60 Responses to "Hello Gordon and Villanueva – Goodbye McDyess"
  1. J Dre says:

    Cartoon Charlie V = excellent.

  2. Robert says:

    Nice cartoons, Nat.

    Let me be the first to comment that as much as I hate to root for anyone but the Pistons, I will be rooting for Dyess to get his ring. There’s not one person who can say he didn’t leave it all on the court every game he played, and I don’t know the depths this past season would have sunk to if not for him. He is the embodiment of what a player should strive to be. We’ll miss you, Antonio!!!!

  3. The Fan says:

    Too bad we couldn’t keep mcdyess!

  4. Glad you liked it..Charlie V was difficult and I didn’t really like the way he turned out. May do another one later.

  5. brs197 says:

    Good for you, Dyess! I’ll be rooting for you to win that ring. You will be missed and fondly remembered.

  6. C-Quense says:

    DICE…. I wish you all the best! Go and get that ring! I will miss you!

  7. ryan ricafort says:

    GO San Antonio McDyess… err, Spurs!!! LOL!!!
    Seriously, we will miss you around here.

  8. DD3 says:

    No Dyess & no other prospects at the 5 to go with Kwame. If the rumor of trading Rip to Utah for Boozer is true, we STILL have no center. Kuester, Ben, CV, Stuckey. I see no hope there. I hate to be a downer, but man, it is looking grim for us the next few seasons. I sure hope Joe has a rabbit up his hat.

  9. Craig says:

    Pains me to no end that Antonio McDyess couldn’t get his ring in Detroit. I’ll always root him on, even in a Spurs uniform!

  10. Nate says:

    I was hoping we’d get Sheed here in San Antoino, but McDyess is even a better pickup in my opinion. He has much more motivation than Sheed and will compliment Duncan very well. Spurs fans are VERY happy to get McDyess. He’ll get a lot of love here from the fans.

  11. He wasn’t going to get it here…sadly.

  12. I Tweeted this earlier today.

    If everyone had 1/10th of the Heart as Antonio McDyess does…this would be Utopia!

  13. Walter5 says:

    i would like to cheer the Spurs for Mcdyess rather than Sheed in Boston.. because i don’t like the C’s big three monsters. LOL

  14. ben says:

    big 4 monsters now love rasheed my favorite player i will be rooting for him and mcdyess to get a ring

  15. Amer ican Prince says:

    Second your opinion, wish him nothing but the best and will be chearing Ice for Dyess next year all the way. Along with the Pistons, who knows what could happen.

  16. Amer ican Prince says:

    that was funny ryan good stuff

  17. Amer ican Prince says:

    Agreed and hope to see you do something with a san antonio fansite as well as the celtics one.

  18. Wade says:

    Natalie you dont think detroit is championship bound this year? the chances may be slim but did anyone exspect the 04 team to win it all? Nope. So goodluck to dice he needs a ring.

  19. Wade says:

    well time to root 3 guys on. Chauncy in denver, sheed in boston, and dice in san. Great..

  20. Detroitallaround says:

    Sorry to see Dice go. Iffy about Gordon and CV coming though. Now that we got two new players lets get a good coach to coach them.

  21. Vanalope says:

    So very sad to see McDyess go. 🙁 And though I understand the sentiment of wanting to see a classy guy get his ring but I’m also sad that the younger Pistons guys won’t be getting the exposure to him from a development standpoint. Yes it’s sad to lose the talent of guys like McDyess, Chauncey, etc but I think what is equally bad is losing the mentoring the more seasoned guys can provide to the younger up and comings. You don’t see people talking about that as much and I think people are way underestimating that factor.

  22. Detroitallaround says:

    Freep.com says Pistons will sign Kuester around 11 am on Thursday.

  23. Vanalope says:

    PS….McDyess really left cause he just wanted to be closer to me in Texas! 😀

  24. Detroitallaround says:

    You know what, people underestimated the Pistons in ’04 and we won. And now they are underestimating us again. So I believe we can win again.Almost No one thought we could win with those players, but we did.Almost No one thinks we can win these players, but we can. Getting Kuester might actually help us out a lot. Kuester is not like Curry. He has won in college and I believe coached in college. And he has also coached like 10 years as an assisant coach in the NBA. Unlike Curry who only coached one year as an assisant. He was basicly the offensive coach for Cleveland, if you dont want to say he was like the head coach. HE knows what Larry Brown did with the Pistons and might actually take some of his teachings and ideas. And he might not repeat some of Browns mistakes as well. And a big plus is he can tell the Pistons a lot about Lebron and Cleveland. And one more point. What does it take to become a good Head coach in the NBA. Playing experience and lots of assisant coach experience. Well Kuester has played before and he is by far the most experienced assisant coach in the NBA right now. And might I say, Coach Brown of Cleveland also started off as an assitant then won coach of the year as a Head coach.

  25. The Fluidics says:

    Damn I’ll miss Dyess. If you even put a red slash over him, that’s it! lol.

  26. ricardo says:

    I wish Dice well. I really do.

