One “Bad” Boy – Outside the Lines Bill Laimbeer

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I urge you to head over to ESPN and check out Outside the Lines with Bill Laimbeer.  If you’re not old enough to remember Bill the “Bad Boy”, the article along with the video interview (below)  will give you a glimpse into one of my favorite all time Pistons.

9 Responses to "One “Bad” Boy – Outside the Lines Bill Laimbeer"
  1. Ronnie D. says:

    I wish we would have signed him as our coach.

  2. dirge says:

    Laimbeer remains my favorite player of all time. I was disappointed he didn’t get the head coaching spot, but I understand the Kuester decision. Perhaps next time around 🙂

  3. mr. blaha says:

    My favorite piston of all time….Bill and Mahorn would have been great assistants with Keuster.

  4. Ryan says:

    Bill is awesome!

  5. reinnard cox says:

    i am your biggest fan from ever since i knew my self.

  6. Chad says:

    Bill should be our coach – oh well, theres always next year.

  7. Shane O says:

    Bill is the reason I became a Pistons fan in.

  8. junior says:

    natalie. do you make all the shirts in the store? if you do they are great. i love them. i will be buying a couple this year to wear to the games. hope the funds can help you out. thanks nat for everything you do.

  9. Darshan says:

    dude, dont go and say things like that… its bad enough having like six coaches in the last ten years, i dont think that i want to see another one coming in…

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