Sheed vs. Stewie is Timeless

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Though Sheed is gone, I still get a kick out of the video I made of Sheed vs. Stewie.

[flashvideo file=videos/flash_videos/sheedvsstewie_1.flv /]

We have to keep ourselves busy with something while Joe D is working on what this team is going to look like.

28 Responses to "Sheed vs. Stewie is Timeless"
  1. The Fan says:

    HAAHAHAHAHAHAA. Thats a good one Nat!

  2. Detroitallaround says:

    I wish sheed would have smushed Stewies big head.

  3. DD3 says:


  4. Detroitallaround says:

    That video was good. Although I would have preferred Sheed being on the winning side.Anyways Cv is 86 followers ahead of Chris bosh. I wonder if 3000 Cv followers can just make a new account and follow him again. But I dont know if that is against Twitter policy. Can someone Plz. tell me.

  5. ben says:

    omg who cares if he wins… lets get peple to make new accounts just so somebody can win a stupid bet.. yall are retarded

  6. Dominic says:

    Man, Game 5 of the 2004 NBA Finals was on NBA HardCourt Classics yesterday. What a magical game, what a magical series, what a magical team. I got choked up watching that, it was probably one of the happiest moments of my life (too young for marriage/kids). What I would do to have that moment again. What was hard to believe was how young everyone was, the announcers actually called Detroit a young team and predicted they would be around for awhile. Rip was only 26, Chauncey was 28. Sheed was 31, it’s amazing how short a basketball career is. We should all be in awe as to what those men were able to accomplish. There was supposed to be no way in hell we beat the Lakers at all, let alone in such a dominating fashion. We’ll miss those days….

  7. Mike says:

    Im not going to lie, I don’t care for Family Guy, but Ive always loved this video. Sheed’s head looks perfect on there.

  8. big B says:

    sorry the video is gay , i dunno y u guys still talking about rasheed wallace hes gone , on the other hand i was on n i saw this article talking about bringing ben wallace back ,that would b nice even though ben wallace is too old 2 play as hard as b4 🙂

  9. RVN says:

    no.. it would not be nice.

  10. Christine says:

    Why don’t you learn how to speak in coherent sentences before you comment…you may not like the video but it has nothing to do with being gay. People are ignorant

    Personally thought it was hilarious.

  11. big B says:

    thats the way i spell ,i could care less wat u think about my spelling ,u can call me ignorant as much as u like but your WORDS means nothing to me sweetheart 🙂

  12. Diogenes says:

    ESPN is reporting that Bison Dele has been found in Chile and has been talking with Joe D. about a return to the Pistons. Stay tuned.

  13. RVN says:

    Allen Moll ranks the greatest nba championship teams in the modern era (post 1980) starting with the 2004 Detroit Pistons.

  14. AZ says:

    haha did i just read a bison dele comment?
    THE brian williams?

  15. DD3 says:

    Having Ben back would be great. Everyone knows he is no where the same player he was. But I’ll take his 4 pt’s & 5 or 6 rebs a night as a back up over 6 & 6 as a starter from Big Baby. We need a cheap center who can fit in Coach Q’s system. Ben played with him in 04 & last season in Cle. Plus Ben is done after this year, he should retire a piston. It’s the perfect fit for all parties.

  16. Fartyboy says:

    You can’t foul out of summer league games, but lists all the players that should have fouled out if the normal rules applied and Amir Johnson is still a mess. The dude just can’t stop fouling! My theory is…….he’s just a violent person. He’s going to jail! Screw you Milwaukee!!! USA! USA!

  17. MikeHawk says:


  18. MikeHawk says:

    We just need a center. Kwame is terrible and has no future in Detroit,we should just buy his gumpy ass out.

  19. RVN says:

    DaJuan Summers fouled 10 times haha

  20. mik says:

    are u also gonna start posting sheed’s stat on the regular season? or maybe boston? don’t forget the pistons, alright.

  21. I’m growing so tired of comments like this. It almost makes me want to stop doing this altogether.

  22. junior says:

    y so serious have a little fun, sheesh

  23. junior says:

    nat dont pay any attention to mik he has no idea whats going on here as i have never seen him before maybe hes a celtic fan. PLEASE dont stop. i visit your site daliy, sometimes more than once, others 4 or 5 times. i know there are many others like me, so please dont let a couple idiots ruin it for all the real fans that appreciate what you do. thank you nat.

  24. junior says:


  25. mik says:

    sorry nat, its just funny that you’re reporting a player from the enemy’s side.

  26. Chris says:

    would you shut the hell up
    she didnt do this to folo sheed she did this to post her animations & screensavers & wallpapers,holy crap shut the hell up

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