Pistons ink Deron Washington

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Looks like I will be tooning Deron Washington.

“Washington, drafted by Detroit in the second round of the 2008 NBA draft, will have a two-year deal similar to the one signed by Will Bynum last summer.

The first year is partially guaranteed, although the Pistons anticipate he’ll be with the club long enough to where it becomes fully guaranteed. The second year is a team option.” Via MLive


24 Responses to "Pistons ink Deron Washington"
  1. mannie g says:

    Cool. Yahoo Sports also reports that Brian Hill is officially a member of our coaching staff.

  2. kris says:

    just wondering where can i get stuckey jersey..ive been looking for over a year now

  3. bball4224 says:

    why would you want one of those?

    The Palace

  4. Nick Miko says:

    I work in the locker room. We should out of his jersey the night he hit 40 against chicago and weren’t able to keep it in stock afterwards.

    We ordered enough for this upcoming season but I would definitely try and get as soon as you can.

  5. Nick Miko says:

    I meant sold. not should. lol

  6. Eddie says:

    I like this kid, he runs the court like Lebron and isn’t afraid to jump in traffic. I’m not saying he is Lebron but his energy and being fearless is a huge plus, watch for him. That last dunk on the video was sick.

  7. Jake says:

    Eddie is so right, that was a sick dunk i hope this kid gets some minutes looking forward to the upcoming season

  8. The Fan says:

    Good move pistons.Deron Washington=Maybe our Birdman..mmmm

    Now we may have one the most athletic teams in the NBA because everybody on the roster can play multiple Postions.

    Now its time to figure out the min for everybody.Go Pistons

  9. Mike in the ATL says:

    I like the signing. I am still very worried about this small ball talk though. Prince at the 4 scares the @#$!% out of me. He’s like a buck 90…OH, well. I’m still more excited about the Pistons this year than last. Funny how a new roster will do that. Not to mention I get to sport my Big Ben Official game jersey (in red) with pride again!

  10. The Fan says:

    Whose “The Fan”? -I’m “The Fan”! No imposters, Please.

  11. Tycoon says:

    Wow, the kid looks like Melo with better blocking skills. Why wasn’t he in the roster last season? (sorry I didn’t follow this kid)

  12. Tycoon says:

    someone has to use “The Fan 2” 🙂

  13. Ronsti says:

    I got mine last christmas at the locker room in Great Lakes Crossing, they were on sale for 40% off. Gotta love those deals

  14. Ronsti says:

    Do I smell a slam dunk contest challenger for LeBron?

  15. mannie g says:

    im happy to see him on our roster… realistically probably won’t get major playing minutes given our backcourt depth unless he’s the most ready out of our rookies to backup tayshaun… but when he does get playing time, something tells me he’ll be a fan favourite

  16. ryan ricafort says:

    one of them is “The Fan-tom”

  17. Ted says:

    Come on, Nat- update the team toons! We know who’s a Piston and who isn’t now. Are you hanging on to the old team? Maybe you can keep the “banned” Sheed toon at the top, but remove all the other banned ones, like AI and Curry (please!!) and add all the new guy toons. Would you make Coach Kuester come in from the side like you did Curry? 🙂 Thanks for all you do on this site, Natalie.

  18. Ted,
    As I have stated many times already, I will update the side when the FULL roster is set and all the toons are done.

    As for how things look….you will just have to wait and see.

  19. bud1 says:

    GEt EM WASHINGTON you lookin great-GO-PISTONS!!!!!!!!

  20. Richie says:

    He played over seas last year to sharpen up some of his raw energy into talent more NBA ready talent.

  21. junior says:

    hes 220lbs.

  22. junior says:

    i just hope washington is good enough to fill in for afflalos spot, dam i really liked aaron. used to watch him when he played at UCLA. o well i guess at least we gave him to a good team and he can play next to chauncey.

  23. BA22 says:

    I like the signing a lot,but he scares the hell out of every one when he shoots free throws. Maybe Big Ben and Deron should room together on the road to give each other tips on how to make free throws and how to have a 90% free throw pct.

  24. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    I got mine his rookie season, and then…he signed it! lol

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