Another Need4Sheed Twitter Giveaway!

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Something has come over me today, my devious side (The Sheedburgler) has decided that it was time to give away something via my  Twitter account again. No Details on the exact……Pistons themed prize until Noon Wednesday August 26th via a Twitter message from my new alter ego.

It could be something the Sheedburgler took from my personal Pistons collection, it could be a bobble head or it could be a limited edition T-Shirt. You just never know what the Sheedburgler is up to.

You can Follow me Here.

To find out what you could win be sure to Toon into my Twitter account.

Good thing is you can enter now by tweeting this exact (just copy and paste it) message via Twitter. , so good there really is NO NEED FOR SHEED. All others are just cheap imitations! @Need4Sheed_com #SheedBurgler

8 Responses to "Another Need4Sheed Twitter Giveaway!"
  1. Kelly says:

    Nat you kill me, lol the Sheedburgler. I am winning this one for sure, I hope it’s not a Darko jersey.

  2. Martin says:

    in the toon are you supposed to be in a McDonalds suit!?!?!?!?

  3. grantiscool says:

    No way, I got this one. The Pistons fan from down under will win one day!!!

  4. Casper411Det says:

    so whats the prize?

  5. Im pulling for you Grant

  6. Casper411Det says:

    Okay thanks. I’ve been checking out your site for a long time but these are my first blogs ever. I love that there is a site for all the Piston Fanatics to B.S. None of my friends are in to basketball like me so this is great. Thanks.

  7. grantiscool says:

    Haha thanks Nat. Ill be posting 😉

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