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And just so you know…I’m heading off to the Palace for the Villanueva/Gordon presser…video camera in tow.

Presser cancelled for today…probably tomorrow, my guess is they are waiting for the Kuester deal to be locked up and have one big party for them all. I will keep you posted…and FYI if you follow me on Twitter you will know my plans.

29 Responses to "The Kuester Links"
  1. SwiftyCG says:

    LOL your so good at making cartoons of people haha

  2. DieHardPistonsFan says:


  3. Amer ican Prince says:

    i literally laughed at that cartoon natalie. Genious, he almost has a Mr Rogers feel to him. You just want to hug him. If he comes to the sidelines in a button up sweater I think I will have a new desktop wallpaper on my home computer

  4. mannie32 says:

    haha i love the smiley

  5. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    What time is the press conference?

  6. gMac says:

    We are just being cheap trying to keep the rest of the coaching staff from Curry under contract…
    Trying to hire any head coach they would want to bring their own staffs…

    If we are willing to spend money to add to those core players, we would have more ships.
    Instead we have people like Mo Evans , Hayes…

    It’s not JoeD’s fault that we are cheap.

  7. Detroitallaround says:

    I am starting to feel worried that Ben Gordon and CV will not sign, or they will recieve more money than reported. They were the first to commit to a team so they should be the first to sign. And I dont know if Kuester is going to sign either. Because I dont know how much money he was recieving from Cleveland and how much JoeD is offering him. Why would Kuester leave a better championship conttending team for a lesser one and maybe even less money.

  8. Vanalope says:

    why? maybe because he likes a challenge, he’s leaving an asst. coaching job for being the big man himself.

    Nat, thanks! Now I feel dirty for having clicked on a Cav’s blog link to read that but I couldn’t fight the curiosity. 😀

  9. gMac says:

    Because he already has a ring as Asst. And nobody remembers that.

  10. Fartyboy says:

    Lindsey Hunter!

  11. Diogenes says:

    Give it a year – maybe a year and a half – he will be tossed out on his Kuester. 35-47 our record next year.

  12. Ryan says:

    You give up ti easy Diogenes…. We will have 45 wins at least.

    I think we should just trade away Rip and get a good center. Then we have Ben Gordon play Rips positon.

    Stuckey-Gordon-Prince-Villineava-(New Center)

    All the starters on the team have averages above 10 and plus they are all young and getting better. So I think we have a good team.

  13. ric says:

    u know im so surprise why people keep mentioning kuester was responsible for cavs offense… all for kuester going to pistons, i know i have to give the guys a chance, but did anybody notice that cavs offense run through lebron…HELLLOOOO!!!!!!

  14. Santiago says:

    Here we go again yak-yack-yack running with the critiques about Joe’s decisions. I hope that this coach works out. So everybody can shut up.

  15. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Not to change the subject but did anyone check out ESPN video? LeBron got dunked on by some college kid and then has all the video evidence taken and destroyed!!! AHAHAHAHHA What a pompus ass! He can’t stand his image being ruined, what a little girl!

  16. Jumbalia says:

    Thats like a 50point game, we’d win a ton! good idea Cryan!

  17. MARIO DZ NUTTS says:

    Wow glad you read yahoo sports. Ps Rodney “cant make a layup” Stuckey suckkkksssss

  18. Chuck Toe & Hima Hula says:

    It does seem like he was the brains of the operation for the cavs. Thats a plus for us anyway you look at it. I can not stand the cavs LeDbag, Varajoke, And now whack @ss Shaq Kazaaam. I hope that team implodes this season and james leaves and Never gets a ring and people find out about his love affair with ” the man in the mirror”. GO PISTONS!

  19. Dale debaucher says:

    And I know that he’s not ‘thrilled’ about the video
    What does he ‘wanna be startin’ somethin’?’
    Well I’ll show him who’s really ‘bad’ (Burp noise)
    Paul, ‘the way you make me feel’ with these calls
    You should really take a look at the ‘man in the mirror’
    And tell him to ‘beat it’ because I ‘won’t stop till I get enough’
    Do you ‘remember the time’ we were watching the ‘Billy Jean’ video?
    Well he’ll always be that Michael to me
    And it doesn’t matter if he’s ‘black or white’
    Because I ‘can’t stop loving him’ and I hate plastic surgeons
    And I hope they all fucking d*e!
    How do you like that?
    And I like him, I like him a lot
    I want to touch him but I can’t
    Excuse me, I’m taking a sh*t

  20. Ben says:

    So did Ben as CV sign yet I’m starting to get worried they bail on us

  21. Sarah says:

    the pistons website is reporting that both signed today. I am hoping a trade is in the works for boozer (which would make sense that the press conference did not happen today).

  22. steve says:

    ben just signed with cavs…… im pissed

  23. Ben says:

    What? They couldn’t afford Ben???

  24. Chuck313 says:

    “They’re making a lot of changes,” Gordon said. “They still have a few pieces from the championship team, but there’s definitely some new blood and we’re hungry.”
    HUNGRY thats a word that has been missing the past couple seasons! I think I like Ben All ready!

  25. ryan ricafort says:

    rip for tyson chandler? their salaries are close, throw in a couple of 1M/year players and we’re all set

  26. ryan ricafort says:

    good thing Sheed didn’t sign with them.

  27. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Sorry I don’t listen to ignorance…

  28. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    cry me a river cleveland, I tell you they should change their names to the whine-aliers… All they ever do is complain, our city needs this and that, detroit stole our coach and our top free agent…it goes on and on… Maybe they shouldn’t have been so damn conceded last season, it might’ve helped them not fan out in the ECF…nah they would’ve lost anyways with LeBron (aka little girl attitude)goin up against 5 players all the time. I mean he does wear all the MVP shirts and stuff to brag about his ass… i would never want an immature player like that, even if he is one of the best in the L…

  29. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Agreed, wait til you see him play with Charlie V! You will like them both!

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