If The Scent is Locker Room I’ll Pass

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If you didn’t already know I scour the Palace Locker Room Store and the internet for original and exciting Pistons merchandise all the time. So when I found THIS, I though OK, but if it’s Player scented
as it is Clearly Marked on the package as PRO SCENT…I’m going to have to pass on this one.

Does that mean it smells like Rip Hamilton after he ran around screens all game long?

Since it is the number 00 it could also smell Like Hooper…who wears 00. As much as I love you Hooper, I’m not totally set on my car smelling like a horse or a man after he’s been in a horse costume for hours. Especially after I saw this!

A nice Vanilla would be just fine thanks, I would just hate for my car to smell like the Will Robinson Locker Room of Champions.

10 Responses to "If The Scent is Locker Room I’ll Pass"
  1. Ryan says:

    Hahahaha, awesome!

    And it’s a 24 pack, so you get two active rosters of air fresheners!

  2. Yeah I remember but I didn’t want to bring poor Tony in on this.. but playing like @#$% good one.

  3. Jake says:

    Natalie great video when do u think the Deron Washington toon will be done?

  4. Would love to Toon everyone but don’t have the time. Sorry 🙁

  5. Can’t give you a time on that one..but he will be tooned.

  6. Richie says:

    I instantly thought of Tony Delk when I saw that 00. I didn’t think he played poorly at all with the Pistons. He held a solid 8th man role.

  7. junior says:

    sheedness, where have u been? if u were a true pistons fan u would of been on here since seasons end. then u would of known nat is NOT changing the site, and its NOT about sheed, its about the pistons. if u dont like it take your sheedness to a celtics site.

  8. Ryan says:

    Aaaaand the 3 year olds have been attracted to the site.

  9. Obviously you aren’t familiar with Need4Sheed and that’s ok, but Sheedness….you language and attacks aren’t appreciated. If it continues I must ban you from commenting.

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