Oh My Goodenness

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97.1 The Ticket is reporting that The Pistons have Drew Gooden in their sights. Whether they pick up Gooden or the other big men they are looking at it’s just something we are going to have to wait on.

A. Sherrod Blakely of MLive

“Detroit is giving strong consideration to a handful of frontcourt players, including Glen Davis, Drew Gooden, Rasha Nesterovic, former Piston Ben Wallace and Chris Wilcox.”

113 Responses to "Oh My Goodenness"
  1. Mark says:

    Anyone but Gooden. That’s all I ask,

    I guess these will be the last additions to the team. I hope not, I just have a feeling they will be.

  2. ryan says:

    What a thug.
    He is a good player, and is also young enough to fit the new mold of this team. He will be 28. I know alot of people dont like it, but I really think whe would be a good addition.

  3. Chuck says:

    Out of that group I would prefer Chris Wilcox. He was decent with the Sonics a couple years ago, then just kind of got lost in the shuffle last year.

  4. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    I think that this is a good addition as well. I don’t think people know that he used to give us problems on CLE. He is young still and has the potential to give us at least 12pts 11rebs a game. I wouldn’t mind this addition at all, as long as he keeps the goatee in tact and doesn’t have the vagina patch on the back of his neck…

  5. James says:

    Based on what’s left in the market I’ll take Gooden. He’s just entering his prime and he’s always put up solid numbers. We can only pay him 3-4M which isn’t too bad for the first big off the bench and I doubt the contract is for too long.

  6. Sebastian says:

    Off subject, but some of the summer league games are playing on NBATV. I think the Det/NY game will be on at 3pm central time today.

  7. AL says:

    hey, i was outta the country for a while, is maxiell coming back???

  8. DeL says:

    Maxiell didn’t ever go somewhere so he is not coming back 🙂 HE IS HERE!

  9. Anthony A says:

    I think gooden bring the most to the table out of all the cheap free agent big men. He can play in the post, shoot, blocks shots, is 6’10, a willing passer and young enough to contribute consistently while the young guys are brought into the fold. we do need the boozer, kaman, camby or chandler in that order. i like the flexibility we get with boozer for next year off the cap, We decide to re up with him through the year, we can get him at a discount due to the sad state of the economy and the owners’ resistance to pay luxury taxes . Other veterans will come available to add length to our front court along the line. Rip will have to go to make room for bg, stuckey and bynum to share those two spots. Prince can be had next, for the right price to a contender.

  10. ryan says:

    Are team is so young. Hamilton is the only won over 30 on it. We will deffinetly challenge for the youngest team in the NBA thsi year

  11. jkuesta says:

    …”vagina patch” is the reason why I don’t want him!

  12. pistonsbigestfan says:

    i hope gooden will sign with pistons….but what i want to see right now is a trade…i think pistons need to trade rip and get a guy like kaman or chandler they need atleast one starter big man…

  13. pistonsbigestfan says:

    yea i agrre with you

  14. RVN says:

    it just HAD to be that picture… lol
    im fine with gooden. id take him over big fat baby

  15. Robert says:

    I’d be alright with Gooden or Wilcox, no Big Ben or Big Baby though. Only problem with Gooden is that he always seems to be hurt; anyone know the last time the guy played more than 70 games? Guess that’s where Arnie factors in, to get guys like Gooden back up to snuff.

  16. J Dre says:

    I want Gooden just for the sake of having his cartoon head on the site…so many possibilities.

  17. Ross says:

    yeah exactly on the Sonics. Numbers are always enhanced by being on a bad team.

  18. Ross says:

    Rip will get time at sf and BG will get some time at pg. If minutes are managed correctly, unlike how they were last year, then BG, Rip, Tay, and Stuckey will all get sufficient playing time. Bynum’s minutes might get hit a little bit, but nothing too drastic.

    I do agree that Rip is expendable…..but prince not too much. Unless you trade for another sf, who would be left to fill that position?

