The 2009-2010 Pistons Preview in Video

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Team Need4Sheed member Christian Russe is at it again with another Pistons Video mix. What should we expect from our boys this season…..


33 Responses to "The 2009-2010 Pistons Preview in Video"
  1. ryan ricafort says:


    The narrator sounded like Optimus Prime!

    PISTONS, transform and roll out!!!

  2. Ryan says:

    Awesome video!

  3. Nathan says:

    Wow! I’m definitely ready for some Detroit Basketball…

    Great Vid

  4. Mr. Lulanaj says:

    Cool video
    its just a scary situation, sometimes i have bad feelings about this new team and other times i think with all the talent we have it better be a above 500 team this year. Of course if the coachin staff works out this time which i think will be pretty good on the offensive end – its the other end that scares me

  5. bball4224 says:

    sounds like it says fresh feces, not faces lol

  6. tim says:

    woah. chills.

    hey has anyone else heard some people sayin that ben gordon will be playing the point? is that true? does that mean stucky’s comin off the bench?

  7. DEL says:

    Ben Gordon playing the point? I just don’t see it, and hope that it will be only rumors.
    Mine starting 5 should be :

    5.BEN WALLACE! – playing a lot less minutes than our other bigs, but he has to be the heart of our team, the guy who will show us at starts of 1st and 3rd quarter that we can’t be affraid of anybody and Pistons should fight for every ball. I hop he still has it!!

    Gordon – playing significant minutes, even more than Rip, and probably being the 1st scorer on team. but Rip should start, he is our captain and Rip is Rip 🙂 Ben can play very effectively from bench and he will in Detroit

    and to be honest I don’t know how to mesh rest of our team into rotation. which of ours bigs will play the most of the game? I really think that Chris Wilcox was a real steal and will be more effective than Kwame. and it will be on the C position. of course Maxx on PF and Bynum on PG.
    and later our young guys 🙂

    wow this is a long post 🙂 i hope someone will aggree with me about this basics of rotation, because i really think it could give us a lot of W-s !

  8. obiwan says:

    ok that was so weakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  9. Bonesy says:

    i’m diggin’ it.

  10. dirge says:

    The rumor is that Dumars isn’t signing a third point guard because Ben Gordon can play point a couple minutes a game, if needed in that capacity… or in the case of a serious injurty to Stuckey or Bynum. He’s not an ideal floor general, but I think he can man the point for a few minutes and in the emergency capacity just fine, leaving the Pistons open to accept a 2-for-1 trade if something good came down the trade pipe line.

    I don’t see CV or Gordon as defensive liabilities. At worst, they’re mediocre. CV’s 6.7 RPG seems low until you factor in his minutes (26.9). Rasheed averaged 7.4 RPG last season in 32.2 minutes. Given 32.2 minutes, you can expect CV to average 8 RPG. He’s not the one-on-one defender Sheed is, nor is he the shot-blocker, but he can get out and defend the pick and roll PLUS bring significantly more reliable offense. He’ll have his ups and downs, but I’d definitely rather have a 25 year-old CV that’s improving than a 35 year-old Sheed who is getting worse, year by year.

    While people have had mixed feelings over BG, he represents more firepower off the bench than the Pistons have had since Vinny Johnson (and will likely eclipse the Microwave’s numbers, given he’s not playing behind Isiah and Dumars).

    Loosing McDyess hurts, but I’m hoping Kwame Brown, Chris Wilcox and Big Ben can make up for whatever we’ve lost by committee.

  11. Amer ican Prince says:

    I wasn’t really looking forward to the season before, but now that it is so close to starting I find myself kinda antsy and ready to get this thing going. No matter how the season shapes up I just really want it to get started.

  12. sheed_russe says:

    thank you all for your comments!

  13. Matt says:

    brought a tear to my eye!

  14. CaptainZulu 64 says:

    The NBA-Where No Championship Rings For Shitty-ass Lebron And His Shitty-ass Team Happens.

  15. sheed_russe says:

    thanks matt!

  16. Ronnie D. says:

    Wow, that was a great little video.

  17. Patrick says:

    well made

  18. sheed_russe says:

    thanks boys

  19. Ross says:

    Ben will most likely only be playing a few minutes a game at point. This will make it so the Pistons can have their two best scorers in RIP and BG on the floor at once without sacrificing size all that much.

  20. Richie says:

    I like it a a lot!

  21. AceOfSpades says:

    good video but what number is ben gonna be already its been over 2 weeks

  22. sheed_russe says:

    thanks guys

  23. BIGBILL says:

    Great video, sounded like Bill Davidson was narrating the video.

  24. sheed_russe says:

    thanks bill!

  25. Casper411Det says:

    Ben Gordon should be a starter. no more slow starts! i’m sure he will he’s better than rip anyways

  26. toasterhands says:

    Nice vid. I hope Tay and Rip can reignite that passion. Because if they can’t, it’s going to be a long, depressing season.

  27. Darshan says:

    i like this slogan… 🙂

  28. Darshan says:

    hey natalie, i was just noticing the left side of the page… when are u going to update it with a more current roster?

  29. sheed_russe says:

    thanks for the comments

  30. Darshan says:

    ok thx natalie…

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