    Boston on the other hand can kiss my ass through and through. I don’t care if Martin Luther King, Jesus, and Billy Mays all signed contracts to Boston. I’d hope they’d all lose miserably.

    And Sheed, well, let’s just say i’m not nearly as big a Sheed fan as some of you guys are. I’m a PISTONS fan.

    (I’d imagine that a Charlie cartoon would be tough as hell, lol)

  27. pistonsfan32 says:

    hey nat, shouldn’t walter be crossed out too?

  28. ryan ricafort says:

    yahoo.com says he was an assistant coach for two decades. peace!

  29. ryan ricafort says:

    herrmann or sharpe?

  30. ricardo says:


  31. Richie says:

    You are correct.

  32. Richie says:

    Man, the red cross outs on the left are really piling up. This team will look very different from last year.

  33. Fartyboy says:

    Instead of ‘Ice for ‘Dyess’, let’s all chant ‘eyebrows for Charlie’….it doesn’t rhyme, but it’d make me feel a lot better about all this. The man makes me throw up all over myself.

  34. pistonsbigestfan says:

    pistons should now sign B.BASS becoause dyess is gone

  35. Ryan says:

    Sharpe is still currently a Piston…

    And he’s not even on the left with the pictures, Ricardo.

  36. Ryan says:

    Dude, Charlie has alopecia universalis… it’s a medical condition that makes you lose your hair…

    BE NICE. He can’t friggin’ help it.

  37. Deee-troit fan says:

    Why is Walter Hermann crossed?

  38. Diogenes says:

    Time to unload Rip. I don’t care who we trade him for – Shawn Kemp, Bison Dele (Playing very well in Davy Jones Locker), Manute Bol, whatever. He’s got the same attitude problem as A.I. – time to unload this geezer – even for the aforementioned geezers. We need a clean break from the past. The sense of entitlement, the technical fouls, the lack of energy in the regular season – 82 games don’t matter right? The GuaranSheed, the Walky Billups (walked the ball up the court about as slowly as he could), the inevitable – after they celebrated too early in San Antonio in game seven…

  39. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    His best chance was in 2005

  40. #1 Stuckey fan says:

    You do have a valid point there, with no one expecting the ’04 team to win. The only thing I see wrong right now is being so thin upfront we need another big guy. Also, before the ’04 season the Pistons had been in the conference finals the year before (’03 vs. NJ). It may take some time yet, but we can get it done with a few more pieces, there are too many damn doubters in Detroit now. There is much for the Pistons to prove and they know that now…

  41. #1 Stuckey fan says:


  42. Rick says:


    this trade works out, plus it gets rid of a dead end small forward. A future draft pick could also be included to sweeten the deal for charlotte. Thoughts?

  43. Vanalope says:

    It’s jerks like you Fartyboy that made school miserable for me as a kid.

  44. ryan ricafort says:

    sweet. but still, i think it will not work because Raja Bell is the starting SG, and I don’t think Rip or Raja would want to come off the bench. And one more thing, isn’t there a rumor that AI might be headed there?

  45. ryan ricafort says:

    I made this trade, your thoughts?


  46. Detroitallaround says:

    Your an A**. Did is a special place for you and its called He**.

  47. Detroitallaround says:

    Your name makes me throw up all over myself.

  48. Detroitallaround says:

    There is no trade

  49. amol says:

    I feel so empty. For the last five years I have been watching most of the games live despite the +6hr difference and Dice played a major role in that.
    Can understand him though, He made the right decision and hope the ring that is already on his finger for me will soon be visible to all.

  50. ryan ricafort says:

    Whoa! wonder why that did not work. anyway, here it is again


  51. Normal 2 says:

    25 other teams have no center’s either. Truth is, there arn’t that many out there.

  52. jay says:

    you absolutely right, I really hope you win a championship and get your ring with the Spurs Dyess, because we all know you deserve it. Good Luck the rest of the way…

  53. Bonesy says:

    It also took us two or three years to win that title with the ’04 team. I don’t know how many times I got insanely frustrated as the Nets and J-Kidd tore us apart before ’04. UGH!! We have to be patient.

  54. Bonesy says:

    hmmm… not Bison Dele. If I remember correctly he mysteriously disappeared some years back… no joke.

    However, welcome to the club of suggesting the Pistons sign a deceased former-NBA player.
    (I am also a member. haha!)

  55. chad says:

    so.. i just need to point this out – i wouldnt call it a “new” trend in the nba but all of the actual contenders next year are on “superteams” – garnette, sheed, pierce, allen – duncan, parker, dyess, jefferson – howard, nelson, carter – shaq, lebron – kobe, gasol, artest..

    pistons = charie v and rodney stuck with another shit noname coach… here comes the pain.

  56. amol says:

    Paula Pierce is far from super.
    But you have a point, I just wonder how they get all those players below the cap. And if they don’t, what’s the point of it? I mean any team with financial potential could get ten all-stars, pay the tax and win it all but that would ruin the whole thing. And there are still a lot of free agents without teams, where will they go if every team is close to the cap?

  57. Detroitallaround says:

    That trade doesnt work and it sucks for us.

  58. DieHardPistonsFan says:


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