  19. Ronsti says:

    I agree with that, I am picturing it now. LOL

  20. Tom LaCombe says:

    Oh please not Gooden…he gets abused by everyone. Put a package together and go get Boozer. Sorry we might lose Rip or Tay in the deal, but maybe it is time to have a big front court. Sure, Villanueva can put it in the hole, but can he muscle up down low??? Sorry folks, Sheed is gone and Kwame is not the muscle we need in the middle, and Gooden isn’t much better.

  21. Thumbu says:

    Oh please, god. No.

  22. Wade says:

    We DO NOT want a player on the team that has a vagina patch for a beard and tats all over him he looks like the biggest thug in the league.. Wow what a cock-knocker.

  23. Jesse says:

    charlie v is a beast in the low post, and he will be there more then sheed

  24. dp#1fan says:

    Call me nostalgic, but I don’t want Gooden, would rather have Big Ben back. Don’t want to lose Tay or Rip either. Bad coaching last season, they still got it though.

  25. Jesse says:

    i say get him

    just a couple of years back he was giving us some problems and he was a starting PF for an nba finals team, he is the best big out there so get him and he will be great for us

  26. jeelesahn says:

    i keep hearing that rip is expendable. HOW?? we only have 4 guards on our roster! BG and Stuck are the combo guards, Rips the shooting guard, and bynum is the backup pointguard.. BG plays the point well, but he shinessss off the ball, and im not exactly thrilled at the idea of bynum being our mainn backup at the PG, which he will become if we lose rip. this goes without saying that a backcourt consisting of only BG, bynum and stuckey lacks size. i say sign gooden, and forget about dealing for a boozer/kaman/camby/chandler, because we do still need rip this year. He’s a midrange master, and a leader on our squad. gooden is also a guy who can spread the floor well and still has a little room to improve. (unless the deal for one of these bigs comes with a guard that can start (BG should really come off the bench)..and its not likely.

  27. piston_guru_313 says:

    Drew Gooden is the best thing availble for the frontcourt inn free agency. He is only 28 and has done nothing but rehab. As a person that torn a ACL after rehab I can say you get stronger than ever. But if I was GM (no disrespect to Joe D, he’s doing a fine job rebuilding) I would trade Rip and Taye to the Bobcats for Omeka and G.Wallace. Can you imagine this lineup:
    This is a young group who’s offense would run through the SG just like it was in 2004 when they won the ring. Like I said I’m not a GM, just a fan lol

  28. DD3 says:

    Gooden is a good player he’s just a head case & lazy. But he did used to cause us problems. He was a problem in his Orl days too. He & Big Ben used to go at it with Drew coming out on top most of the time & this was in Ben’s prime. He’d be a welcome addition off the bench. I don’t understand why every rumor floating around has us going after undersized PF’s instead of Centers. We need a starting or back up center. Drew is NOT a center.

  29. J Dre says:

    You forgot about Deron Washington. He’s 6’7″ and will provide some size and d to the back court.

    What’s your problem w/ Bynum as the backup point exactly? He did a fine job last year, able to pass well and definitely able to score, and I imagine he will only get better.

  30. buukiboy says:

    good i want him on the team idk what u guys talking about but this guy is a good one we should taakeeee him

  31. J Dre says:

    We should get Drew Gooden and Scott Pollard (http://apudgeisasandwich.files.wordpress.com/2007/08/sweetshades.jpg). What an intimidating tandem that would be!

  32. Patrick says:


  33. jeelesahn says:

    youre right.
    I dont know how i forgot about Deron, i was actually really impressed at his summer league highlights, but honestly, i’d rather have:
    -rip starting
    -ben coming off the bench to both guard spots
    -Deron contributing to the 2 and 3 spots

    With rip gone, we’ll have to start Ben (and he does a better job when off the bench) and use deron as a main backup, when he hasnt even played in the NBA yet.

    Will Bynum is a solid backup, but im jut not a fan of how he’s also sporadic on the defensive end, and i think having rip around would make our backcourt much more stable. It would also be alot for other teams to handle.

    Although, I must admit, the idea of tyson chandler in the D excites me. or even marcus camby for that matter… boozers an injury prone dinosaur, we need young’ns on our team.

  34. Boian says:

    Dang you people so damn picky, No big baby, no drew gooden, no this no that. The options are limited and we only get one of them any way.
    My vote is for Wilcox!

