New Toon and New Number for Ben Wallace

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Since the new/old Ben Wallace looks a little different from the last time we saw him in a Pistons uni, I thought it be best he get a tooning update. Now I didn’t feel it necessary (at this point just yet) to add the few scarce gray hairs I saw on his head.

So now that he’s decided on donning the #6 in the red, white an blue it only fitting I show you the new toon. Just wondering if the decision was as easy a 3+3=?

Thanks to team Need4Sheed member Mannie32 for keeping an eye on the Pistons Roster to make sure we didn’t miss it. Heck they didn’t even announce it over at yet.

We have a little update, from Brother Curlin in the comments… “This Yahoo page on the pistons has him as number 9 ” Hmmm… I’m going to go with over yahoo but you never know.

37 Responses to "New Toon and New Number for Ben Wallace"
  1. Ryan says:

    Awesome! Nice job on the toon!

  2. VJ says:

    Stuckey didn’t give up #3?

  3. Darshan says:

    i thought he chose 3×3= 9, not 3+3= 6.. whatever though, cuz Big Ben will be loved in the D once more

  4. Amber says:


    I hate the number 6.

  5. Brother Curlin says:

    This Yahoo page on the pistons has him as number 9

  6. Amber says:

    9 is good.
    3 + 3 + 3


  7. pistons word up says:

    sorry but it doesn’t look like him

  8. Fariduddin says:

    I LIKE!

  9. Tycoon says:

    Yeah, at least I’m not the only one who don’t recognize the Ben Wallace in him.

  10. Tom says:

    Why didn’t they give him Sheed’s old number…they could sell all the Jerseys left over and they would all still say Wallace????

  11. Rafeal says:

    That would have worked for me then all i had to do was rock rasheed jersey and tell everyone it was wallace

  12. rasheed says:

    i hope stuckey must give up the number 3.i like to see big ben wearing jersey number 3 again

  13. Kay Wan says:

    Looks good, but the black hair is too dark. You should fade it out a little bit if you wanna make it more realistic.

  14. mannie32 says:

    maybe he didn’t ask for number 30??

  15. Wade says:

    looks good, but he needs the fro!

  16. Ken says:

    I think it looks just like him, I think we are just not used to the way he looks without the fro.

  17. ben says:

    was my comment deleted just because i said it looks nothng like ben?????

  18. Martin says:

    why does the yahoo sports page say that Chris Wilcox will wear the number 99?

  19. ali bazzi says:

    ay natalie. when ben was traded to the suns his numbers was changed to 9. i checked and its nothing to worry about. cuz when iverpiss got traded here they put his number as 23

  20. taucute says:

    it’s awsome nat~~~

  21. Casper411Det says:

    Not even close.

  22. alex says:

    im sorry, but I believe #6 is a retired number hun. it goes to lanier or some old skool piston. check it out to correct me if u dare!

  23. alex says:

    im sorry sweetie, I stand corrected on my own behalf… Lanier had #16. I wonder y no other Piston iin the past had that number. I bought a customized jersey back in ’04… well maybe he will get the 6. but as far as my jersey, Mr Malo is #6! my bad.

  24. Casper411Det says:

    i thought Bob Lanier was #6 at first too .

  25. RS3futureMVP says:

    The cartoon doesn’t look like Ben Wallace. I vote for a more realistic redo!

  26. Tim* says:

    Ok then. Retired Pistons numbers:
    2 – Chuck Daly; 4 – Joe Dumars; 11 – Isiah Thomas; 15 – Vinnie Johnson; 16 – Bob Lanier; 21 – Dave Bing; 40 – Bill Laimbeer

  27. Casper411Det says:

    I second that

  28. pistonsfan101 says:

    I third lol 🙂

  29. ... says:

    Nobody wore #6 huh?

    Bill Ebben, Detroit, Shellie McMillon, Billy Kenville, Dan Doyle, Khalid Reeves, Terry Mills, “Pepe” Sanchez “Flip” Murray,
    Alex Acker.

  30. Colton Keck says:

    Why would he , he’s been loyal to the pistons so far , what about ben ? O awsome now come back when you lose your legs

  31. RIP CITY says:

    He probably chose 6 because Stuckey has 3, Dumars retired 4 and Daye has 5.

  32. Richie says:

    That’s practicle, but it would save fans money, which would obviously mean the franchise would lose money. Therefor, I doubt they’d suggest it.

  33. ... says:

    espn list him as 6 too.

    and to whoever suggested 30, he wore #30 with the bullets/wizards, so it makes more sense than the people are giving you credit for.

  34. 00 says:

    the franchise would not lose money because they would not need to manufacture many more jerseys and they could sell the old sheed jerseys for full price.

  35. Pistons All Day & Everyday says:

    Add this myspace page … ,. Pistons fans ,, Ben Wallace wearing number 6 is cool ,, I can dig it … Hopefully he starts with villanueva , tayshaun , Richard ” rip it up ” Hamilton and Ben Gordon as our point guard ,,,, damn that’s a nice starting 5 … Stuckey can be the 6 th man …

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