Nesterovic and Wilcox ahead of the Pack

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From ESPN’s Mark Stein

“It’s believed that the Pistons, as of Thursday, have Rasho Nesterovic and Chris Wilcox ahead of Drew Gooden as their next free-agent targets, since it appears that they can’t assemble an offer sheet rich enough for Glen Davis to keep the Boston Celtics from matching.”

My thoughts..they are Centers, a position Detroit desperately needs to fill.

65 Responses to "Nesterovic and Wilcox ahead of the Pack"
  1. DEL says:

    can we sign both of them?
    Rasho & Wilcox > Goodenn
    Rasho < Gooden
    Wilcox < Gooden

  2. ali bazzi says:

    at least we will have a center better than kwame. look at san antonio they win championships with quality centers!! they won one with nazr mohammad!!

  3. ali bazzi says:

    i mean with out quality centers!

  4. Ross says:

    hahaha yeah I remember Nazr Mohammad in the D, that was just bad. That guy was in foul trouble ever single game.

    As far as choosing between Rasho and Wilcox, I’d pick Wilcox. He’s far more athletic and younger than Rasho. I can see Wilcox grabbing some rebounds and defending for Detroit, maybe scoring a point or two in the process. I think that he will average more rebounds than his career average if on the Pistons because of the lack of rebounders on the team. This could turn out to be a bargain if he plays up to the level that he did with Seatle.

  5. ryan says:

    yeah, Wilcox Is who I would go with. If starting he is a legit 14 and 8 guy. That woudl be a big help. Maybe 30 minutes a game and then kwame.

  6. Dave says:

    I have been wondering why there has been so little talk of Wilcox.. Still holding out hope that a deal for Tyson Chandler can be worked out.

  7. Brother Curlin says:

    Sounds good but I would have loved to see Ben Wallace come back. I really would like to see someone from the championship team retire with the team. But Wilcox is a nice physical player it should work out.

  8. Adam B says:

    We could very well sign Wilcox and get Wallace.

  9. AZ says:

    i like wilcox, but rasho is taller

  10. Dominic says:

    Rasho is old, I’d rather have him signed for the veterans minimum

    i can’t stand Gooden, but he is better than Wilcox, but it would be interesting to see how Wilcox fairs on a team that’s not the Sonics or the Knicks. We’ve seen what a great environment has done for players like Ben Wallace and Rasheed Wallace.

  11. Calvinsgotajob says:

    They are both terrible. Wilcox is athletic but he couldn’t even stick with the Knicks (a team that runs, thus likes athletic players). Agreed SA doesn’t win with good centers, but they have a little guy named Tim Duncan, heard of him? Yah… they could win w/out a center, a head coach and a bench… comeon man. Both these guys are bums. Our 5 spot is in trouble.

  12. Matt Selke says:

    Sign Wilcox, trade Maxiell and Kwame for Tyson.

  13. Fariduddin says:

    WILCOX! younger, hard worker, athletic and can rebound. it would also be great if Ben is willing to play for the veterans minimum. WILCOX and BEN. you would have heart and hustle…. we already have mad scoring power. It sucks to see certain cats leave, but we have to give it to Joe D. — he is doing a great job and our transition won’t be painful at all…. i can’t wait till the season!

  14. Drew says:

    Why don’t I throw this name out there, since we are no longer talking about A-list players: Mark Blount. Blount had some good years with the Timberwolves, and would easily be more intriguing than Nesterovic (ewwww). Also, Blount is taller and more of a legitimate center than Wilcox.

  15. butterscotch says:

    Ryan, I totally agree. Chris Wilcox, Kwame Brown,and Jason Maxell, would be a beast. Real muscle is what we need.

  16. butterscotch says:

    I’m definately with that! Ooooo, I’getting excitedd about next year.

  17. engie s laput says:

    wilcox is a strong addition to the team,plus acquiring back ben = great offense and defense.

  18. jim calhoon says:

    wilcox is far better than nestaricic oh my gosh one on one wilcox kick but but i would rather have SHAQ ONEAL

  19. Joe says:

    Wilcox is a skilled offensive player, but I still lean towards Rasho as being the better option at the backup center position. The last thing we need is a 6’10” center who is known for his poor defense and inability to block shots (the same thing applies to Mark Blount, who someone mentioned above).

    I’ll take defense over offense any day of the week, especially from the center position.

  20. t says:

    Big ben is definetly better than Rasho, what is D thinking, this is getting to be to funny.

  21. RVN says:

    at least our transition wont take more than 20 yrs unlike the celtics

  22. manny says:

    i think the pistons should sign chris wilcox and remember we need a guard so we should sign deron washington first then worry about a center

  23. jeleshan says:

    ummmmm they had TIM DUNCAN.
    and ginobili.
    and tony parker.
    and bruce bowen. (who, it pains me to say, gave us hell)
    AND robert horry

    parker > stuckey
    Ginobili > Rip
    Duncan > Charlie V
    …they were stackkkkkked.

  24. jeleshan says:

    i miss amir.

  25. jeleshan says:

    i think that would be so dumbbb on our part,
    yeah, were adding a leader and a veteran, but ben is also undersized and is OLDDDDD.
    keep the team young, and let them grow together… GET TYSON.