  35. jeelesahn says:

    charlie v is awesome, and he’s not lazy like sheed was. But i kind of agree, maybe it is time to have a big frontcourt… imagine tyson chandlers thugness in the palace. (!!)but honestly, i dont want to see rip go, and we need to keep tay because we dont really have anyother experienced SF’s on our squad.

  36. jeelesahn says:

    i agree one hundred perceent with you.
    only one thing bothers me…. i want BG coming off our benchhh, he was the 6th man of the year a couple years ago and could potentially do that again this year, because thats when hes at his best.

  37. manny says:

    i think pistons should sign david lee hes young and a great shot blocker and then trade kwame 4 money and sing drew gooden and trade will bynum 4 money and sign deron washington and sign singletary from our summer league

  38. Joe says:

    We need a center not a power forward, so I don’t think it makes any sense to go after Gooden, Wilcox, or Davis.

    I support going after Big Ben or Rasho. Obviously you can’t expect too much from them in terms of numbers, but they can still be servicable backup centers. Big Ben’s defense looked pretty good in the playoffs against Orlando… he’s a bargain at $3 million or less.

  39. AZ says:

    wilcox is a beast, would rather have him than the others

  40. Ross says:

    Like I said if managed correctly. Rip, Tay, Stuckey, and BG will be able to get very solid minutes from the one to three spots. They’ll all be able to contribute 30-35 minutes a game in that case, and any of the remanding minutes would go to Bynum and only a little bit to Deron Washington. I’m sorry, but with these guards mentioned above (and Tay), I don’t really see Deron getting much time for his first year other than garbage minutes. That is unless an injury happens. I know that he’s been playing very well and has shown a lot of athleticism in the summer league, but that’s the summer league. Totally different story here.

  41. Tom LaCombe says:

    didn’t look to hot when he let Rashard drop that 3 in his face at the end of the game when he was brought in just to stop that….

  42. manny says:

    wat about david lee hes the youngest and da most talented hes an offensive threat and excellent at the post

  43. gMac says:

    NO! forget about free agents and our big man needs right now.
    JoeD’s priority is to trade for someone with a fat expiring contract. So we can pursuit an bigger free agent next year.

    Whatever happened to Rip+Tay for Amare Stoudemire trade. I would totally do this. Amare is better than Boozer and Bosh. After this season we are back in business again with all the money

  44. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Actually BG played most of the season starting last year and averaged the same amount as he would if he did come off the bench so he’s good either way… ttrade rip, we need a good big guy, something we haven’t had in a long time…

  45. Sebastian says:

    Do you even have a clue about basketball business?

  46. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    youre right man! I should check out the numbers lol

  47. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    yeah you can have his head turned around and the vagina patch will be there!

  48. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Guys i imagine as much as we think that RIP is expendable (and I want to too) you have to look at the 3 options we all are trying to get for a trade for him:
    1. Tyson Chandler- He’s injury prone as you could see OKC didn’t want him. Also, do you really believe NOH are gonna take on RIP’s hefty contract? Cuz they’re pretty deep in the hole as it is, they wanna get rid of salary not take back more on an even longer contract…
    2. Carlos Boozer- There’s one problem and that is that the Jazz too are trying to shed salary and with Rips contract that would contradict what they’re trying to do. The only way I see it working out for him or Chandler is if there’s a third team involved.
    3. Camby- With an already busy frontcourt they are about to get even busier in the backcourt with possibly signing AI to a contract. Now do i need say more, with AI and Rip on the same squad? Also there’s no gurantee he starts there with Eric Gordon manning the 2 spot.

    Let’s face it we don’t have many otions with him…as much as i think we should part ways with him still, cuz his attitude still sucked last season along with 2 others that left…

  49. Sable says:

    Is that an octopus hanging off his face?

  50. J Dre says:

    I want Emeka.

  51. Chuck says:

    I agree. He would be the best fit of the bunch, plus he seems like a Joe Dumars kind of player to me.

  52. Ross says:

    yeah…but a three way trade is still a possibility to be able to get these players.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a sign and trade for David Lee, but I know they won’t do that because the Knick’s will want an expiring contract for the summer of 2010 and the Pistons don’t have one.

