Charlie Villanueva – The Hairless Wonder

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If you’re following Charlie Villanueva on Twitter you would know that he’s running a contest for the best photo of him with hair.

There are really some awesome entries that you must check out by following @CV31.  This one doesn’t even compete with them but in the tradition of Need4Sheed I decided to do my own little take on the contest using the Toons I made of Charlie.

Pistons Guy

Click the Picture for a larger version of Pistons Guy.

9 Responses to "Charlie Villanueva – The Hairless Wonder"
  1. KJ says:

    LMAO…Brilliant. Best part, Bosh is the Dog.

  2. skearn41 says:

    those are really, really creepy.

  3. KJ says:

    LOL…I think that’s why I like em so much.

  4. Vanalope says:

    LOL! awesome.

  5. You know I can’t resist this one!

    I am not to good at twitting yet so I hope I did it right… I could use the cash!

  6. Awesome…did you get it up on twitter to be judged?

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