  26. jeleshan says:

    2 inches doesnnt mean much…. especially when youre as athletic as wilcox is.
    hes young and has a lot of room to improve, and i would like him to come to the D. We need strong hustle players

  27. bball4224 says:

    how old is he? i’d be ok w/ that i just don’t know how old he is lol

  28. jeleshan says:

    i like that idea… but leave maxx out of it, and deal someone elseee

  29. bball4224 says:

    never comment on here again

  30. jeleshan says:

    and a shooter that can spread the floor! i agree, he’s a guy that can give other teams trouble. he did in miami.

  31. jeleshan says:

    i agree with you on how defense is more important.. but think: our team is changing. We are becoming a young, vibrant and ATHLETIC squad, and Wilcox will fill in beautifully. Rasho is old, slow and yes, can block a few shots, but he cant run the floor like Wilcox can. which i think is what our team is going to be doing.

  32. jeleshan says:


  33. gMac says:

    Why are people still so high on Tyson?!!
    This guy has one offensive more-> dunk, and that requires Chris Paul…

    Yeah leave Maxiell out of it. REMEBER that blocked dunk on Tyson by JMax?!! WOOO… I gotta go watch that again..

  34. Fariduddin says:


  35. Cord says:

    Someone said somthing about a guard, Noo no more guards..Centers yes, We need to get wilcox and sign ben back, Yea he is gettin old but u dont know he might go back to playin that good d, And the hype that would come off Ben Wallace comin back would be great for the teams Engery and the crowd, Who i would like to say was out of it last year.. Grab ben back, Pick wilcox And lets get this year going..

    Deee-Troit Basketball

    I Believe

  36. Trav says:

    Ben is old, but he gives the team leadership, heart and defense that will rub off on the young players and maybe even stay with them in the future.
    Besides, I would rather see a old guy giving full effort, than seeing kwame half-assing it.

  37. Shawn says:

    THESE PLAYERS SUCKKKK! dont use it on them joe, trade rip for a GOOD big man, make it a 3, or 4 way trade if you have to, but these are horrible big men

  38. Shawn says:

    BTW Chris Wilcox started at center for the Clippers……’Nuff said

  39. Drew says:

    Oh, I just looked it up. He hasn’t played in the league THAT long, but he will turn 34 this year. So, he is quite old. But, he may be worth trying out at least for one year; I doubt we are looking for a long-term relationship with any of these guys anyway.

  40. bball4224 says:

    we don’t need everyone on our team to be a scorer. Tyson has height and “D”. Something we happen to need.

  41. bball4224 says:

    is that supposed to make me happy?


  42. pistonsfan101 says:

    I LOVE Wilcox!

    And we should sign BEN WALLACE!

  43. bball4224 says:

    he was undersized when we had him last time too. He hasn’t shrunk.

  44. ilovethisgame says:

    Really, Wilcox, we’re hyping Wilcox and Nesterovic. I hope Joe D is just blaming it on the alcohol.

  45. CONE (Mexico) says:


  46. JAKE says:



  47. bball4224 says:

    Villanueva ain’t comin off the bench

  48. pistons 4 life says:

    I could see Wilcox over a lot of the other options. He’s pretty young yet and he’d be more productive than Kwame. Sure he’s not great, but he’d be an upgrade.

  49. Joe says:

    If we need a guard, why did we throw away Afflalo?

  50. Joe says:

    Eh, don’t get so worked up about it. We’re just looking for a backup center for around $2 million/year. It doesn’t really matter which guy we pick. In the long term we still need to get another guy to be our “real” center.

  51. Drew says:

    Get off Chandler’s nuts; he’s not that good. There must have been a reason that the playoff-bound Hornets tried to ship off their starting center before the trade deadline last season.

  52. jake says:

    why wouldnt charlie comeoff the bench and chandler is a good defensive player can block shots and get rebounds

  53. Dominic says:

    Turn off the caps lock and I might listen to you

  54. Dominic says:

    Turn off the caps lock

  55. bball4224 says:

    i’m pretty sure we’ve told Villanueva he’s gonna start. Also we wouldn’t have got that big of a contract for a bench player IMO.

  56. RIP CITY says:

    First of all, turn off the caps lock. We can read. And a lot of people just assume that other teams want to do the Pistons favours in a trade by taking the shitty end of the stick.
    “Well, as long as it works for Detroit, we’re happy!”
    Both New Orleans AND Utah want to shed salaries. So the Hornets go and trade their starting center for Kwame with one year left (but only $4M) and Maxiell with 3-4 years left?
    And the Jazz trade Boozer for Hamilton who makes the same money and nonetheless has a contract running through 2013?
    A big ol’ dirty NO on that one. Make a post when you have something more practical.

  57. jake says:

    cv wouldnt mind coming off the bench and he will start if we got rid of boozer if we get boozer in the first place

  58. jake says:

    also we could trade prince for boozer utah has already offered that

  59. bball4224 says:

    why would we trade for him, just to trade him way?

  60. JAKE says:

    we need big man dont u get it

  61. jake says:

    it dont matter now we got chris wilcox

  62. nbajock=) says:

    PG. STUCKEY we need a better pd tht stuckey
    PF. CHARLIE V.we r not going to get anything like boozer because he might go to mami or the bulls
    C. WALLACE/chris kaman for rip


  63. nbajock=) says:

    ok broo we would never get tht

  64. Dindo says:

    I think Detroit also needs a point guard. A good pg that can deliver the ball well to his teammates(like Billups). For me stuckey is not a good pg. He doesn’t play good “D” and doesn’t create good offense for his teammates.

  65. Joe says:

    Well you’re in the minority here, so don’t expect this to happen. Stuckey is our guy.

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