  53. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    That’s what i thought as well lol

  54. fortunato says:

    Lets call it the reverse rat patch (rat tail soul patch).

  55. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    I dig the trade, just not waiting another year to possibly getting someone when it’s an uncertain thing whether any of those people will leave their respected teams right now. Also, with what money do we now with the two recent acquisitions of Charlie V and Ben Gordon? You play for now not in an uncertain future.

  56. Ross says:

    You don’t necessarily have to have potential all stars 1-5 to be able to win a championship. Sure the center position the way it is now will lack scoring, but the other 4 positions will provide plenty of it. I think that joe is managing this team well. If the Pistons can get one more legit center, one who can defend get a lot of rebounds, and set good picks for all of the cutters and shooters that are on the team, then I think that they’ll be able to win some games. I also like how now there’s plenty of young talent on the team, and also there’s veteran leadership in Rip and Tay. These guys also been through the playoffs plenty and won a championship. I think that Joe will be hard pressed to trade these two. The backcourt rotation can be managed efficiently and if the Pistons get one more big that can play, like Drew Gooden did for Clev. in the past, then I see this team winning some ballgames.

  57. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    His stats don’t look too beastly and his free throw %….not good.

  58. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    i prefer vagina patch lol

  59. Lori says:

    I want Big Ben back for a role player and a team leader. Last season the team looked like they were lost. If you recall, Ben would snarl at anybody who wasn’t trying out there and they’d toe the line fast. We can have him back plus sign a free agent. The locker room needs a boss!

  60. Thumbu says:

    Just so we’re clear. Gooden isn’t a thug. Gooden is a numbskull, a clown, a douchenozzle – but he ain’t a thug.

  61. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    not too mention boozer is only 27 or 28…not a dinosaur last time i checked…

  62. Chester Tino From DC says:

    WHAT A UGLY BONEHEAD AHAHAH is anybody else looking at that picture ahahahaha

  63. jeelesahn says:

    i said dinosaur strictly in regards to the way he looks.. like a t-rex, no joke.

  64. amol says:

    Why consider all these names when Lee is on the market? Why even think of anyone else?

  65. jeelesahn says:

    emeka would be so greatttttttttt
    rip and tay for emeka and some decent wingman, or maybe even gerald wallace! but would that fly?

  66. bball4224 says:

    i’m gonna go w/ a no

  67. jeelesahn says:

    if you trade rip and tay, you completely trade all our leadership and veteran experience…… and amare wont play D if you put a gun to his head..

  68. Richie says:

    I agree with what you said about Gooden, but that’s about it.

  69. Jesse says:

    he should play for the wings lol

  70. Jesse says:

    because the knicks will match our offer as we can only give up 3.5 mill

  71. Sam says:


  72. Trav says:

    Don’t sign that rabit. He can’t play Center. I would rather have Fat Baby- at least he’s younger. Just get Big Ben, give the young players a defensive mindset.

  73. Fartyboy says:

    That patch makes me puke all over the place. Even at the zoo.

  74. Fartyboy says:

    I was robbed by two men.

  75. The Fluidics says:

    They were talking on the radio today about gooden sayning he was interested in 4 teams, none of which were Detroit.

  76. manny says:

    ben wallace is washed up we can sign drew gooden and trade kwame to da knicks 4 money so we sign david lee or sign chris wilcox

  77. Amer ican Prince says:

    well talent wise he is probably the best out of those ones listed. Though not sure why we are giving so many long term contracts to guys that seem like players that are best of this summer. Why not make a trade for someone you really want PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON’T LET THAT BE BOOZER

  78. harrison says:

    i wouldn’t mind that trade either, but why would the bobcats want to do it, they would lose cap space and get older

  79. Sebastian says:

    He’s a restricted FA. Too risky.

  80. Sebastian says:

    Nicely put.

  81. Sebastian says:

    Just stop it already with your David Lee hopes.

  82. Shawn says:

    wowww please don’t do this, save the money for next year when your gonna need it to resign bynum and kwambe, since the cap is going to be extremely low.

    Plus if we don’t sign Gooden or someone like him then we will be giving our rookies valuable experience, and my guess is one of them will be better than one of these veteran bigs this year if we give them minutes.

