for this upcoming year, because it’s going to be very interesting to actually see a different team for once. I think that most other basketball fans (not just Piston’s fans) would want to see what this team can do too….Clearly worse teams such as G state are on TNT twice and the Clippers are on it 3 times….that is just preposterous.

  17. Joe says:

    I agree, but the fact is, the Pistons have never been that popular outside of Motown. Even when they were the best team in the league, they never got as many TV games as they deserved.

  18. Dominic says:

    Yeah Stuckey is like the opposite of cancer. He’s a great team player, he just needs to learn when to shoot and when to dish, he’ll be fine, meanwhile Atlanta is still banging their heads against the table for picking Acie Law instead of Stuck.

  19. Ollie says:

    Awesome, I only get to see the Pistons 4 times this year. Unless you count the two times they play Charlotte. Even then I have to wait till December. Looks like I’ll be watching most of this season through Sportscenter highlights.

  20. Chris says:

    same here…=(
    it sux we deserved at least a couple of TNT games
    hopefully when i visit Motown i can catch a game or two on FSN Detroit =D

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