    Also please trade rip for either Chandler, Boozer, Camby, or Kaman, it just makes sense!

  83. Benix86 says:

    hahahaha vagina patch best word ever!!

  84. Matt Selke says:

    Lol I read Manny’s rant and I too wonder if he has a working brain.

  85. jporte03 says:

    I would love to see Big Ben in a Pistons uniform again.

  86. Vivee says:

    If the big man starved spurs do not want gooden…why would we want him. Popovich is one of the best coaches in the game, if he doesnt want gooden that says a lot.

  87. pistonsfan101 says:

    Bosh has won the Twitter challenge 🙁

  88. junior says:

    i beleive we are 3rd right now but if we trade for boozer we would be 2nd at 24 avg age right behind warriors? read that like 3 weeks ago so some of it might be a little off.

  89. junior says:


  90. junior says:

    are u retarded or just dumb?

  91. Bonesy says:

    haha me too. I think they called it a “duck tail” in Cleveland. but we all know it’s a vagina patch.

  92. Nate says:

    I watched Gooden last year play with the Spurs. He will not be missed in San Antonio by any means. He brings little to the court besides some energy which is often negated by his lack of talent. I’ll always picture him as an annoying Cav flopping along side the rest of them. Don’t do it Joe.

  93. manny says:

    wat ever da pistons do im up for it but i hope next season we can get chris bosh next season

  94. junior says:

    i think we are done with trades, after the showing we are getting out of the draft picks daye summers and jerebko also add in deron we have a full roster, save the money for next year so we can resign bynum and kwame

  95. jojie says:

    gooden is a real badboy in the court so hes perfect to be one of the rooster or starter,his quecness,rebound are the most needed for the pistons,.

  96. jojie says:

    pickup gooden,trade kwabrown and jason max 4 boozer 4dat guys our team become solid even our of the beanch,just emagine

  97. D_rob says:

    look i think big ben lost it….but once he gets that vibe back when he enters in the palace he’ll get all nostoslgic and play like he did…no one rooted for him as a bull or even in cleavland and he wasn’t gonna go up in popularity in phenoix….so let him come home he’ll should be more humbled after being so greedy about the money….to just get respect

  98. D_rob says:

    from a city that once loved him….remeber guys we love the man

  99. CONE (Mexico) says:



  100. pistons 4 life says:

    I watched PTI last night and they said that the amount of season ticket holders for the Pistons went down by 54% or something crazy like that. I know a lot of that has to do with Detroit’s horrible economy but I wonder if any of it has to do with a lack of interest or uncertainty about what this team will actually be like next season?

    What does everyone else think? I live on the west side of the state so it’s hard for me to actually know how bad it is in Detroit.

  101. pistons 4 life says:

    I agree, anyone else on that list could give you the same production as Gooden and not look nearly as ugly.

  102. DEL says:

    Please no Nesterovic!!

  103. Ross says:

    I can see him holding his own defensively against some of the back up centers in the league and kwame would have to be responsible of defending the better starting centers. This would mean that against teams like Orlando and Cleveland with dominant starting centers, Kwame will get a lot of minutes.

  104. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    oh yeah! lol

  105. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    question is can he stay outta foul trouble… that is my only concern. I say screw it, just get Gooden and sign Big Ben to the vet min and call it a day. I don’t really see us making anymore huge moves this offseason. Even with that we have made some major upgrades and Joe has done good, if we turn out the way we are projected.

  106. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    Yeah the trade makes sense for us, but not the teams we are trading with… as i stated earlier in my little rant about the examples of why these teams won’t trade mostly because of taking back more cap unless there’s another team involved. Gooden would be fine and I really think we will be fine with signing Kwame and Bynum next yr.

  107. Joe says:

    Um, Big Ben is known for his post defense, not his perimeter defense of SF’s.

  108. Ryan says:

    I don’t understand the Big Baby hate.. BBD is a good young player with offensive skills!! Gooden has some offensive capabilities, but is 5 years older and has basically exhausted his potential.

  109. jake says:

    hey joe chris wilcox is a center

  110. Peter Simonson says:

    Send Wallace back to the Bulls!!!

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